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Mail & Ride monthly ticket issue


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Sorry new here and no idea if this is the right forum:


Anyways, I was a Mail & Ride customer for a period of 6 months about 5 months ago. I used the online form and mailed the slip in to have my tickets canceled after 2 more cycles. So basically I canceled in November, but I just mailed the December and January tickets back, and got refunds on them.


Now the reason I stopped the tickets was I was moving away for school and therefore I had most things redirected—these tickets were not, because I canceled them. However the issue is, for the last 4 months (after January), I'm still getting these monthly tickets. I know because I just got home and I have all of them still sealed in the plastic shrink. I looked at my credit card statements, but I don't see the charges for the tickets. Yesterday I just got the ticket for June. Again no charge on my card.


At this point, I've contacted LIRR and they tell me my account number does not exist. I do not know what to do here. I don't need these tickets and the MTA says I'm not even a customer.


This monthly is a Zone 1-7 (Oyster Bay to City) with unlimited MetroCard. I don't want to end up having to pay for them when they realize they are still shipping me tickets.


Can anyone here be of assistance? MTA won't do anything because I don't exist to them.

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