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  1. Very good! Get the latest OpenBveTrainSim program, trains, and routes free at http://obts.wikia.com/ http://obts.wikia.com/AddOns http://obts.wikia.com/UnitedStates
  2. A new version of the openBVE program is available at http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/OBTS_Wiki#OBTS_Programs_.26_Documents
  3. A new version of the openBVE program is available to download from http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/OBTS_Wiki#OBTS_Programs_.26_Documents
  4. The SD70ACE train for openbve has been updated! http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates#2003.2BLater_ElectroMotiveDiesel.28EMD.29.SpecialDuty70.7EACE
  5. Locomotive for openbve with improved smoke just posted on the UK forum. Looks promising. http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=140020&sid=4b3743aedfb0272b92360822278e2fb0
  6. Everybody is going to have there own opinion, depending on the degree to which they've used either or both. OpenBVE and its addons are free so no harm in trying that first. I've used this site for help installing the program and addons http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/OBTS_Wiki http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates
  7. A new Class 66 ACTS(Netherlands) container train for openBVE has been posted http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/BeNeLux#1986.2BLater_ElectroMotiveDiesel.28EMD.29.JT26.2BJT42.7EShed
  8. CT1660, Thanks for your hard work developing the openBVE program; I've experienced roughly 33% FPS improvement with your version 143a. One item I've noticed while using version 143a, for the trains that have detailed couplers (for example American trains with knuckle couplers or British/European trains with screw couplers) there is no "slack action" (knuckles or chains with varying tension/slack) as there was in previous versions. Wondering if you intentionally removed this feature in your effort to increase FPS rates? I enjoyed watching closeups of the coupler action as the trains went down the track, but understand if this was sacrificed for improved FPS. Also, a new OpenBVE version 2Beta by a Hungarian author has recently appeared at this link http://ricsibve.tk/Let%C3%B6lt%C3%A9sek/ There is associated discussion on the Hungarian forum at this link http://forum.index.hu/Article/showArticle?na_start=0&na_step=30&t=9077513&na_order= The program has bugs and crashes on my PC, but wondering what you thought about it? Thanks again Wob
  9. i had trouble getting this train to move. the found reading the train.txt file, you must start the diesel engine with key PgUp then release the brakes key < then the transmission forward key F then the power increase key Z then the locomotive and train finally moves.
  10. http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates#1965.7E1977_GeneralElectric.28GE.29.45Ton
  11. Deuce, I don't use Windows8, so can't say if openBVE works with it or not, but here's a site with openBVE installation instructions for Windows8. http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/OBTS_Wiki#OBTS_Installation_Under_Windows7.7C8 Drive that train hard! Wob
  12. Above links are broken! Try this webpage for the Genesis loco and passenger cars http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates
  13. ABove links are broken! Try these to download many addons for openBVE http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates
  14. The web site link above is broken! Try these for many addons for openBVE http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/UnitedStates
  15. There is a help tutorial on installing openBVE under Windows, Linux and Mac at http://obts.wikia.com/wiki/OBTS_Wiki
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