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A Cloudy Tuesday Afternoon at Harlem-125th Street

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I had a half day at school on Tuesday, so I decided to go up to Harlem-125th Street after school and catch some trains. Enjoy! 

This station is...


First train I saw when I got there - an M8 towards Grand Central LYuFCES.jpg6pUfrrB.jpg

Two M8s meet


A New Haven-bound train of M8s, seen from the south end of the platformm9S2J2Q.jpg

A low-angle shot of a train to Stamford gGESsfU.jpg



...And an M7A


A southbound train of M8s 7UOOSCS.jpg

A New Haven-bound train of M8s arriving tAxzNwh.jpg

Boarding passengers


Train to Stamford


Southbound train of M7As bgz39lQ.jpg

Northbound train of M7As NVgdV2r.jpg

Genesis P32AC no. 215 pushing a southbound train of Shoreliners 5LW6GDq.jpg

An M3A heading north


Waiting to depart...


A New Haven Railroad livery P32AC leading a train of Shoreliners RhqMPeJ.jpgibTca7E.jpg

A northbound M3A and southbound M8 meet VqkNfS2.jpg

Another train to Stamford TYbWtVO.jpg

A southbound train of M7As bmr9UPO.jpg


Car no. 6227, "The Connecticut River" tQDC4Ko.jpg 

Grand Central-bound M8 with a train of M3As to the right 8c8szwN.jpg

This is the train to...




Stills taken while filming:

Northbound train of M8s approaching Harlem-125th Street Mc3niRU.jpg

227 leading a northbound train of Shoreliners into the station ElTTuEZ.jpg

A train of M7As approaching 3APKfdF.jpg

M7A and M8 meet


Two M8s heading south next to each other LytsQtT.jpg45k4tGq.jpg

Meeting a northbound train of M7As eehGgz8.jpgjEjjCww.jpg

Work train


Southbound trains approaching the station bqVXd7S.jpgRWig7p2.jpg

New Haven RR livery


An M7A and P32AC meet GEgwcOe.jpg

215 meets a southbound M8 8ntluJU.jpg

M7 and M8


211 leading a northbound train of Shoreliners DtKQiBh.jpg

Southbound deadhead meets an M7A VVqg9cg.jpg



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