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  1. Tomorrow is my time to fly, or course, one of the busiest holidays for airports. I'll make sure I growl extra loud when that guy puts his hands on me and "searches", let's see the humiliation on his face. :tup:
  2. He goes hard in da paint, that's why he rides a public transit bus. :eek:
  3. The toasters have lasted their time, they are still reliable, but old. HHP-8s just have a bad reputation, and there's a reason.
  4. Why are the older early series cars considered "dangerous"?
  5. Not sure what you think is off topic about this. KR, Metro North uses M2/4/6 series trains on their New Haven line. LIRR uses their remaining M3s.
  6. Thank you. Thanks, KR. That's my favorite one as well, probably one of my best photographs. Thanks guys!
  7. The city is closer than you think! One more from Manhattan: And two more from the Hudson: Hope you enjoyed!
  8. Beautiful foliage, and the trains of course.
  9. I'm not very familiar with the station, but there are definitely more MBTA trains occupying the station than Amtrak trains.
  10. That's what I'm talking about, now America needs to step up its game!
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