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Trip Report: San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Just wapped up a 2 week vacation from Puerto Rico visiting my family, during the last 3 days of my trip I rode AMA and Tren Urbano, alot has changed since my last visit.


Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses (AMA)


+ During my visit all of the bus routes operated by AMA were free, Metrobus however was not.

+ AMA's fleet now consits of 30'ft & 40'ft Nova RTS's, 35'ft Orion V's and New Flyer DE35LF's.

+ The Flxible Metro's are now most likely fully retired, I did not spot one during the entire trip, the Metrobus II route which always ran them has now been taken over (for the most part) by the Orion's with a few RTS's mixed in.

+ The Baby RTS's are also starting to become rare, the C45 route which was dominated by them has now become Orion V. However one did pop up while I was there. They have also began to recive LED signs.

+ As far as the paint schemes, the majorty of the RTS's carry the original orange and purple while some are in silver ATI colors and others are just plain white, the Orion's are in orange and purple or black and gray, the New Flyers are black and grey.

+ AMA has improved its system by providing more connections to the Tren Urbano and other bus routes as well as creating new routes such as Metrobus III. However it seems the only way to get realible transit info is in Puerto Rico, DTOP has not updated AMA's website since 2003.

+ The bus operators drive the buses in typical Puerto Rico fashion: High speed, doors open, not wearing a seatbelt, driving on the wrong side of the road, looking at the passengers more than the road, having music full blast, all of this could add up to one of the most funniest and memborial bus rides.


First Transit / Metrobus


+ It seems the Nova LFS fleet may now be heading for retirement, it seems the most serverly beaten up Nova's have now been retired and replaced by Gillig Phantom's.

+ The decrease in the Nova LFS fleet can easily be seen with most of the buses on the ME and M-I routes now being Gillig's.

+ It also looks like they have given up on the broken head signs and have now begun to place giant "Metrobus" stickers over them.


I plan to post lots of photos and videos soon!

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I went to Puerto rico on August and came back last month. Ive seen the tren urbano when i was in San Juan. I heard those trains go to Bayamon, and other areas around San Juan. With the baby RTS's, ive seen many of them at the airport and areas around the airport on my last visit.

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