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Sunday Evening at Harlem-125th Street - 4/14/19

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On the way back from Woodlawn, I stopped to catch some trains at Harlem-125th Street. Enjoy! 


Shoreliner Car - "Poughkeepsie" B5zzPLP.jpg

Southbound M7A missing some lights! hKFuMZh.jpgfgI5zx1.jpg

Looking south down the Park Avenue Viaduct, with midtown shrouded in mistx9tOBOX.jpgLYPbX24.jpg

A southbound train of M7As arriving on Track 4 2sb4lsR.jpgBIogY2a.jpg9b1seCt.jpg

At the station


Another southbound train of M7As arriving on Track 2 – I recall it was from the Yankees game that had just endedX37Nj1J.jpggdKnAYW.jpg

A New Haven Line train approaching in the rain qbaAsu7.jpg1EZxGJM.jpg

Facing down Park AvenuePj7snJX.jpg

A southbound train of M8s approaching on Track 2HSe4EEA.jpg

Another southbound train with a diesel on Track 439oPod4.jpg

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