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  1. Sound good..I guess I'll see you on Monday..
  2. @hockeyplayer ask your GS..mines said nothing is going on at zerega on Monday.. He changed my rdo to Sunday and Monday and told me to report at zerega on Tuesday..
  3. Speaking of December 26, does everyone know for sure that the schoolroom is open? They're observing Christmas on that Monday..also the following Monday for new years..
  4. I've seen people do DMV road also on day10....you cannot line train with a permit..this is a fact. Also,if you fail DMV test after day ten,they will tell you to resign..
  5. Congratulations... You mind me asking what's your list # range?
  6. Hey Perez do you mind me asking what's your list# range? I'm also waiting on medical...
  7. M restriction is OK...only way to get it off is to take a road test in a double bus... I have the m also..you're good..
  8. Thank you..I should be OK..I'm oa going to ta
  9. Received pre employment letter today..list # 15**
  10. Oa operators can't go to queens or Staten island.. This is the reason why every new hire most likely will be going to si... New hires that's ta..
  11. Williams is a cool dude, great attitude.....remember,3 to 5 mph turning corners..
  12. This is true..I've heard of people qualifying on day 10, then failed the DMV road test...that's it..you're done...
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