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  1. They won't fiqure it out most of the people are seniors, & Walk with canes & have disabilities, the SBS machines even look hard to operate, I tried to use one once in manhattan for the M15 it wouldn't take my dollar bills. I gave up & took a m15 local which was packed.
  2. If SBS comes to the Q44 it will be a problem here in flushing, many people Are custom to pay on the bus, many people especially seniors would have a hard time paying at a machine & hold a paper receipt that somebody can easily misplace. I think many flushing residents will just use the Q20 now & Q44 SBS will Be basically used for Bronx- Jamaica residents as a express route. I think MTA should have agents helping people pay at the SBS machines at the 38th ave & the 41st ave stops for Several months to help & show the public. Believe me many people are used to paying on the bus.
  3. Just got on a N20 in great neck to flushing & there is a lady who smells so bad the back of the bus is empty, she is drinking a large soda but the soda is clear it is prob beer or wine. The lady smells bad.
  4. Will the foothill buses from california have heat this winter? Since the buses we're from California do they have actual heat? I think only a/c only.
  5. Price should have nothing on having outlets on buses, oh because you pay more so you feel You should have access to a outlet? It's either for everybody or nobody. You think local bus isn't a long ride? Some local bus routes in queens are over one hour with traffic.
  6. How about outlets on local buses? Because we take local bus we shouldn't have access to a outlet? I hope they come on nice bus too.
  7. Are nice buses really that bad shape? ( mechanic wise ) they seem to operate fine too me. I say leave the buses alone just keep Running them back & forth & see what happenes.
  8. Why did nice bus laid off the auto mechanics? Who will fix our buses? I saw a orange bus with outside back engine door open I tried to tell driver but he saw me & speed off.
  9. Walking back to little neck to take Q12 I see bus stop on glennwood street towards great neck has 4 customers waiting.
  10. I think nice bus should install more metrocard machines on Long Island so people can buy metrocards instead of carrying around $2.75 in coins
  11. Here is the trick I do, I pay $2.75 in coins & tell the driver il get paper transfer on my way out, so as I exit great neck I request my paper transfer & then stay about 1 hour & 45 min short stay & walk to Q12 & get a ride back to flushing, all One one fare.
  12. I won't use mobile ticketing because you have to pay a extra quarter.
  13. Famous how was the rate the ride trip? Did most of the nice buses show up or we're they no shoes?
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