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  1. They were sent to Queens and S.I for 7-10 day training. Because Queens and S.I are ATU unions they usually don't go for line training unless there's an urgent need. out of 1800 who graduated about 25 where forced temporarily. Yes, it has happened. Matter fact Queens and S.I was up on the board for line training may be twice for line training thru-out this whole exam so far.
  2. Once you complete the 7-10 day training, while at Zerega you will fill out a request for Queens or S.I. or sign it declining those 2 divisions .If you line train in Bronx, Manhattan, or Brooklyn you will stay at that depot until you pick out at the general consolidation pick which usually goes into effect first week of January after the holidays. Very rarely are you forced into Queens or S.I for line training but it has happened. If you line train in Bronx, Manhattan or Brooklyn it may take 1-month to a year to get transferred to Queens or S.I. You will pick line training depots after day 10 and everybody in the class either passes or fails out, you get to pick in order of your 2613 list number and what depots have openings. So you may be pushed into somewhere you don't want to be at the beginning and stay there most of the year until the general pick.
  3. Good luck to all going to Medical tomorrow (today) be careful how you answer the medical questions, you could open a can of worms!!!!
  4. 1) Mother Clara Hale (MCH) is a OA Depot, not TA. At present TA is not getting a replacement Depot in Manhattan due to the closing of 126 St. 2) I was re-hired back in April from Exam 2613 (TA) I did line training at Gun Hill and stayed. At general pick I was able to re-pick Gun Hill. TA and OA operators can pick into each others Depots at General pick (Except for Queens and S.I.). Once you choose Queens or S.I you are there for life. At present they are not part of consolidation. 3) You get to choose where you line train based on your seniority in your class and depending on where the openings are. then at general pick you can move around based on space and your seniority. BTW Yeah Yeah Yeah, shout out to everybody from April 21 class Happy Holidays....
  5. The only problem with MCH opening is only 200+ will be going there 126. St has 300+ Operators. They would all like to stay together but that ain't happening.
  6. When did you get on, the book at Gun Hill shows last day as being the 5, I pick on the 3rd are you TA or Oa
  7. They generally accept notes dated within 6 months as long as the medical testing was done within 6 months, IE, cardiac stress test etc....
  8. Its not a hiring freeze, they just don't need anymore people yet. retirements for 2014 are mostly done. The general consolidated pick is ongoing until Dec. 5 goes into effect Jan. 4, 2015. Depots are currently at Max capacity until new year starts. 126 street is closing Operators are moving around. Bronx, Manhattan Brooklyn. They have to see where their needs are before they can re-start the process.
  9. That is correct all depots are at max, retirements are pretty much done for 2014. The general consolidated pick is ongoing until Dec. 5 goes into effect Jan. 4, 2015. There is no freeze, they just don't need anymore people yet.
  10. having your CDL-BP means squat to them it's there way or the highway !!, the only difference is they don't have to arrange a DMV road test for you. Pay attention to the Supt. be humble, know it all's usually don't make it.. check out some of my previous posts, I'm a re-hire did this twice in 15 years passed both times on day 7.
  11. NYCTA does not recognize any point reduction courses, you have time to fight it I would do so. Go to court see if you can negotiate higher fine for no points.
  12. The focus is on Bicyclists ( stop when they, are by you), Yellow lights (don't run them), slow turns (make 3-5 Mph), cover you right.
  13. It takes anywhere from 2-90 days for the next call back for a full physical, each drug test is only good for 30 days. Drug test and physical are 2 different things. The first time you go to Livingstone street, that's the drug test, now your waiting for the call back for physical which usually is a phone call. If 30 days or more elapses between initial drug test and physical you will take another drug test.
  14. Steve, you are wasting your time calling those numbers, they will tell you to follow instructions to have your number removed from list and put back on thru DCAS when you are ready, it's on the letter at the bottom! I would not recommend doing this because the wait becomes longer and you get lost in the shuffle, take it from one who know!!, been there done that!!, when you are ready it may take up to 6 months for them to get there act together.. Sara, there is parking outside, however you need to get there early 6am, there are numerous school bus companies in area and they steal all the parking, it may be different being that school is out!!
  15. The pick that starts 6/29 ends end of August, usually pick 4 times a years pretty much around the seasons, winter, spring etc...
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