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  1. Your aloud to get new boots and I highy recommend you buy your own boots I've got my paper work in the process a dude in my gang just picked up a pair a timbs and said it's like walking on air compared to the ones you get from transit plus he said his back doesn't hurt anymore after about 2 weeks in his new boots. This forum is mostly opinions and I'm just giving mine you will all figure your way down here what works for you. Take what you want from what people say but only you know what's best for you that goes for how to work as well. Everyone down here is an expert and had a better way to do things like swinging a jerry or slotting etc... Some things may work others won't but I assure you there's nothing to worry about down here so don't over think everything and enjoy the job it is def a lot of fun. Good luck and congratulations to everyone coming in next class
  2. Hey spike mauler do you know if you can get direct report when working days or is that strictly for night jobs thanks in advance
  3. When you go to orientation sit in the back so you can fall asleep without them noticing lol it's two full days of paper work mad boring so is the school but once you get over that hump it's all gravy
  4. If you followed the posts you would see his drug test expired the 28th of December so he needs To retake the drug test and it is usually an all day process I was there for over 8 hours just to pee in a cup. Then was called the following Friday to come down or medical and final processing was the same for my entire class.
  5. Congrats you are gonna most likely go down for a drug test then expect a call within the next week or two following that, the call is when you go for final processing. You don't need to fill out the entire packet but they should have sent you the same form you filled out the first time you went in a few pages long asks about work history and a few others that must be filled out again I repeat not the big packet. I didn't fill out the smaller one they sent because I had already filled it out but when I got there they made me fill it out again so do it now. Also the lowest seniority number is 1761 so they need another 239 hires to make the federal mandated amount of 2000 track workers good luck stay clean. Usually 25-30 per class but they can have back to back classes
  6. Look on the bright side maybe you will get to start in the spring when it's not so cold out
  7. If you get a letter your gonna go in for a piss test if your time has run out since last piss test (I believe it's 90 days). A phone call then your going down for physical exam and final processing good luck
  8. Sorry for the late response, I'm in a rail gang working nights and it is awesome. I thought I was gonna hate nights, but turns out nights are way better than days, for me personally. I have a lot more time to spend with my kids so I love it. The work is heavy but fun I love manual labor coming from a contractors background this gig is great. You get to use some cool power tools and hand tools the guys are chill and work gets done. Hope you are happy where you are and te track is treating you well.
  9. Yeah I had to retake the drug test as well. The letter they sent said come in for final processing an medical, so was stoked. In the MTA fashion I waited at Livingston on the day I report ad was there for 8 hours just to do another drug test but was called to come down for final processing. So if it's a letter probably gonna be a drug test the phone call means final processing. Good luck everyone
  10. By a federal law there must be 2000 track workers that's why they have been hiring so much out class was up to seniority number 1947 and 27 more people came in so that's 1974 so by law they need to hire 26 more people if you include people getting promoted and retiring that number will jump again and from what I hear a lot if people are retiring also a lot of white hats are retiring too which mean those spots need to be filled opening up more track jobs from people stepping up to Forman good luck guys it takes patients seems like forever but it will come
  11. In class the teachers called it the tubes so just going by their terminology, but the gang I work with does work in tubes the L N and R line going into Brooklyn bedford the 2 and the 3 they do a few tubes I've only been in the tunnels so far sure it won't be long though Got in a rail gang got a few other new guys that were capital days class before me and all got bid out now their workin nights on the rail gang. Guess it's better I started nights instead of getting days and use to that money then thrown to nights with no OT
  12. Going in for my 3rd night in the tubes and it is nothing like they said it would be trains coming flying by you so that hype is some b@ullsh$t. The guys that flag on the gang I'm in won't let a train through unless he sees we are all off the track. The trains come about evey 15-20 min and they go slow very slow past you with plenty of time to set up move tools everything. Everyone is mad cool we def have a good time it's not like the training yard when only one or two things are goin on and slow, these guys move and jerries are swinging nutrunner is going rail slotter runnin everything and it moves fast so just look around so you don't get hit by a tool if you are close they let you know but you don't wanna be that guy good luck everyone
  13. Then you are talking to people that weren't there or have no idea how to count if you go to Westchester yard and see the stretch we cleared you count the ties from the tracks next to it and do your own math anyhow good luck, starting tunnels tonight and yeah taking that cdl test next Thursday Oh just realized you said 38th street yard your in Brooklyn yeah they don't do sh@t there. They spent a few days just watching tv in a trailer they had it made in the shade. We are building tracks and fixing yards in the Bronx they put us to work
  14. I got f@ck$d at chambers street suck wanted Bronx but see what the future brings
  15. I was in Westchester yard yesterday with my crew we dug up 100+ ties burried in dirt and ballast some ties just desinigrated think it was the only day gonna be there we'll see it's where ever they decide to send us one more week in training then it's down in the tubes til who knows when lol
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