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New Haven Electric Power

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The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad has always been a favorite road among the rail enthusiast community. It was famous for its roster of impressive electric motive power and many articles, books and photographs of New Haven's motors have been published.


During the past few months, I have had the great fortune of discovering one of our hobby's best kept secrets. Mr. Jay Winn of New Hartford, NY has devoted a great deal of his railfan activities to collecting, recording and refining railroad sounds. He has been involved in this particular branch of the hobby for more than fifty years and, in the process, accumulated in excess of one thousand hours of recorded material. Many of his programs contain VERY rare sounds. "New Haven Electric Power" is one such endeavor.


This compact disc features twenty-five individual tracks of a variety of New Haven electric locomotives. Sounds are presented from the trackside perspective as well as on board the locomotives, themselves. The listing of tracks is as follows:


1) EP4 cab ride departing New Haven

2) EP4 arriving at New Haven

3 & 4) EP3's departing New Haven

5) EP4 departing New Haven

6) EP4 switching at New Haven

7) EP3 arrives at New Haven, cuts off from train and moves to motor

storage while FL9 can be heard departing for Boston

8) EP4 departing with passenger train

9) EP5 arriving with passenger train

10) EP4 departing with passenger train

11) EP3 departing with passenger train

12) EP4 arriving with passenger train

13) EP5 cab ride

14) EP4 cab ride

15) EP5 run by

16 & 17) EP5 run by

18) Two EF4's run by with freight

19) EP4 departing New Haven

20) EF4's departing with freight

21) EP5 cab ride demonstrating the locomotive's ability to

accelerate very rapidly

22) EP5 departing New Haven

23 & 24) EP5 run by

25) EP5 departing New Haven


As you can see, the producer has provided a good mix of locomotive types. Considering this material is approximately fifty years old, it is remarkably well preserved.


Mr. Winn currently offers in excess of one hundred individual programs at a price of $12.95 each postpaid. He may be reached at the following address:


Jay Winn

P.O. Box 464

New Hartford, NY 13413


Photographs and printed material pertaining to New Haven electric locomotives are quite common; however, sounds of these railroading legends are extremely rare. I was quite surprised to learn such material even existed. I highly recommend contacting Mr. Winn for his list. I have already purchased approximately ten programs with numerous additional CD's to be ordered. I already have his list so feel free to post any questions regarding available items and I'll try to answer them.


Happy railroading,



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