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  1. According to the news. The train enginer fell nooded off. When he woke up and apply the brakes too while going 80 miles per hour.
  2. Man I always want to take the mnrr to upstate ny. Is it a free shuttles bus?
  3. It just more excited when these orion v are in Brooklyn.
  4. At Central Park During the National Puerto Rican Day Parade Imagine of the have a Bx4 Select Bus Service Bx21 Artic Now that rare. The Rise of The Soon to be the Bx41 Select Bus Service
  5. Nice shots. I wish the nova rts bus and the orion v would come back to wf to run on the bx46 lines. But I believe they should extend the Bx46 bus insead of having it as a hunts point shuttle bus. But the again idk if that would make sense.
  6. Good catch man.looks like someone beat me too it lol.
  7. So the Bx46 is gonna operate on longwood ave,tiffany street,veile ave, halleck streets,ryawa avenue and food center drive.and to prospect ave. Serving huntspoint. Hope y'all find this interesting.coming soon.
  8. I guess you would rather watch the buses go by instead of the game:) but then again nice shots from the citi field.
  9. oh i bet is because of the hurricane sandy... figured..
  10. not for nothing aint that c40 is from the spring creek depot?

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