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  1. Most of the time these tests are just common sense. Take your time, re-read, and double check all answers.
  2. NYC Transit Station Agent, Exam No. 6600 (NEW / UPDATE) The multiple-choice test for this exam is scheduled to be held across multiple dates - November 21 / November 22 / December 13. All applicants should receive their admission letter by November 14, 2015. If you do not receive an admission letter by November 17, 2015, you must come to the MTA Exam Information Center located in the Lobby of 180 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 between the hours of 9 AM – 3 PM, Mondays through Fridays.
  3. I'm waiting too, date is supposed to be 11/21, website says if you don't get it to go in person no earlier than four days which would be 11/17-21. But I'm planning on calling beforehand just in case as it gets closer.
  4. To correct you sanitation exam just happened this winter which I took, exam #5001. The next exam will be in four years
  5. Reviews on Amazon say it's mostly outdated, has errors, and had little to do with test. Remember slot of your civil service tests are common sense but so easy you could tricked. Read three times and check everything as many times as you can. Getting 100% means you're top of the list.
  6. I meant to say I signed up for station agent, and waiting for conductor and operator..oops!
  7. We are all in this together, so far mta wise I took 4105, transit police, signed up for conductor and waiting for train op to open up..
  8. Still nothing, I wouldn't be supposed if we hear something around winter, either way previous list hasn't expired..check here often..
  9. Oh ok that's the damn number I forgot to right down before I handed in the paper at the exam, they randomize it to make the hiring process fair because it's a character test.
  10. Is that your random list number? How'd you get that number?
  11. I did, just looking to see if maybe anyone got any updated info..
  12. Anyone get any update on the scores yet? Also, I forgot to take note of my random list number on the admission form, any idea on ow to get that or will the list just have my name and score?
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