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Winter Time Railroading

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Winter is a season of great drama for railroading. While other modes of transport such as air and highway are prone to monumental delay or total cessation of travel once snow starts to fly, the railroad industry stands nose to nose with Mother Nature and does its best to keep the trains running. Your reviewer can attest to this commitment as I have personally experienced the "excitement" of standing in knee deep snow to sweep out switch points!


"Winter Time Railroading" is a 110 minute video originally released by Clear Block Productions in 2000. The program dramatically depicts the industry's ongoing battle with snow, ice and bitter cold. Scenes were taped in a variety of conditions ranging from picture postcard like settings to raging blizzards. In many occurences, locomotives appear as ghostly images as their headlights pierce through white out conditions. As trains rush past the camera, they generate blizzards of their own by kicking up freshly fallen snow. Hollywood's greatest special effects wizards could not come up with a better show!


The program includes scenes taped along the rights of way of many roads; however, the major players featured are Conrail, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern, New England Central, Amtrak and Wisconsin Central. A wide variety of diesel models are represented including but not limited to SD45, F40PH, SD40-2, SD60 and C424. In addition, the usual complement of third generation wide cab units has not been neglected. Priced at $25, "Winter Time Railroading" provides a unique look at railroading as it battles to keep going long after planes have been grounded and trucks are stuck in road side rest areas.


The case artwork for "Winter Time Railroading" may be viewed at http://www.clearblockdvd.com.


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