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  1. And dont put lotion or deodorant all over you like yours truly or youll incur the wrath of said nurse as she scrubs you down with alcohol pads, and applies several layers of scotch tape to each sensor, trying to get them to stay put
  2. Youll need to have any pending cases, moving violations, parking tickets, summons ANYTHING pending resolved before you can move forward. I had a lawyer fight a ticket for me as well because I didnt want the points. Took 3 years of postponing dates till it finally got tossed. That was early on before the list was established so i had time, even after i got the initial call to come in for pre-employment. You may not have that kind of time left till the list expires. Ive spoken to quiet a few of my colleagues who took the hit and got the points just so they could get the job. Bottom line, dont have anything pending regardless of the position youre going for.
  3. For anyone placed on medical hold, who do you contact once you've been cleared by your doctor or have the paperwork needed to show that you are clear to work? I cant seem to find a phone number or email address that anyone will answer. Thank you to anyone who can assist.
  4. My canvas email came from nyctransithrops@nyct.com Make sure to check your spam folder as well. Sometimes legit mail ends up in there.
  5. I was in and out in about 90 mins. No line outside like there usually is. I got in, signed a few docs, waited to be called in for the urine test and was out in record time. I was assuming it would be a ln hrs long ordeal like other times but because of Covid they're limiting how many people can be in the building. Pretty much a ghost town compared to past visits.
  6. Just another quick update. Received the conditional offer email. Looks like the next class will be starting May 10th.
  7. RTOEmploymentOperations@nyct.com
  8. Just a quick update. Got my canvas email on Tuesday the 23rd, filled everything out and submitted the same night. Received another email to come down to 180 on Tuesday the 30th, to continue the process today. So it looks like things are moving along. Good luck to everyone.
  9. THANK YOU so much. This is perfect.
  10. I received the canvas email today as well but the link to the PDF file doesnt load at all. How did you go about responding?
  11. My guess would be up until the Friday before the class starts. I got called in for the medical and final processing for conductor the Wednesday, the week before i had to report for orientation that following Monday. Literally had to resign from my previous job with 2 days notice.
  12. You wont actually be submitting the paper work from Social Security to the MTA, it's for you, to jog your memory in terms of dates and to be sure what ever jobs you list match up with what they'll find out in a background check anyway. So it's not 100% necessary. I only got the report to confirm some dates, I only worked a handful of jobs but forgot the time periods. Even if you don't remember the exact dates, an estimate is ok, just be sure you can account for any gaps.
  13. You can go to any social security office and ask for a print out of your complete work history. I paid $50 for the report about 2yrs ago when I did this for conductor. It will list every job you've had along with dates worked. You can fill in the rest of the details, like responsibilities etc. They'll (meaning the MTA, not SS) ask for a detailed history of what you've been doing to support yourself since HS (i.e. college, living with parents, worked "x" job etc). They just don't want to see any gaps on your work history. As long as you have a good 10yrs or so worth of work experience/education. You'll be good. Just don't omit anything. Even if you were fired. Being fired from a previous job won't disqualify you, lying on the application will. I've heard stories of them pulling people out of school at because they found out the person lied on the application. Remember, they don't start the background check until AFTER, you've been hired. Good luck to all
  14. But.... BUT. I'm suppose to come in for pre-employment in the middle of my vacation week and I'll be 6 time zones away on the 7th. Yay 😑😑
  15. As long as you can show that you're being treated for it and have a CPAP machine that's being used, you should be ok. Either way, they'll likely make you take a sleep study if you have a neck bigger than a 17 or admit to snoring.
  16. Got my letter. I'm in the 900 range. This is going faster than I expected.
  17. Got my letter. 93.33 score. 9xx list number. good luck to everyone
  18. The first 8 or 9 months of being a T/O is spent in school car. You'll have a steady schedule week to week plus weekends off. After that, you'll be extra extra and your days off are likely to change week to week unless you claim Sabbath Observance. All in all it's not TERRIBLE. BUT. You wont have much of a social life. Either way, it'll get better. I'm a C/R in the A division.
  19. School car, at least for the A Division is 6 weeks, including the midterm, yard practical, posting and then the final exam. It goes quick. i believe the B Division gets an extra week or 2 because they have more equipment to learn but its no longer than 8 weeks total for them. As for your hours, this will vary but it will always be a straight 8hr block, assuming you dont need any extra tutoring. The majority of my training was on the PM tour (3pm-11pm) with the exception of the 2 weeks where we had fire safety and communications/ RCC tour day. Some classes will get a 7pm-3pm schedule. Either way, youll experience working PMs and AMs. no Midnights thought.
  20. If you witness a fight break out or if a customer reports a fight on the train, notify RCC immediately and they will give you further instructions (aka, they will ask you if you see any weapons, if theyre on the train, if they get off the train, they will tell you to close down and proceed.) Bottom line, were not cops or trained to handle those types of situations, radio RCC, tell them whats going on, ask for police assistance if necessary, then close down and keep it moving. Thats what RCC is going to tell you any way.
  21. I dont have the papers in front of me at the moment but i can tell you that top pay for T/O is $35 and some change/hr. T/Os can easily make 120k+ a year because of all the OT available plus the ability to work one of your days off, Do layups at the end of your run etc. Dont go by base pay because, outside of schoolcar, your always going to make more than that due to OT (some runs have OT built in). From Train Op you can promote to a supervision position like TSS or Train Dispatcher, but most TSS will tell you,even though the base for TSS is higher, youll wind up making less because your hours are more stable. It really comes down to how much time you want to spend at work.
  22. As long as you dont have a swastika tatted in your forehead you should be fine. Ill have to check my rulebook but i doubt theres anything in there about tats.
  23. Each class is different and studies different topics on different weeks from each other, but if your TSS didnt give any assignments for the weekend, study the chapters in the rule book pertaining to conductors. Rule 9, along with Billetin 100-11 and 86-13 are our Bible, know them. Know them well. They will come up on every test and practical throughout your 6 weeks in school car. Signals are important. You dont need to know all of them because many are T/O specific, but that would be too much for one weekend.
  24. Days? some people (like myself) waited months, and took multiple drug tests. Its a waiting game, but getting called for pre-employment is a good sign. Look out in your spam folder and inbox for that email. I personally got a phone call followed almost immediately by the email. Just be ready with the paper work when they call and be prepared to possibly have to resign from your current job with VERY short notice (I had 2 days to resign)

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