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  1. Interesting.... they number them in whatever order they feel like, I guess
  2. 6185?? Are you sure it wasn't 6165? Seems pretty up there, but not impossible.....
  3. Well if anyone wanted to know, it lives. R68 Subway car 2876 Rollsign Interior by Missabassie, on Flickr R68 Subway car 2876 Rollsign Exterior by Missabassie, on Flickr NYC Subway R68 Leaving 125th Street Station 1 by Missabassie, on Flickr This was 207 st bound aprox. 22:00 Friday night.
  4. That moment I'm on the M101 @ 125th & Lex, driver wisely doesn't open the center/rear doors (since no one was exiting) a whole line of people waiting to jump in thru those doors, one SOB even had the nerve to knock like I was s'posed to open it for them.
  5. Speaking of that ''Please pay the fare'' advert, I've been noticing a helluva lot more people not paying. These folks just brazenly walk past the B/O, not a word. City's gone to da dogs I tell yaz....
  6. So boys n girls, here's 4259 in Manhattan post +SBS+ MTA-NYCT-BUS-4259-@116-St-Nr.-Malcolm-X- Blvd by Missabassie, on Flickr
  7. What I was getting at was at one point there was a proposal to make crosstown buses free. Instead they're going the +SBS+ way. With off-board payment some will ''choose'' to pay fare while others won't, Happens all the time. As for Brooklyn, truncating routes outside Downtown Bklyn forcing a transfer to a single loop-shuttle or whatever dosen't sound too great. A setup like that would work with trains, but becomes complicated with buses. I guess we could say the B37 was the start of this.
  8. Ooohh god..... So basically they'll just make it +Selectbus+ & call it a day. (I'm not necessarily advocating for that by the way)
  9. Hate to say it, but thats probably by design.... think M23 +SBS+ & M14 +SBS+ where many stops were pulled.... Nope not well at all. I frequent coop city, while i can walk thru the paths pretty swiftly, thats' just me. most people ain't up for all that walking, and for many older folks, out of the question. Secondly, forcing everyone to transfer is not a very good policy IMO. Using the bus is about convenience, so basically the message here is they want to run as little service as possible. ''You either transfer or you're on your own'', hence why everybody and their mother's brother drives everywhere. Really, wow.... I stand corrected.
  10. SEPTA Novas, thats exactly what I call them too.....
  11. Saturday. Friday was a different animal entirely..... In retrospect, I had forgotten that this is a holiday weekend cuz I've got no special plans.
  12. So much for "Gridlock Alert Day". All my bus trips were smooth as coldbrew. Them calling gridlock alert (via Twitter) worked in getting traffic off the streets
  13. The DeSleasio & Cadaver (Cuomo) show is tiresome at best. BOTH of those goons needa take a flyin' leap.....
  14. I know right, I'd like to see how they pull that off....

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