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  1. Due to an issue in Queens on New Year's Eve, a few E trains got sent up Central Park West to 168 St. Enjoy! This train ended up running through the station, though slowly as it followed a C just ahead of it
  2. On August 18th, I was lucky enough to enjoy a trip out on the Myrtle and Jamaica Els on the BRT Gate Cars, sponsored by the Transit Museum in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Myrtle Avenue El service ending. Enjoy!
  3. From what I heard, nothing will actually be scrapped until the R211s begin to replace cars. Until then, they will mothball the 42s and some 32s (think of the having what, 10 sets of R179s now, they probably can sideline a few 10-car trains indefinitely)
  4. Correct. IIRC they said once the full bus and subway rollout is complete (should be by Q4 2020), they will begin introducing reduced fare, unlimited, etc.
  5. Both 86 and 96 were active (accepting payment) on my way home today. I posted it to a Facebook group where I got confirmation it's also on at Woodlawn. I think given it's also on at 68th, it very well may be activated from Grand Central to Woodlawn as of today
  6. Enjoy this bit of NJT and Amtrak action at New Brunswick from this afternoon:
  7. While coming back from piano lessons, I caught the tail end of a GO which had trains running express to 96 St. Enjoy!
  8. Cubic tweeted on Friday that they just installed physical readers at South Ferry. Not active yet, but it's the actual screen + NFC component, so likely all the stations with mounts will start to get them leading up to (I presume) an activation of said stations in December.
  9. Except "completing" in this case has only been mounts. We've yet to see additional readers come online outside of the 42-Barclays corridor.
  10. Exactly my thought – sure transparency is nice but just telling the public "we put those giant mounts at these stations" probably would just confuse people into thinking OMNY was being accepted at those stations, or that the mounts are different from OMNY. It's the most logical to update it when more readers come online.
  11. I think they'll update it when more readers go online. So far they've yet to expand the actual coverage from the initial pilot; they've just been installing the bases
  12. Just saw this on the MTA Memes Facebook group – Houston Street now has OMNY mounts Edit: someone on Discord told me 170th on the also has mounts now as well. Don't have a pic but it would line up with stops like Fordham getting it.
  13. Here's some exterior videos of the Lo-Vs from Sunday's birthday event. Enjoy!
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