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  1. If I were to take a wild guess I would speculate processing be it pre-employment or final is probably on hold due to Coronahysteria. You can't socially distance in the holding pen that is the 5th floor at 180 Livingston on a normal day. The waiting room for the drug test is even smaller.
  2. Last summer (I think) they started issuing shorts to clerks, prior to that it was limited to Wayfinders. I got my allotment since TA is paying for them but didn't wear them once. Most of the time the AC is sufficient...and I don't want bare legs in a booth. They'd be helpful during a dead of summer GO job but even then I feel like a layer of station ick sticks to me so the less exposed skin the better!
  3. They never seem to have classes around the holidays. I wouldn't declare that it "doesn't look good for the future". Hiring ebbs and flows. When more clerks retire, they'll hire more. A lot of people go out in the beginning of the year. I personally got screwed by the holiday hiring freeze and was in the 2nd class of the year when I got hired...and that was April of the year I got hired. Keep being patient.
  4. That's MTA-wide, not specific to TA. They want to consolidate departments that each agency has, like legal, HR (although they have the BSC which handles stuff for all agencies - each agency still has their own HR department) and stuff like that..
  5. You will get called every name under the sun by disgruntled customers...if it's not YOUR race they'll claim you're being racist to them because they didn't get their way. Coworkers are the least of your worries.
  6. Glad to see they're starting classes again, I know a schoolcar TSS who said they had held off on new classes for a bit. Biding my time, looks like there's still 1000ish people to go. Damn SSN 😂 I'll bide my time selling fares in the meantime.
  7. Bingo. They had been cranking out classes nonstop - I think it's been a couple of weeks since the last one started. They probably have no need for more classes at the moment.
  8. Customer service outside the booth. Go to any major stop downtown and you'll see people in vests wandering around the mezzanines. Those are wayfinders.
  9. They hired off of the last conductor test (whatever it was before 6601) for 10 years. Hiring ebbs and flows...and as I mentioned a few pages back, and got my head bit off for mentioning...a lot of what seemed like whipping through the list was flipping provisionals to permanent. Once they start making Wayfinder more of a thing and booth work goes the way of the dodo, a lot of the old timers will put in their papers because they want nothing to do with being out of the booth.
  10. Don't even bother bringing that until you're sent for final processing. You'll get another one when sent for pre-employment again.
  11. Welcome to TA: nobody at 180 is on the same page. I'm not even being sarcastic. Both pre-employment and post hire, you ask three people the same question and you'll get three different answers. Both your whiz quiz and paperwork are valid for 90 days, though in my experience when sent for another test two weeks after my 2nd one...I had to fill out YET ANOTHER pre-employment packet. Third time was the charm though
  12. It's a good idea to follow up with her, but if they're ready to put you in a class and your drug test is about to expire, they'll send you again for the whole PE process. I once did it two weeks apart because they couldn't make up their mind what class I was going to be in and if I ended up in the later one it would have been expired by day 1 of class. What was your list #? They're up to about 1000 for final processing.
  13. They've been kicking Zone 3 people up to Zone 1 (Upper Manhattan & Bronx) pretty routinely lately. They tend to do that until some classes come out behind you, and then you get kept closer to home and they get the shaft instead. Keep that in mind when you start...ran into a couple of new people this past week that were pretty frustrated about it...I told them it does eventually get better.
  14. Depending on what you get for observation and takeover booths your education of what the job is really like won't happen until you get thrown to the wolves on the road. All of my training booths had very helpful clerks but none of them sold very much and were quiet in general so the nonsense was at a minimum...and the art of keeping money straight when I got to places like 181 on the 1 came later.
  15. Personally they told us on day 1 to wait until you get 1 paper check to set up direct deposit. Meanwhile some people set it up when they went home that night and got their first check direct deposited... At the very least wait until you start.
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