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  1. Just saw a truck with R179 A car 3014 go by me on I-80 here in New Jersey.
  2. Delays Posted: 07/13/2016 1:28PM Due to a power outage, expect extensive delays on all train lines. Allow additional travel time. Power outage at RCC. http://abc7ny.com/traffic/all-subway-lines-experiencing-delays-across-nyc-due-to-power-issue/1425312/
  3. After reading the other thread, I'm now wondering how the and works out if they both arrive at Columbus Circle southbound at the same time. It looks like both 57-7 and 59 Columbus have somewhat similar track setups.
  4. That makes sense for southbound trains, but what about trains going northbound? There's no punchbox for the switches north of 57th on the northbound side?
  5. Out of curioisity, why don't Astoria/Broadway express trains use the switches north of 57th to get to/from the express track? What was need for the to switch to the local at 34th pre-2010? Assuming that the returns when the goes up 2nd Ave, the and are express all the way and the and are the locals.
  6. The motors would be different. The R160s use Alstom/Siemens motors. The R179s will use Bombardier motors presumably like the ones on the R142A/R143/R188.
  7. Not to mention the loses direct yard access. Which is why the was taken off QBL and the was sent there way back when.
  8. So the train I was on stopped at 23rd and the C/R announced there was an incident at 28th and there was a power off condition. So, I took an über home and I saw a lot of FDNY and NYPD activity at 28th. Kinda curious to what happened.
  9. It's for tonight's A.L. Wild Card game at Yankee Stadium. It's leaving Grand Central at around 7 tonight.
  10. Well now... Suspended Posted: 10/01/2015 6:46PM Due to signal problems along the line, service has been suspended between 34 St-Hudson Yds and Flushing-Main St in both directions. Take the and trains instead. LIRR will cross honor at the following stations: 34 St-Penn Station, Hunters Point Av, 61 St-Woodside, Flushing-Main St, Kew Gardens-Union Tpke, and Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer.
  11. You should see the middle track at Main St. behind the bumper block. People throwing their trash there. Just plain nasty.
  12. How does an R142A not fit through the tunnels while an R62A can fit? Aren't both cars the same dimensions?
  13. And I thought our trains were crowded until I saw this video ​ Granted this video is 7 years old so I'm not sure if passengers still get pushed on.
  14. I do the same, but I'll try position myself at the very door that'll stop right in front of the stairs. That'll reduce walking time and I can get in front of the crowd going up the stairs. Then, I'll have a chance to make my bus connection.
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