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  1. Not likely, since there is work on CPW most weekends anyway.
  2. The issue people have with R68As is not trusting the train. They take a brake, and since it's not instant, take more brake. The more brake you take, the longer it takes to kick in. Now you have too much brake, release it all, and poof, you're out. If you have at least 15 lbs in the tank, the train will stop where you want it to. You just have to be patient and let the brake kick in. When releasing, never go beyond the snowbrake notch. This ensures you have air in the tank. The R68As have good brakes. You just have to be a little patient and wait for them to kick in. R62s are a little easier than the R68As. But it's only going to be mastered with practice, practice, and practice.
  3. You are allowed to read and/or use electronics on authorized breaks in the crew rooms. If you do it in the cab, you will be taken out of service.
  4. Oh, they're gonna learn quickly when it hits them in the wallet when they get sent home for the day.
  5. One of the reasons I make sure that when my crews are doing a good job, I tell them such.
  6. You really think that's a good idea to post in a public forum in which TA supervisors and management view???
  7. Almost 6.5 years later, and my thread is still going strong. Those of you in the IRT on the midnights, you'll see me. Like @RTOMan says, don't be afraid to ask the questions. You're only as good as your last move. My job is to provide a school of instruction as needed, so feel free to pick my brain. I like sharing my knowledge. Good luck, and be careful out there.
  8. Folks, have patience. You will be called; trust me. That's all you need to know.
  9. You cannot add more trains, let alone another line, to Central Park West on the weekends due to all the GOs. Between the work being done on 6 Av, and the occasional work on CPW, the trains are stacked as it is.
  10. This is one of the reason I've been for forward-facing cameras in the cabs. You'll see more T/Os get exonerated.
  11. PD gets called to deal with homeless. PD tells them to get off the train. They refuse. PD tells them either jail or hospital. They choose hospital. PD calls EMS. EMS takes to hospital, tying up EMS for utter horseshit. Person takes up space at ER, gets a hot meal, and is discharged since there is no medical condition. Person goes back to street, and train. Repeat until the end of the world. There's only so much we can do on our end, since they have the right to be on the train since there is no time limit listed on how long a customer is allowed to be in the system (at least that's how the courts saw it).
  12. Umm, thanks? I don't make it up to Main St. that often, unless I'm doing a CBTC Class. I usually do the standard "good morning everyone" when I enter a crew room, unless I gotta take an emergency comfort. I consider myself a rookie until I put in my papers. I worked too damn hard and sacrificed too much to lose it over something dumb.
  13. The class is 9 days. Day 1 you will be instructed by a Schoolcar TSS (If I'm doing a double, it could be me). That's where you learn the basics. Day 2 you report to Chambers St. Flagging and learn some more. Day 3-8, I don't know what you do besides post. Day 9, you come back to Schoolcar, where once again you will be instructed by a Schoolcar TSS. We collect your paperwork, and it's a review day. When I do the class, I do CBTC Flagging on Day 9. The Final is 100% for passing. I'm not telling you any more. Yes, you can be kicked out if you fail. I take this class seriously; your lives depend on it. As long as you study and ask questions, you will be fine. Once you are a qualified Flagger, you must be refreshed every year. It is an 8 hour class at P.S. 248, either 0700-1500 or 2200-0600. I teach the midnight class. One thing I will stress: ALWAYS SHOW UP WITH YOUR PROPER PPE, INCLUDING FOOTWEAR. If you don't, you get thrown out. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR TRACK CARD ON YOU AT ALL TIMES, INCLUDING IN CLASSES. We check for them. Per Rule you are supposed to have it on you when at work. Not in your locker. That includes in classes. If you don't, we can throw you out of class. SHOW UP ON TIME. DON'T RETURN FROM BREAKS LATE. I assure you, if you do this in my class, YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT. And my boss will back me up 100%. This job is yours to lose once you're in.
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