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  1. Warning, I had spotted a wrong route label at Seneca Av & Stockholm St, in the afternoon I rode a B38 LTD heading towards Ridgewood. On the purple one, prematurely shows "Bx38", instead of B38. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I had No time to sign up BusChat, so easier for me just to post on this thread. Shuttle bus is so cool; so essential to travel to downtown Brooklyn after transferring to B57. Also, it is wheelchair accessible to go to that place. I strongly like Shuttle M3; feels like a limited service from Metropolitan Av plus going to Flushing Av; first time I rode this way in my life. Agree with me if you want to keep Shuttle M1, 2, and 3 for Phase II on Myrtle viaduct reconstruction, because putting train back just to operate between Metropolitan Av Middle Village and Myrtle Av Wyckoff Avs, will be inconvenient for every commuters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The gear shift must be in N neutral. That gear shift must be confusing for the driver of that bus, because what I agreed that training must be extended, bottom line, driving a bus is NOT easy as routinely in a car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry, i just bumped a thread because, I am reporting my indirect posts as they are not my final suggestions. Next time, I should stick to my drawing pad, brainstorm completely, before I even go to the forum. BTW, Here is my final plan, based on my maze algorithm of my knowledge in CST 1101 in NYC College of Technology: To make the route possibly direct, for example, if Q48 heads East, direction is E/N/West = W/S; main direction (East/West) must be head the most, 1st Alternative (North/South) is less frequent, and last (South/North) is least frequent, on each trip. Outbound Q48 Start at 81 St at North of Roosevelt Av, where Outbound Q32 buses serve; North on 81 St; East on 37 Av; South on Junction Blvd; East on Roosevelt Av; North on Main St; East on 39 Av; Terminate at 39 Av/138 St, for transfer to Q13, 16, and 28, just ahead. Inbound: Start at Union St and North of Roosevelt Av; South on Union St; West on Roosevelt Av; North on Junction Blvd; West on 37 Av; South on 82 St; West on Roosevelt Av again; Terminate at Roosevelt Av and close to 82 St. This time, I've made up my mind completely based on my drawing board, that I better off move Q48 to 82 St - Jackson Hts Station because 74 St bus terminus are full. I also take back what I said about Q72. It should stay as of now. Overall, routes that I finally want in airport: M60-SBS, my proposed Q23-SBS, Q70-SBS, and Q72 ...and what existing LGA routes I want OUT of airport: Q47, and Q48 If the disabled want to ride the subway, they have to take Q48 to Junction Blvd station. Nevertheless, in the future, we hope we will have more elevators working at most of popular stations, including 82 St - Jackson Heights, lifting into/from station from street level.
  5. About Q23-SBS, what I mean is that, from Metropolitan Av, it will go straight up via 71 Av and 108 St, in both directions, no turns made unless at Ditmars Blvd, and (Inbound) at Union Tpke via 108 St and 71 Av. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Okay, you're right that I was right in rather terminating Q47 at Vaughn College.Q48, there are more people between Corona and Flushing, through Roosevelt Av, serving just one Station (Mets - Willets Point) + LIRR, and a Station (111 St), besides Flushing - Main Street. But then, about my Q23-SBS, i should've be better off letting it go straight via 108 St to airport, little faster than phasing off Q48 to Flushing, and keep its inbound terminus same as local Q23, but opposite from that (across Union Tpke), so that inbound heads straight down via 71 Av, and right turn at Union Turnpike to terminate, and let outbound reverse (OB: head west via Union Tpke, right on Woodhaven Blvd, no stops made, and right on Metropolitan Av, also no stops made) exactly the route local Q23 to 71 Av/Metro. Av. The Q48, (I won't simply throw this route away again just because it's usage is poor in airport) lets see if it is appropriate to go to Jackson Heights w/o following the subway line and let it head South. Since there are lots of people in Corona too, call this proposed route a crosstown, and 103 St and 111 St stations are not ADA accessible. Tell me if you think that's still too indirect. Existing Q72 will be remained, but due to traffic in LGA, short turning may be happening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. You're right; also I looked at google maps, there's plenty of road closures happened at LGA, causing to comply to your #3 suggestion about Q72. We wish that road obstruction should be reopened ASAP.Also, why the Q47 had to be moved to Grand Av from Calamus Av? That can oversaturate Q58 and Q59. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk You're right; also I looked at google maps, there's plenty of road closures happened at LGA, causing to comply to your #3 suggestion about Q72. We wish that road obstruction should be reopened ASAP.Also, why the Q47 had to be moved to Grand Av from Calamus Av? That can oversaturate Q58 and Q59. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Guys (to NOT only B35 via Church), I have a better suggestion, the Q23-SBS, and is going to kill Q47 and 48 for their low ridership. Q23-SBS will operate from Glendale - Atlas Mall to replace Q47, and operate through Flushing via College Point Blvd, with stop for Skymall, and Roosevelt Av, to supersede Q48 to LGA, serving only Terminals B-D-C, and going out and terminate at Ditmars Blvd/102 St. To Flushing from Glendale - Atlas Mall, right on 80 St right on Metropolitan Av, left on 71 Av, go straight up, then 108 St, right on Horace Harding Exp to College PT Blvd. Then to LGA, via Roosevelt Av WB, just serve Mets - Willets PT Station plus LIRR, and 111 St station, right on 108 St, straight up to Ditmars Blvd, then entering LGA @ 94 St. Existing local Q23 will remain in service. Q72 will be taking over Marine Terminal A to supersede Q47 from/to 35 Av/73 St. Then, inbound to Rego Park, via 35 Av EB, right on Junction Blvd, and its regular route. Outbound: its regular route, left on 35 Av, right on 74 St, and via existing Q47 route. Q18 will move to 69 St via Woodside Av, to replace the South part of Q47 from/to 69 St/53 Av.
  9. The "new headway" I was referring to, is the new route I suggested to you. As for Q72, you're right, but we are not sure about the ridership though to/from the airport. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Then how about we will have Q47, and Q72 serve east Elmhurst, and eliminate Q48?Q47 will have its turnaround from Ditmars Blvd/90 St, right on 90 St, and then terminate at 23 Av, in front of Vaughn College. Q72 will serve the same area, and terminate around Ditmars Blvd/100 Street after the roundabout. That is turned from 94 Street, and having this new headway to avoid airport due to low ridership you said. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good idea but then that is parallel to Q35 from Beach 147 Street/ Rockaway Beach Blvd. Or propose that for peak hours only. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  12. Wait, if you want to get help, you are in the wrong place. This forum is for subways and buses, and MTA transits. If you agree, lock this thread. Good news is, this forum has the way off topic threads. So remove this to that thread. Thank you. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  13. Agreed. I also passed there and thats the possible reason why some customers couldn't catch the bus; also, theres a ped light that needs to be removed after that ramp shuts down. However, that is up to DOT. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  14. Maybe like one of the action movie, the kid had used a crowbar or any construction tools to break into a bus. That's why I recommend you to build a bigger garage, or situation like that might happen.
  15. Or instead of your proposed M5, why don't you call it M6? M6 for Northbound service along 6 av to George Washington bridge, and M5 for downtown along 5 av to south ferry.Or maybe you think M5 and M55 could be better because what happens if M6 shown electronically is cut off, look like M5.
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