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  1. Young- I'm very sorry,, good luck next time around. Your posts have been very helpful and informative! ????
  2. Change username???? I'm just asking a question, be more specific Thank you for info
  3. I took exam 4600, MaBstoa is coming out with exam 4105 this June, should I take that also? Is anyone else taking it?
  4. MaBstoa exam 4105 bus operator is coming out in this June . Is anyone going to take it?
  5. We all just waiting for mta to start calling people from this test lol.
  6. Totally understand regarding post about medical but since we're on the topic. When your about to take your medical in regards to the vision. what happens if you need glasses at that time? What happens?
  7. I guess will be a long wait to get called for those who passed exam 4600? 2015? Thank god I only got a few wrong. Good luck to all.. If it's meant to be it will be.
  8. Agree with the FL transit worker... Pay attention during training and should be good. Should be ok Young good luck!
  9. Anyone know how the protest went? Is mta going to drop any questions from test 4600?
  10. Does anyone know the process for the boss exam? Do you have to call them about it or do you have to wait on them to send you a notice? And how long the wait for the boss exam? Thank you in advance
  11. So that means for 4600 exam they should start calling people sometime in 2015?
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