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  1. @Cactus683 I’m happy for you. See you Sunday the nov 24 that’s the day it starts I guess cause of the holiday
  2. @cactus683. See you Tuesday got email 15xx
  3. @raeva0711 did they say if their hiring from this list ?
  4. Wow I go to pre employment on Wednesday. 15xx
  5. Any word on the next class ? Or if they started calling for Medical?
  6. @uneeke how’s the job coming along? Are there any classes lately ?
  7. @train1290 I’m talking about work history or even any recent arrest
  8. @sssick yea I heard this is normal. Did they have anything in their back ground thats was recent or did they ever work for a city agency , I heard Mta is strict. Unlike the other two
  9. @NESToHow did everything work out ? Did they say when the next class is ?
  10. @uneeke what depots are you doing line training
  11. How long was the was the wait today ? And what was the process today
  12. What number are they up to in this list
  13. @sisslims29 whats the update with this list. ?Did they tell you anything
  14. @sisslims29 at how fast you was done good for you and I thought you was there for 7612
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