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  1. NYCT will issue you boots. They have several options to choose from.. ALL OF THEM ARE VERY HEAVY and all have composite toe protection. Its all about your preference. Do you prefer low cut or high tops... thats pretty much it. If you can't wear the boots provided to you then you need to get a doctors note and fill out a form so that you can wear your own boots.. But it needs to be approved first.
  2. congrats again folks! Question? How many Train operators at orientation this week? How many went to the A div? How many B div?
  3. congrats to all that got that call to come down here.. and to all that are waiting just be patient.. i know that sounds impossible but trust me when I tell you... everything is a lesson in patience down here.. Its an antiquated system.. Everything takes time down here.. Good luck to you all..
  4. @WESTENDMAN you will not get paid for that holiday. you will have the extra day off though. You need to be with NYCT 30 days before you can get paid for holidays. They will let you know
  5. @brownhornet dude didn't know the difference between "WHAT HE SAID???" and ^^what he said^^. One is a question the other is confirmation.. LMAO... crazy. Those little misunderstandings will have you fail the signal exam!!! hahaha.. Alright Im done talking about @trainman. I genuinely hope he does get this job and does well for himself.. Im not a hater at all..
  6. @trainman the truth hurts... but no need to get all worked up like you some type of gangster... Work out your anger issues before you get called down here. because the outbursts and lack of self control that you have right now won't help you at all down here. The 5 plus years you waited to get this job will be taken from you in a NY minute for behaving that way. So chill out boy.. You never know who's reading this..
  8. I don't know exactly what happened here. But I do know that @trainman has a track record of trying to police this forum like he owns it. Then he likes to hide when things get thick. @trainman likes to ask off topic questions when it suits him but if we talk about off topic subjects on here he starts crying like a little girl. When I say off topic I'm referring to getting called for dt or med or final processing.
  9. . And what's your list # trainman?? Seems like you been on here forever. What's your deal?
  10. My group was 40 train ops and 60 conductors. They break us up after orientation into classes of 10. Either A div or B div. you could get PM OR AM tour as well.
  11. Like I said before it's roughly 1500 if you claim 0 dependents. That includes union dues and medical contributions for 40 hours of pay. 1500 and change ballpark after taxes. A few of my classmates have many dependents. They said their check was in the 1800 range after taxes. As for what RTOPRO said he's right though. Many factors will play a part in how much you will get. If you elect 401k or disability or many other deductions that electives can change that number. I personally file 1 dependent and only have union dues and medical contribution coming out of my check. I also have a PM tour for school car so I average around 50 hours of night diff Every two weeks. My take home after all that is 1641. A check. So you could either round up or down based on your own personal preference based on what you will elect. Hope that helped clarify things a bit more.
  12. What's the word on this next class???? This forum dies so quick.
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