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  1. Nah, the govt doesn't control my life. All I said from the get go is that the govt/MTA does have the ability to watch all of us. This is hardly crackpot material. All I said is that we should be AWARE. If others want to disagree with me, fine. I have no problem with that at all. But you are wrong to judge other people. You can say you disagree, but your subtle attacks on this board are not right, no matter how many posts you may have. Anyone who is constantly judging others and on occasion calls someone crazy has their own issues. You even made a passive anti-Semetic comment a little while back on a different thread. I did not speak out about it until today. You also passed judgement on another forum member for their opinions on 5G / WIFI. This is wrong...totally wrong. Please take an introspective look into your own life before you pass judgement on others.
  2. I saw this awhile ago and it bothered me. What does her Jewishness have to do with it? Are you an anti-Semite, or just a big mouth who judges other people?
  3. That's different. Not every conceivable situation can be avoided. Still, at a minimum, the LIRR should continue to take cash fares onboard at least until OMNY is up and running.
  4. Your points are all valid. Contrary to my comments, I probably agree with 90+ % of what you posted. I even stated earlier I hope to be proven wrong about OMNY, as well as the levels of, and practice of fare pmt enforcement. The only thing I object to is my line of thinking being aligned within the crackpot zone, and being told to give it rest because I hold a differing opinion on fare collection. Fare Collection! Yes, I'm aware that this is an open forum where my IP address is being recorded. The only things I had in mind from the first post is for all of us to be aware of any change the MTA might make that could possibly cause some kind of harm to people (or at a minimum, inconvenience them). Peace to all. Good will to all.
  5. With all due respect, the government runs the MTA. Based on your username (ya didn't choose "Scarsdale High" as a username), I'd think some of us in the community would be more subject to profiling by law enforcement types than others for non-pmt of fares. But I guess most on here don't seem to care, and would rather accumulate "likes" on here, and vehemently disagree with a newer forum poster who may have a minority opinion, but may actually foresee the harm that could come down the line from such policies. .....and here I started with a basic premise of not trusting the MTA - a govt agency which is not known for having people's best interest at heart.
  6. OK, I see your point about the paper tkt vs the smartphone failure scenario I raised here. I guess I'm alone here in saying I don't like any situation where a lost ticket or non-working phone becomes an opportunity for a summons (hence my dislike of SBS and the elimination of cash fares on the LIRR - I favor paying at the point of entry and being done). I'm kind of surprised more people do not think this. Oh well.
  7. no, no, no - it's not a matter of fearing technology.....it's a matter of how the govt will use the technology in it's interaction with all of us - it's citizens. I deal with tech 10 hrs a day for a paycheck, so I know first hand that it is not perfect. I just don't trust the MTA and how they may enforce the payment of fares if an issue should arise. Again - I hold a different opinion than most on this forum. We all have a right to our opinions. All I ask that we all consider both the best-case and worst-case scenarios of how OMNY will be implemented.
  8. Why should I "give it a rest"? This is forum for conversation. You have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to mine. To prove my point, what if YOU, yes YOU, were to have your technology fail, and then YOU were to receive a summons? What would YOU think then? Again, I'm looking out for the worst case scenario that may occur in society. That;s pretty blase for you to say "that's the risk you take for convenience". Do you really think that, or is this a case of simply groupthink on a forum? I hope that is not the case.
  9. I'm aware of the Oyster type card. However, many people use their smartphone to pay for rides on the commuter railroads. In the event that a smartphone fails, the commuter presently has the option to pay for their ride (with a small penalty) with cash. If the LIRR gets rid of this option, how will the commuter pay for their fare? This is a fair question. I don't think the commuter should go from having to pay a simple cash fare with a slight penalty to possibly having to pay a summons. I feel that many people on here might be missing the bigger picture. If we all don't trust the MTA (whether as commuters or employees), why are we not erring on the side of what has worked well enough (cash fare collections), as opposed to the unproven. Yes, I know I'm in the minority in thinking about this, but I hope I'm not alone. Groupthink can be quite dangerous.
  10. I always buy before boarding LIRR, MNRR, and NJT Rail to take advantage of the cheaper rates. I also buy before boarding any bus at the PABT (other than the Hudson County vans). Let me ask it a different way - So you have absolutely no problem with getting rid of a system that lasted 100 years, and trading it in for a system that has not been fully tested, yet? I don't think my point is that far out there. Conductors sold cash fares for years. Railroads ran without issues long before we were around. If we all think OMNY will magically improve things (and, we can all avoid meeting up with EAGLE type inspectors), then some have more faith in the MTA than I do.
  11. sure you do.... Think about it for a moment....across the Hudson, bus driver for NJ Transit will break a 20 dollar bill on a full service route. Private vans will also accept cash. But somehow, parts of the MTA have to be 'modern' and 'efficient' and come up with ways to inconvenience the commuters.
  12. Hmm...that's right, MNRR takes credit cards....does the LIRR? I never tried to pay with one onboard. Even though I'm on the LIRR way more often then MNRR, I trust the MNRR system a bit more. I'll eventually go digital with paying for the LIRR, but only when virtually forced to do so.
  13. I'll concede that I do not know what the 'ultimate plan' is, and I'd be happy to be proven wrong. My underlying concern is how under the guise of 'technology' and 'improving things', we might get to a situation where ordinary citizens receive a summons for a non-working smartphone (things happen). Right now, if one's phone doesn't work, they can pay a cash fare with a nominal penalty of less than $10.00. Will an alternate option be available? Or, will be all become more involved with something similar to an EAGLE team, and perhaps be subjected to a $100.00 fine? Also, why only the LIRR and not MNRR? Still kind of fishy...... As for paying for transit, I tend to be a contrarian with how things work. I written about how I'm against the SBS and the EAGLE team concept. I've always been a supporter of paying at the point of entry on buses and subways, and I've always supported having an easier way to pay for train fares (heck, I didn't like when the TVM's came about.....it's not better....I'd rather hand the conductor money and say "One Way to Penn, Please"). Keep in mind, this system worked for roughly 100 years. People were employed to handle cash. Why is it a problem, now? So...we're basically going to fork over funds to a contractor (aka - a friend of the politicians) to get something that has a cool name (OMNY! yay!) and lights up, as opposed to paying MTA employees to work. Yeah, my tone may sound a bit hyperbolic, but I think we should be skeptical at anything the MTA may offer up. Besides, will OMNY even take effect when the cash payment option on LIRR ceases (kind of like how the coins can't be used on EXP buses anymore)? Sorry, I can't say I'm with you here - yet -in regards to the new payment system(s) and how it ties in with cutting out legal tender beforehand. My faith in the MTA higher ups is quite limited.
  14. I say lets take a trip down memory lane.... I recall a bus stop for the Q44 and Q74 on Main St N/B at 61st Road (near Horace Harding). There was no pole at all to mark the bus stop. All that was there was a yellow painted curb and some painted letters which simply said something like "TA Bus Stop" within the roadway. This was circa 1990. Sure was simple, but not very helpful to the newer commuter. As for the sheet metal signs vs the lollipop signs, I'm almost indifferent. As long as the bus shows up and the ride is uneventful, I'm content.
  15. ....as I concur with some of your stances, too...but..... I wouldn't say it's abject fear that I have of the government - I just don't like the punitive nature that could spawn from this (this is biggest concern I have - the authority who may give out the summons as opposed to the $7.00 surcharge). I don't think it's nuts at all. You may think it is a bit extreme to go to such a level, but sometimes an individual's rights are lost incrementally. Maybe younger generations will not know of a time when there was somewhat of an expectation to a right to privacy, or at a minimum an easier way to pay for a train fare without receiving a summons in the event of a non-working smart-phone, or some other type of tech failure (again, not a fear of big brother per se, but how unchecked government powers can affect all of us). The point of writing all of this is not to have an unusual fear of the government / authorities, but it is to have an awareness of how the government can use technology to keep tabs on us, while making our lives a little more inconvenient - one step at a time. With that said, we have to agree to disagree (you may think I'm taking the fear of government surveillance a bit too far, but I think you might be a bit indifferent or perhaps passive with such matters [ie - "there's nothing wrong here, folks - please ignore the man behind the curtain"]......and I digress, too.

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