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  1. Hello everyone, Im planning on taking Bus Operator exam 2613 and have some questions regarding the retirement and penson plans for the job. I tried searching online, but couldnt find any hard info. So my question is this, what exactly is the retirement/penson plan for a Ta Buss operator and how long before you can retire? Also do you have to put money into the retirement plan or does it automatically build up over time? thanks everyone for their input.
  2. Thanks for the fast responses everyone. Time to hit the books : D
  3. Thanks for the info Noflexdont. I think I would do just that. If they call my number, ill pass and reinstate my name after i meet the requirements. Now I have another question, If I reinstate my name at a later time, will they call me before people with higher list numbers, or will I be the last to be called?
  4. Hello everyone. I have some questions regarding the upcoming Bus Operator exam 2613. I really would love to be a buss operator for the MTA but my problem is this, I just got my class D drivers licence on January 30, 2012. I know that one of the requirements to get hired is to have a licence for 3 years prior to the date of hire. So if I am to take the exam, can i wait til after the 3 years to start my processing, or will I be disqualified since I just got my licence? I know the test lasts for 4 years so, I really don't want to wait 4 years to take the next test, then wait again to get processed. One other question, can any one recommend any study materials to help prepare for the exam. From what I have heard, its very competitive so I should start studying soon. Thanks everyone for their info and love you all.

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