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  1. I recently heard of proposals to turn the Lirr Rockaway Beach Branch into Queens version of the High line. I also found that the parks dept want to convert the remaining part of the Putman Rail line in the Bronx to a rail trail. I truly feel that these lines should be truly preserved for future expansion of subway lines(or new ones) and that if we keep turning rails to trails we may never see transit reach underserved areas, or its full potential. Please send me your thoughts on this subject.
  2. The reason why the Rockaways have such low riderships is because it takes so long to get to the city,and it does now go to mainline Queens. How long does it take to get from Far Rockaway to city? An hour or more. From Beach 116th st to the city is even worse. Unless you happen to catch one of the 5 rush hour trips on the A train to Rockaway Park,you have to catch a shuttle. The wait for the shuttle during rush hours is about 10min plus it takes about that long to get to Broad Channel. From there u may have to wait another 10 min for the A since it splits in 2 directions. from there its another approx 50 min to the city.To get to main part of queens riders have to either take either the q22 or q35 to transfer to the 52/53 limited bus none of these buses are fast. So u can see why many people choose to use cars.If a train were built from 63rd st Rockaway beach it would take about 40-45 min to get to midtown and only 20-25 min to get to the places like queens center mall
  3. i understand that there are some narrow along the row, but that pat is not very long. you could simply build underneath them if necessary
  4. Correct Even if that small part of the line is owned by NYA WHY would that hamper subway service? There is enough space by the Brooklyn Army Terminal for both subway and freight service to run. Plus the L or X doesnt have to run all the way to the yard.
  5. Why are we trying to close stuff. Let people share ideas.
  6. cant we at least have an L extension to flatbush ave?
  7. The entire row from freemont junction to bay ridge is owned by the lirr. the long island railroad used to run passenger service there
  8. You are mistaken the ROW is still owned by the LIRR which belongs to the MTA. In fact the Mta owns the ROW from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to Freemont Junction.
  9. Why would it cause confusion? Obviously the tracks would be converted to subway. As Censin pointed out most of the area has space for 4-6 tracks so you can build a subway down there with little problem. Concerning electrification it might be expensive , but anytime you extend or a subway line you have to electrify it so it's useless bringing it up. It's worth the effort to extend subway lines to underserved Carnarsie and unserved Flatlands. Part of the line from schenectady ave/ave H to New Utchect Ave is only two tracks wide. So some widening of ROW or building under may have to occur if you are going to keep freight service
  10. Now getting back to the topic, I always supported the idea of a outer borough subway. However given all the challenges that it would take to build the x i was wondering would it be better in the short term to utilize the LIRR row for and extension of the L.
  11. first of all i said that because people are complaining about the post and yet continue to read it. If someone does not like a forum they can simply read another one. This site allows for many topics regarding public transportation so anybody can choose a topic that interests them.
  12. if dont like the forum u dont have to respond or read it.
  13. Last time i checked most of the row is 4 tracks long except between albany ave/aveh and 61st(by the D/N train Station). So it is possible to run both subway and freight service along the line if the ROW is expanded to have three tracks in the areas described above where there is only two. Plus it is relatively easy to convert a freight line to subway. In fact thats what the city did with the A train with the LIRR Rockaway line.
  14. Obviously you dont get my point. i know why its a railroad. i was saying that the only reason it stills is that way is because the SIR is currently not connected to the other boroughs.The fact is that there was plans to convert the SIR to subway.
  15. who cares how long i took to reply as long as it open i can. BTW I know its a railroad, but i was saying that it remains a railroad today only because there is no connection to other subways nor is one probable in the near future.

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