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Whats going to be on the (M) Shuttle in September

j express

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For those you thought it was going to be R32s, guess again!
35617731396_2c7d3ff2c2_z.jpgIMG_8989%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
35617729576_7363507512_k.jpgIMG_8988%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
34848297483_1a7bbf35d5_c.jpgIMG_8987%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
34848291773_360a509f49_c.jpgIMG_8986%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
34816312454_51af6a35c2_c.jpgIMG_8984%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
35488612482_964fb65941_c.jpgIMG_8982%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr
34816307664_921c178b9c_c.jpgIMG_8983%5B1%5D by jw456, on Flickr

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