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Uncle Floyd Fan

Trans-Bridge Lines to discontinue Philadelphia Service

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Trans-Bridge Lines to discontinue Philadelphia Service (a service originally run, in some capacity, by Bieber Tourways)

It seems demand for service from the Lehigh Valley to Philadelphia is low and the Commonwealth of PA doesn't care to or is unable to subsidize the bus service.

Here is a quote from a local politician in regards to Bieber ceasing all service in 2019 (starting with a ban from the PABT in July 2018).....

....tate Rep. Gary Day, a Lehigh County Republican who represents part of Berks, including Kutztown, said that New York City should be paying Bieber to help bring people in from underserved areas of Pennsylvania.

With a politician like Mr. Day making such an asinine statement, who needs any representatives like him? For all the faults of the MTA, or the complaints of my fellow commuters, at least we have transit services within the NYC metro area.

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...hhmm...not sure why I have a strikethough on part of my comment...maybe a political nature?


Also, I meant to attach this link to support the comment...https://www.readingeagle.com/news/article/officials-react-to-possible-loss-of-bieber-bus-service-to-nyc-from-berks-county

(now if only I can find the 'edit button'....I'll take any help or consolidation I can get).

Thx, UFF.

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