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  1. cm99746

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I respect the decision of the forum administrators and moderators to suspend the forums (hopefully just suspend and not cancel). I agree that a few posters have diverged and devolved from the subjects of several topics. Here's hoping we can collaboratively find a way to ensure the continued existence of this forum and related sites like the roster. Until then I shall especially miss the "inside scoop" from ENY and the roster updates. #United4NYCTF
  2. cm99746

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I think the point with posting the 5471 sighting is that someone else (erroneously?) reported it was renumbered 4804. If so, the roster update reflecting this renumbering needs to be reverted.
  3. cm99746

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    So it appears the fleet numbers of the MCI 7400s have (or will very soon) come full circle. Originally delivered as MTA NYC 2925-2930 (final six buses of the 2825-2930 order), transferred to New York Bus Service and renumbered 1800-1805, integrated into MTA Bus as 7423-7428 and now apparently back to 2925-2930 although as MTA Bus instead of MTA NYC.


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