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  1. Robbie Ellington - And I Love Her
  2. Very interesting. Thanx for sharing
  3. Missabassie

    End of an era the RTS.

    Gawd, those Orion VI's were some hideous buses.....
  4. Missabassie

    85 60-Foot Clean Diesel Articulated Buses

    WTF?? Jeez.... what a waste of money.
  5. Missabassie

    January 2019 Bus Route & Schedule Changes

    They don't. It's just a bargaining chip.
  6. Missabassie

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This happens quite a bit on the BX15. I don't ride it a lot, but nearly everytime I do, rampant fare-beating..... This one time I counted 9 people coming in through the back door (D60HF) like it was a supermarket, and the BX36 is no better.
  7. Missabassie

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    "Arresting".... right.....
  8. Missabassie

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    No driver/operator should be giving any paying "customer" the business over where they're getting off, as long as its part of the route. After all, we're "customers" paying for a service.
  9. Kano - Can't Hold Back Your Lovin'
  10. Missabassie

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Funny you mention this.... I got on the SIM4c a few weeks ago, some chick gets on before me puts in $4.00 and sits down like everything's fine. B/O confronts her about it and she's giving shit excuses about having some "injury". he's telling her the fare is $6.50 or she can take the ferry for free & still she's babbling on oh forget it forget it.... Finally he lets it go. I can't stand ditzy ass women.
  11. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    train quintet 2286-2290 have new LED lighting. Its nice they can brighten up those cars a bit....
  12. Missabassie

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Right, that's how it is at Bedford-Nostrand on the , when I lived near that station some years ago.
  13. Missabassie

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah seriously, somma these folks need to calm the hell down, acting like they're in charge of everything....
  14. Missabassie

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    The 6U was discontinued a couple years ago.


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