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  1. When will Bx12 local will go back to Orchard Beach.. how will Kingsbridge Depot & Gun Hill Depot will work out again... Bx12 local ( based out Kingsbridge Depot & split with Gun Hill Depot) Bx12 select bus service still based out of Gun Hill Depot. Only for Summer.? Until Fall season come ... Bx5 still based of Gun Hill Depot during summer , if West Farms Depot willing to help Gun Hill Depot in BX5 route in Summer...
  2. a bet .... Still West Farms Depot will able to control Bx46..
  3. If LGA depot get does get articulated bus... At least LGA depot will able to retire or scrap 1996 RTS Nova Bus how many they can.. Guess. They at least Orion7 hybird electric & 2011 Orion7NG #4000 series , & #4500 series...
  4. The Manhattan divison is now free from 1996 RTS Nova Bus . 126 street Depot don't carry anymore 1996 RTS Nova Bus... just 1 left.. I hope it go to MTA bus that LGA depot. When 126 street depot shut down.. When Mother Clara Hale Depot reopen... saying... off topic can't wait Orion5 come back service Mother Clara Hale Depot. saying.
  5. Anyone know how many College Point Depot Orion5CNG remaining left in service.? Saying. 10 Orion5CNG at College Point Depot. Supposed to be gone or retire as of now.. So called ( battery?) fuel tanked have been expired on Orion5CNG ....
  6. Good joke off topic... Where is R142A #7210... R142A #7209 have been renumbered to #7899... So it true lil silly.. R142A #7210 have been renumbered to R142A will be mostly guess. R188 #7811.. guess 2 set were left R142A at Yonkers plant lol.
  7. ummm You mean R179... R142 bombardier was delivered to Hell Gate..off topic.. That next car will be delivered to Hell Gate next R179 built by Bombardier..
  8. Ok. But You know R188 mostly so called R142A #7211 - #7215 / #7216 - #7220 still at Unionport Yard....
  9. Where the last 2 1996 RTS Nova #9080 , #9172 from Flatbush Depot went to which depot... Anyway #9080 , #9172 supposed go to LGA depot... #9172 were orignally from LGA Depot. the artriculated were at Flatbush Depot supposed to be replacing 1996 RTS Nova Bus at Flatbush Depot. Yeah right.. You can still find 1999 - 2000 D60HF new flyer still at 100 street Depot.. Is it #5957 came from West Farms Depot ... So why send #5957 from West Farms Depot to 100 street Depot... Then West Farms Depot short of articulated bus.. What exchange 100 street depot give their bus to West Farms Depot... Who heard Bx41 select bus service that why.. I apologize. I thought #5460 were scrapped from Gun Hill Depot... So it supposed to be #5490. guess
  10. at least South Ferry loop have been re-open.. Now I can see Not In Service R142/R142A cars that belong to Lexington Avenue Line that R142 belong to 4 , 5 & R142A on 6 line. Where those not in service R142A/R142 coming from is at 207 street overhaul shop yard lol. guess. then somehow there is connection to Lexington Avenue Line tunnel to , , .
  11. off topic... Something telling me there might be delay-ment R188 may not run on the on next month..... .. First R188 #7211 - #7220 not been tested running on the .. If R188 #7211 - #7220 passes to run on the .. Then R188 #7211 - #7220 will be first set to run on .
  12. Good point off topic.. You may not know.when R179 delivered . R179 is a BMT / IND new cars. Not I.R.T cars.. R179 maybe tested Broad Channel track .guess.
  13. off topic.. No... Because all I.R.T cars including new cars R142A/ so called R188 must be tested on I.R.T main divison where they get delivered on main i.r.t ( interborough rapid transit )that delivering to Unionport Yard. divison. Not BMT/IND divison tested their by mistake.. Where they should been tested in Dyre Avenue Branch where there been first tested. They were first called R142A.. Not R160 tested in Broad Cahnnel.
  14. Good point Metro - North does stop at Yankees Stadium.
  15. Off topic I know no point having run express in bronx too during Yankees game.. As last year game.. during Yankess Game did run express in bronx between 125 street to 149 street Grand Concourse to brunside Avenue for what ever reason during game guessing. If bring line topic during Mets game.. Why not the ... run express in bronx during Yankess game lol.
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