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  1. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Thats cuz the damn train is the media darling....
  2. Missabassie

    Great and NICE Weather at the Neck...

    Good on them for covering up that jackass former county exec's name.
  3. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    😃😃 Well, we all gotta start somewhere....
  4. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yeah those R46s need to go.... or that is to say they can't go soon enough. The needs the R160s more than the , but the latter also benefits from using them.
  5. Missabassie

    New Nova, New Nova...

    Nice set
  6. Missabassie

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Here we go.....
  7. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Wow, now thats some serious throwback 🤤🤤
  8. Missabassie

    dennis the menace (& friends)

    Until 3pm. They're prolly gone now....
  9. The pain is real....
  10. Missabassie

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    That's an Alexander-Dennis?? I thought it was some shitty Chinese bus
  11. Missabassie

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    Agreed with this wholeheartedly. These may work in other cities, but New York is NOT the place for double-deck buses.
  12. Where the hell did this "two bridges" come from?? I've seen it on maps recently, its like they gotta put a fancy name on everything
  13. Cocoa Tea - Rocking Dolly
  14. Missabassie

    Would NJ benefit from a massive transportation system

    The whole country (or much of it) would benefit from quality public transport. But like all things American, it won't happen.


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