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  1. Back at the end of June, I went back to Mineola with my friend. Enjoy! v
  2. My first time fanning the Main Line back in June – 7 hours of action at Mineola, from about 12:30 PM to 7:30 PM, capturing almost every train in that time period. Enjoy!
  3. Enjoy this ride on the Brighton Express taken from the front of the BU Gate Cars as part of the 2019 Parade of Trains.
  4. Despite their age, the Arnines really showed off at the Parade of Trains, reaching ~45 MPH on the express run from Kings Highway to Brighton Beach. Enjoy!
  5. Enjoy this short jaunt on the R33 World's Fair from the Parade of Trains! More photos and videos to follow soon!
  6. Went up to Woodlawn with a couple of friends to catch the tail end of the evening rush. Enjoy!
  7. Enjoy this ride to Hicksville aboard peak express 1258 on the M9
  8. Just after arriving at the station, I was able to catch TGC3 heading south on the express track. Enjoy!
  9. I thought that was attributed to the large amount of service disruptions on weekends – if it was a pain to get somewhere, people chose to use a different transit method, or simply stay home.
  10. Also to note is how weekend ridership fell much more than weekday ridership – but appears to be rising faster than weekday ridership! I wonder if this is just simply a baseline of subway ridership at this point in time (as in, unless things were to suddenly get much worse, those who chose to leave the subway already left, and more aren't leaving), or if the MTA's improvements over the last year (especially Save Safe Seconds and the like) have actually begun to draw people back into the system.
  11. Just a little something that I've been sitting on since June. Enjoy!
  12. After riding the M9 on train 1258, I was able to catch it leaving Hicksville to deadhead back to Hillside. Enjoy!
  13. Here we see the first day of service, with the two rush hour trains passing Smith-9th Streets. Enjoy! The first express was signed as a normal , though it said Culver Express The second express was properly signed as a
  14. A short clip of two GE Arrow III EMUs at Newark-Broad Street, taken after a day at Mountain Station on August 20th, 2019. Enjoy!

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