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  1. You calling him a foamer? Anyway, I think what needs to be remembered is that while just about every rider prefers new trains, there are other restrictions in the NYC subway system as to what equipment can run where besides what people want. The makes sense for CBTC, as stated many times, because it's an isolated, short, line with aging signals that are going to need replacing anyway. The arguments over whether the R62As are good enough for the or not are beside the point in my opinion.
  2. 1. Why don't they just run the and to York St and High St? 2. Why don't they run the and to 34 St?
  3. It's also worth mentioning that the Lex is the busiest subway line in NYC, so it makes sense to get it up and running early.
  4. I completely agree with this statement. I don't see what's so special about the Upper East Side. I'll bet that the richest people who live there don't even ride the subway right now. That's just a guess. I think that if you pulled the NTTs from just about any line, somebody would be upset. Yes, it's true that wealthier people generally have higher expectations, but I'm just saying that the line complainers aren't necessarily any richer than those elsewhere.
  5. Okay; I brought up this topic under the assumption that they weren't, in some cases (at least before a multitude of grade timers were installed).
  6. I don't think you understand what I'm talking about. I know that grade time doesn't have anything to do with the train ahead, but my point is that it's often used to slow down trains to reduce stopping distances (and thus prevent rear-end collisions). My solution uses station time to allow the control length to be extended without keeping trains from closing in on each other. This would hopefully reduce the need for grade timers because trains would only be able to get closer to each other at a safe speed. Essentially, this is a proposal to expand increased control lengths + station time to more parts of the system to reduce the need for grade time.
  7. But you'd create a whole bunch of other problems (e.g. noise, structural maintenance, other bad weather such as snow).
  8. When it was determined that the blocks of track (distances between signals) in some cases were not long enough to allow trains to stop before a rear end collision would happen, there were basically two solutions enacted to fix the problem: 1. lengthen the blocks, or re-program the signals to keep a two-block distance between trains instead of a one-block distance. 2. add grade timers. The problem is that the first solution reduces capacity by forcing trains to run farther apart, and the second solution slows down the trains and as a result, slightly reduces capacity too. I've been thinking of a new solution that would, if I'm correct, eliminate both problems while preventing crashes. I would double the control length of the signals (there would be two full blocks of red signals behind each train instead of one) but use station time to allow trains to pass the first red signal at a safe speed. Thus, trains would only have to slow down if they approached the train ahead of them, unlike with grade time, which forces them to slow down unconditionally. (And, unlike if the control length was doubled, trains would still be able to close in on the train ahead of them, they'd just have to do so at a safe speed.) This diagram hopefully makes the solutions clearer: Existing setup (risk of collision): TRAIN BEHIND-----------GREEN-----------YELLOW-----------RED-----------RED-TRAIN AHEAD Example of grade time solution (trains unconditionally slow down): TRAIN BEHIND-----------GT35-------------GT35---------------RED-----------RED-TRAIN AHEAD Example of doubling the control length: TRAIN BEHIND-----------YELLOW----------RED---------------RED-----------RED-TRAIN AHEAD Example of my station time solution: TRAIN BEHIND-----------YELLOW----------ST25--------------RED-----------RED-TRAIN AHEAD I'm not a signal expert, so I don't know for sure whether my solution would be a good one. I also don't know if it's already been implemented in certain places in the system. What do you guys think of it? (By the way, if my post was confusing to anyone, I'll be happy to try to explain it more clearly.)
  9. I'm going to assume that this takes place after the winds have calmed down, so the bridges are usable: 241 St - South Ferry, local suspended Flatbush Av - Atlantic Av New Lots Av - Atlantic Av Woodlawn - Bowling Green (local) Woodlawn - Bowling Green (local) Flushing - Hunters Pt Av suspended Coney Island - Lexington Av/59 St, local in Brooklyn 95 St - Lexington Av/59 St, via Bridge runs local Coney Island - York St (customers should transfer to the at 4 Av 2 Av - 57 St Myrtle Av - Metropolitan Av shuttle Rockaways - High St, local WTC - 207 St, local suspended Jamaica Ctr - Queens Plaza, local (uses tracks to relay) Church Av - Greenpoint Av Rockaway Pkwy - Bedford Av Jamaica Ctr - Marcy Av suspended
  10. I did say it, but I might be wrong. There are other people on this forum who know better. I am pretty sure, though, that the is almost as long as the , and it gets more crowded. I'm aware that this doesn't necessarily mean that the is more demanding, as I previously said.
  11. The issue isn't the number of cars available, but the fact that a train every 5 minutes off-peak would probably be too much for the .
  12. Am I one of the only people on here who likes the unique howling sound that the 142s make?
  13. R142, R142A, R62/A, R68/A I like them all, though. These are just my favorites; I have no cars that I have something against.
  14. The problem is that there isn't capacity for the , , , , , , and running on the 6 Avenue Local tracks. I suppose that using 34 St-Penn Station to turn and trains, 34 St-Herald Sq to turn and trains would be a good proposal.

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