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  1. The DeSleasio & Cadaver (Cuomo) show is tiresome at best. BOTH of those goons needa take a flyin' leap.....
  2. I know right, I'd like to see how they pull that off....
  3. Except if you're the S79 or B46. Thats exactly what they're doing.....
  4. Somma these ignorant folks need to stop wit this. The don't need any more money, period. The need to get their current finances under control, thankfully more & more people are realising this. They get funding left, right and center & its never enough.
  5. There are shortages everywhere b/c every kid wants to be a YouTuber
  6. I grew up with the RTS as well, they will be missed.
  7. Urgh, really hate those medians. Some of them work, but many weren't thought out properly. I was on the M15 the other day and witnessed the same....
  8. Honestly DOB sucks monkeyballs wit this shit. Mike Quill just f***ing got a whole brand-spanking-new batch of LFS artics, FFS
  9. The are exploring their options at this point, so those employees shouldn't have said anything. Rumours are like wildfire, they spread out of control quickly.
  10. Still in +SBS branding, 5359 at the Farms as well.... 8572 at KB, spotted last week....
  11. Thats probably exactly what's gonna happen....
  12. 4995 was out there too on the B44 or B46 (saw it at Bridge Plz)

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