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  1. Don't they DH to/from Mike Quill that way?
  2. Ticklish question: The 'Bush still have 5340, 43, 46 ,49 & 5352, who has 5342?
  3. Bloomborg was one thing, but DeSleasio doesn't have enough power (clout) to push something like this through.
  4. These buses have to deadhead to/from Midtown either way. Empty. Let that sink in.
  5. Well, Gun Hill KingsBridge & West Farms have been getting the 5300's from the 'Bush, so that's prob'ly freed up some units, with the whole artic conversions & whatnot. Sidenote: The nerd in me almost wishes Bklyn could keep those 53's to use on other routes 'cuz Brooklyn Zoo could use more artics, but.... the unfortunate reality is that would mean less service overall, which does appear to be the 's ultimate goal. These are just the ramblings of a crazy person. As you were.
  6. Because..... They'd rather continue to burn thru billions of dollars under Park Avenue.
  7. 6117 is at Hale. They must've swapped it for 6128/35. I haven't seen 6113in a while, did it move to MCH?
  8. I kinda wish the B48 would go back to Gleason, those were the days.
  9. Oh, forgot to mention, someone wanted to know if R42s run on weekends, well at least one batch was out yesterday (Saturday), maybe it'll be out again today. Happy hunting

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