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  1. This virus came at the worst possible time to what? You didn't finish your sentence....
  2. 6042 at the 'Bush. Currently on the B44+SBS+ according to bustime.
  3. Been meaning to post this for a couple weeks..... 4360 (& 4259 w/ that weird font) MTA-NYCT Bus 4360 & 4259 @ Amsterdam Avenue & W 125 Street by Missabassie, on Flickr
  4. Somma yous found it.... I saw this on twitter.
  5. I actually just watched this video in the random thoughts thread....
  6. Saw an LFS artic freshly repainted on the M101 yesterday when I was uptown, I think 'twas 5914, memory's a bit fuzzy this morning.....
  7. You and Me been sayin' this for awhile now.... The still doesn't care....
  8. Interestingly, 5442 is on the M34 +, so I guess Quill took it back
  9. Back when I was out that way the Q5 used to short at 233 ST, is 231 now? M101 161 ST shortturn happens every now and again, 101,102, 103 96 ST is very common in the evenings I think there is/was a Q46 SPRINGFIELD BL shortie (there was on the RTS) B46 FILLMORE AV M2 145 ST M5 135 ST For the M60+/M101 there's probly an AMSTERDAM AV/125 shortturn I know the M1/2/3/4 all have 59 ST The M101/102/103 all have 24 ST I'm sure they're many more
  10. 6116 has moved to the 'Bush, spotted working the 44 +selecbus
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