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Breaking on buses


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Breaking news. The Gun Hill Depot Orion V with whitebacks has just came to West Farms Depot Depot but has whitebacks in the Bronx. But when i get a chance imma take some pics and post the site or any take a picture of a whiteback orion v to west farms depot.



According to the transit wiki

Plus 32 1993-1994TMc RTs has came to East New York Depot in Brooklyn.Some must came from Grand Avenue Depot and FlatBush Depot.



And a Orion BIA 405 an 410 is now and (MTA)Bus to JFK Depot in Queens.A former Amsterdam Depot(old),West Farms Depot, And Gun Hill Depot. And now a (MTA)Bus for the 1st time since college Hill depot and 5 orion V that is a former Mother Clara Hale Depot, Kings Bridge Depot And Casey Stengel Depot.

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