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  1. When you get to do your mini pick into an x gang which is a temporary job until the next official pick, if the capital spot is available to you at that moment of your pick you pick it. But you guys shouldn't get too comfortable in capital because when the general pick comes along everyone with the least seniority gets the boot. Some guys may get lucky but for the majority least seniority gets pushed out. Especially now that OT in maintenance is tapering off. But there is OT everywhere and lots of ways to get extra pay but I'm not going to reveal all of our ways here. That in itself you will experience on the job. Also don't think OT in capital is by any means easy or that you want all of it and will work any available OT. I'm in Capital and it's not for the weak! OT is 16 hours straight of pure work especially for the rookies barely any breaks and will test you in every way you can imagine. This is like a fraternity, YOU WILL SUFFER BEFORE YOU ARE EMBRACED! Or even acknowledged for that matter! Lol. Good luck to all you new pineapples... Track term you'll be hearing a lot of. My best piece of advice is feel out the job, don't do anything you're not comfortable doing for the first time, ask questions, ask for help if you need it, always be safe and learn the job! Please don't come down here thinking you know something. Observe, absorb and learn. This job is repetitive so learn it and earn your respect. Good luck!
  2. Regular schedules in Capital nights are 10p-6a. In maintenance it's 10p-6a or 11p-7a. Days I'm not sure. Also you can get lucky with your mini picks right now because there is a ton of movement going around right now with retirees, promotions and the general pick coming up. It's safe to say that if ur mini pick is after April say in May ur pick will last for about a year.
  3. We don't wear steel toe on track. The last thing you want with steel toe is a 1200 pound rail dropping on your foot. It'll cut you toes clear off and that's a standard rail we call it a stick. Or you don't want conductive material on your feet around 1200 live volts. These boots go through hell down in the hole. You get issued 2 pairs. The choice of 6" or 8" high. Mix and match or the same choice is yours or may not be depending on availability at the time. We use composite toe on track. Don't go getting crazy buying ppe before it is issued to you. The TA frowns upon you having non transit issued equipment unless it is authorized by the TA in writing. Also if you are wearing non approved ppe and something happens to you, the TA will try to get out of paying your compensation for not having a specific issued piece of ppe. By the way ppe stand for personal protective equipment for thos of you who are unfamiliar with the term.
  4. They give you boots. Save your money. Boots bought on your own need to be transit approved and need to meet a bunch of specs before you can wear them on track.
  5. Oh it may just be a rumor but I heard the next class size could be about 45. It would begin when they get all of the qualified applicants to close out the next class. So if you get a med hold clear it up ASAP or you might miss the class. Just ask pilotboy! It's first qualify first get hired! And it would eventually reflect your seniority list since there are roughly 2000 track workers. Good luck by the way pilotboy hope to see you on the tracks!
  6. Sure bkdirect. First off I want to let you guys know to stop worrying about everyone else and concentrate your efforts on your hiring process. Forget about everyone you see there and thinking they are your competition! Every MTA employee from every dept goes through those very same door during the hiring process. They may have different requirements for hiring and might have a slightly different process than you. Ex. Third rail ops, signals, structure, RTO, engineers, conductors, electricians, contractors or bus operators.... Any one plus any other I may have missed! Now the first letter. By now most of you have received it. It requires a urine test as most of you know. They give you that big 21 page booklet to fill out. Be very thorough filling that out. Which means leave nothing blank. Everything is stated in black and white and is very straight forward. YES they want to know everything! From every last traffic violation to any arrests and/or convictions. So if you fall in any of these categories dig up all of your paperwork stating you have been cleared of violations and/or charges. YES they will be asking for proof! Yes be thorough, any discrepancies will get you canned and/or eliminated from the hiring process! If you have any outstanding or pending violations of any sort imaginable, pay them! Outstanding = bye, bye, your hiring process ends there! And if you can't pass the urine test, never mind the latter part of this you are done! Have the 21 page booklet filled out by the time you get the second letter. You will have to bring it back completed! Second letter. Approximately 2 weeks or less after your first visit. Requirements are a medical evaluation a couple of tests (medical) and some sort of computer inquisition about your medical history. Oh and another urine test! If you make it pass all this, you get one last interview that is more like the final stage of getting hired. Medical tests are as follows and not in any particular order: EKG, vision, hearing, breathing,blood pressure and urine Medical evaluation: physician gives you a check up If you pass these you move on to the last stage. If not hopefully you got a medical hold and you can clear it up. NO you can't get a medical hold for a failed urine test. Last stage is the hiring process. If you make it congrats and welcome to 6 weeks of training and a year of probation. I am not going to answer any more questions on this as I have given you more than enough info and as thorough information as I can. Frankly I feel some of you have asked some questions that baffle me. This stuff is pretty straight forward and simple, if you can't comprehend this stuff you probably shouldn't be doing this as a career because it is very dangerous out there and it requires constant use of logic and common sense! Not trying to sound like a douche but I've come across plenty of guys new AND senior that are an accident waiting to happen. And there are no small accidents down on track! To those who make it welcome and keep your eyes open and be aware at all times. As far as choices during training, don't even worry about it because you might not even get a choice. It all depends on your class seniority. If you have it it's a plus but generally no big deal. You may want to read over my old posts for a bit of insight on picks and stuff. Hope I've been of some help and once again sorry if I come off wrong but you guys gotta read some of these old posts!
  7. Putting in about 56 hrs a week with the OT. It's been available so I've been jumping on it. Luckily I have seniority in my group being that my entire class is pretty much together so I'm getting OT. There were only 2 choices. 38st yard in BK and 180st yard in the BX. But they shuffle you around daily. You just report there. They send you to different places daily.
  8. It is true. Big waves retiring in 2016, 2018, 2020. Which means they have to start training guys now so that they can be up to speed by the time the retirement waves begin.
  9. Yes I'm in a gang now. At 16st. Training is over! Thank goodness! I have to say though training teaches you a lot in general but barely prepares you for the real stuff. Maybe because I went through training in the height of the winter. Whatever the case is my class didn't get enough experience. I suggest all the guys who are going to get hired, if you want to learn valuable skills choose Bronx over Brooklyn. I chose Brooklyn yard over the Bronx for convenience and all the Bronx guys had a better training session. Also a bit of a heads up, if you guys get a chance when you do your picks for x gangs and decide or have the opportunity to go to Capital nights..... work out now or start going to the gym! It is no joke! I've been busting my ass since I got there. Granted you might have a slow night here and there, but the night you land on that track with about 30 to 40 guys all around you and all different colored hard hats YOU WILL SEE! It's tough work, not for the faint of heart or soft hands. You WILL work! Man the claw bar seems so easy in the learning center and the yard. Not the reality in those tunnels! But I am proud to say I got a chance to replace my first stringer last night! It was a painstaking great experience and my body is completely sore and every muscle aches! But I think I found home! I like to work and I think I'm going to enjoy this job! Thanks dp142. I would greatly appreciate any info you could give. I've been trying to get my hands on that manual but no one seems to have it. I got my hands on the MS-1 manual however. Lol. I'm hoping to put that to use someday down the line. Also I'm taking my CDL ASAP before the next pick.
  10. Hey how is the PD department? I signed up for the promotional test. Any advice on what I should study for the test?
  11. Most of the senior guys I've met and had the pleasure of working with have been very welcoming. All of them have more or less told us the same things and given us very good direction. No complaints here. Then again I'm sort of a know my place and earn my keep kinda guy, so I make sure I don't step on anyone's toes and learn as much as I can as I go along. A lot of guys in my class are young with no hard work experience and act like know it alls. I try to stay away from those pockets and do my own thing. Try to keep a humble attitude you know. Thanks by the way SpikeMauler. All advice is welcomed by me. Just went in for respirator training and fitment on Thursday.
  12. Yeah I don't get bothered by teasing. I actually got called over by a senior guy at the yard the other day. He told me he was watching me work for about two hours while he was working and he gave me a pretty cool compliment. Told me it was refreshing to see a rookie work the way I did and I would fit in in no time with the senior guys.
  13. I believe it's going to be a general pick.
  14. It's not so bad. There's different temp ranges in which they won't go out in because of hypothermia and stuff. Plus you get a feel for how it's going to be out in the field during the cold. From what I hear everyone does more or less the same as rookies. Better to get it tough in the beginning, everything else is a walk in the park.
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