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  1. They should just have an app that makes stolen iphones ooze out the same stuff frogs & toads do,lol. So they cantell the thieves by all the warts on their grubby hands
  2. Fantastic pics! Thanks for all the new screensavers,lol
  3. My experience pretty much mirrors your's . Was 40 questions & I was agog at how quickly I was done. I hadn't had time to finish more than 1 fifth of the test book due to moving & other drama, so i was dreading a huge failure. I took my test at Midwood with the line around the block. Seemed like a 1,000 guys testing that day. Really feel I aced it pretty much. I was the first one done in like 15-20 minutes.
  4. I took it too @ Midwood. Which was a 3 block walk from my house. Though i had moved out the week prior,lol & had hardly gotten a 1/5th through the book. So I was shocked how quickly I breezed through the pretty much basic knowledge questions. First one done & out & feeling fully confident I pretty much aced it. 40 Questions in all. Any body have an answer how long we can lrealistically expect to be called up for the actual job? Good luck to all who are & have tested!
  5. Might be more practical to have a bus depot instead there. Maybe a Transit Museum adjoined to it perhaps? That pool thing I agree, would just become a bum bath & urinal with dirty used syringes & God knows what else floating in it.
  6. Why would you hate to say it tho? I'm at it 9 months almost, any who does get it after persevering earned it & proved they're worthy & able to do the job,no? Not taking away the many who aren't in it for the job & are screw ups
  7. I can gladlty attest to meeting & knowing quite a few who hung in & went from WEP worker/cleaner to full time. In Transit & also in DCAS
  8. Just got my approval letter as well, been interning about 9 months or so too. Is the prep book worth the $30 tho? I'm reading here its no help really. Just basic info?

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