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  1. Roy Ayers - Poo Poo La La She said, Roy if you don't stop playin' that music runnin' all over the country like you crazy or something I'm gonna leave you! You know what I told her? BYE.
  2. Someone didn't read the Terms of Service before they joined.....
  3. Still waiting on the 6170s..... My guess Flatbush will get them? Guess we'll have to wait and see.....
  4. "The city says signal changes will help to improve the flow of traffic." No it won't. Traffic is traffic. Barriers + traffic = no way out, this was shown on the news cameras.
  5. I've been saying this as well..... What the hell do they care, we're just riders-oops, I mean customers.
  6. They'd better not (LOL). Them 1200's should head straight for Kingsbridge (personal opinion, which means nothing).
  7. Earlier Saturday I saw 5886 working the M101 with..... ....an orange cone on top of the bus.... We are in clown world fo' sho'
  8. Interesting.... they number them in whatever order they feel like, I guess
  9. 6185?? Are you sure it wasn't 6165? Seems pretty up there, but not impossible.....
  10. Well if anyone wanted to know, it lives. R68 Subway car 2876 Rollsign Interior by Missabassie, on Flickr R68 Subway car 2876 Rollsign Exterior by Missabassie, on Flickr NYC Subway R68 Leaving 125th Street Station 1 by Missabassie, on Flickr This was 207 st bound aprox. 22:00 Friday night.

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