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  1. 6347 is almost guaranteed a write-off
  2. Who knows? They may have already taken the T/O out and not informed that group of firefighters that he was deceased. It was reportedly over 100 people responding. I do agree and think that the photo should be taken down though
  3. Was just talking about this with some friends. They may have not known anyone had died at that point, and also, they're firefighters. They're probably proud of their own work and this is how they're documenting it. I think assuming whoever posted the photo originally found out the T/O died, it would be best to take that photo down, though.
  4. Whoops, I was quoting @Coney Island Av in your also-quoted reply
  5. I saw a video, from what it looks like, yes. Maybe some smoke damage, but they almost certainly will be able to come back into service. No, the was unharmed. Edit: there was also a video of someone who was on the scene, showing the rear half of the train in the station filled with smoke. Here's a screencap showing the end of the train
  6. The rubber on the doors peeled and there seems to be some water and smoke damage, but overall, considering the firebombed 4 train back in the day was repaired, this doesn't seem like they'll have to scrap other cars besides 6347. If they can salvage parts and equipment from them, I assume they will do exactly that.
  7. Not quite, you can see from photos from the cars around it that 6347 was the only one to be completely gutted from the fire. My guess is they may use less damaged cars as parts donors, or even use them for some mid-life overhaul mockup considering that with CBTC upgrades, the R142/A fleet is planned to also receive a GOH-type refresh. And yeah, I do expect them to now tack on an extra 5 cars to the R262 order.
  8. The first R211 is expected to arrive this July.
  9. Thank you! I was really lucky with the timing – didn't have to wait an hour for a Regional to show up!
  10. Ahhhhh I misunderstood what you were asking haha. Yeah, I got it from the very north end of Astoria Blvd
  11. I realized...nobody's said anything about the 68/As being on Astoria. The R46s are somehow a crime, yet the 68/As slide through unquestioned? lol
  12. I, for one, think it's fun to see the 46s where they haven't been for practically my whole life. Just the other day I managed to snag a great shot of 2 R46s under a Northeast Regional at Ditmars!
  13. Oh, good, then I expect to not see any more complaining about 46s on Astoria, or asking where 160s are.
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