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New Jersey Trolleys In Color

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“New Jersey Trolleys In Color” is a 128 page book presenting color images of the state’s various trolley lines between 1941 and 2001. It is authored by Joseph Eid and Barker Gummere and was published by Morning Sun Books in 2002 with a list price of $59.95.


The book is divided into five chapters, each of which is devoted to individual companies or divisions as follows:


-Atlantic City and Shore Railroad

-Atlantic City Transportation Company

-Five Mile Beach Electric Railway

-Public Service Coordinated Transport - Hudson Division*

-Public Service Coordinated Transport – Essex Division**


*Contains coverage of NJ Transit’s Hudson-Bergen Light Rail

**Includes coverage of NJ Transit’s Newark City Subway


The book is well organized and the material is arranged in an easy to follow format. Given the age and rarity of the images, the quality of photographs is outstanding. While most of the volume is dedicated to streetcar systems which have been gone for more than fifty years, contemporary light rail enthusiasts will be delighted at the amount of coverage extended to NJT’s contemporary operations. It is a nicely balanced effort.


I recommend the book highly.


Happy trolleys,



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I agree wholeheartedly with your statement regarding transportation philosophy and funding.


Since the book is about New Jersey trolleys, we can use New Jersey as an example. At one time, the state hosted well in excess of 100 independent trolley companies. By 1941, the beginning of the book's time frame, we were left with three lines in the Atlantic City area and two scaled back divisions of Public Service Coordinated Transport....yikes. As another illustration, the Southern California area was served by Pacific Electric which was widely regarded as the finest trolley/interurban electric railway system in the world. Thanks to the combination of corrupt politics which catered to the bus companies, General Motors and its desire to build new buses for the city and the rubber companies slated to supply the tires for those buses, the once mighty PE system was pillaged and plundered until it was abandoned.


As we can see, the worm has turned. Los Angeles and its suburbs are now approving and building rail lines as quickly as funds will allow. Of course, New Jersey has its new generation light rail systems and there isn't enough passenger rail equipment on state rails to meet rapidly increasing demands. It's heartening to see the turnaround but it shouldn't have had to come to this in the first place.



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Yea, i am glad things are looking up for the first time since the golden age. (NJT) is looking for billions in federal $ to expand its rail offerings including the ARC project.


In other news we finally have a state representative willing to go to harrisburg here in PA and argue for (SEPTA) to expand & increase service which would include trolly lines in rural areas such as my town. Sadly it seems like people in charge need a fire lit under them to do anything useful these days.


Also related...i found out recently from sources that wished to remain anonymous that 2 GG1 may be restored to 100% functionality and may be used by amtrak or (NJT) to do excursion trips. Full working rebuild including new custom made electronics for the drive system & kevlar to replace the asbestos insulation. I will post a thread as soon as i have official confirmation from the parties involved of the rebuild commencing. It may not happen because of supply issues or funding, so i'm excited, but not getting my hopes up.


- A

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