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  1. I mean, I don't see why it matters if they're yellow or not. Considering the other stanchions and poles in subway cars are already steel(?), it makes sense to just not paint them and have them blend in with the existing handholds.
  2. Enjoy these photos and videos from Forest Hills, taken Sunday, August 4th. Gregg T. spotted!
  3. LIRR Main Line is quite nice, especially stops like Mineola and New Hyde Park. While I haven't been yet, I think the NJT/Amtrak NEC Line is also quite good, especially around Northern NJ where trains still run quite fast (North Elizabeth, Rahway, etc.)
  4. While going to meet a friend at Jamaica, I saw an M9 just as I got to the station! Enjoy!
  5. It's been a while! I've finally gotten around to getting some backlogged videos uploaded, so here's the first one! Enjoy!
  6. While at Mineola, I got to see some testing of the switches for the Oyster Bay Branch. Enjoy!
  7. Enjoy this ride up the Central Park West Express on an R179 A train, from 59 St-Columbus Circle to 125 St.
  8. I used both my Apple Watch and my Debit card today with my phone (which was set up as express transit), and it worked like a charm! Can't wait for the expansion of OMNY!
  9. Before heading out to Mineola, I stopped by Queens Village for a bit. Enjoy!
  10. While waiting at Elmhurst Avenue, this R68 showed up, which is quite rare to see on the Queens Blvd Line. Enjoy!
  11. This is great to see. I'm sure people will appreciate the clearer messages whenever service gets disrupted.
  12. According to today's L Project Weekly Newsletter, the B91/92 are being replaced with a new B91A route that'll better serve the ridership patterns they've seen. More info here:
  13. I gotta say, that cab door window looks a little odd. I hope it won't mean a lack of a view from the passenger area (hoping for the same polarized filter over the cab window from the inside)
  14. Yes, I believe 3248-52 was actually testing recently out on the Rockaways Test Track. I know 3261 crossed the bridge last night
  15. Such a thing exists? I always thought it was half-fare (bus) or three-trip (full fare)

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