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  1. Let's say I still lived near the Brewer corridor. I would have the QT13 (nee Q113), QT19 (nee Q111 to Farmers), QT7 (nee Q89), QT43 (nee Q85) and the QT45 (nee Q111 to Rosedale). I don't think I would have to do anything different. I would have new options like the through Linden route that would give me a one seat ride to Gateway and the . It depends where I needed to go. I guess I wouldn't have to travel to Jamaica so much. Looking at these proposals, it seems like more routes are feeding to the more than the
  2. This is interesting. I always thought the B6 would get articulateds before the B1. It's not the B6 doesn't have draws too on the route. And then there's the Brooklyn Redesign...
  3. After working OT on Christmas and New Years, and battling the flu, I'm gonna put in my input on these proposed routes. Bronx bus revamp of 1984, the Queens redesign would like for you to hold his beer. QT1- Astoria-Downtown Brooklyn. Combination of the Q69 and the B62. The Q69 without the Queens Plaza portion. Maybe some short turns at Williamsburg? Runs 24/7. Possible depots: LGA or GA QT2- Steinway-Williamsburg. Combo of the Q101 and the B24. Proposed for LTD service. Doesn't serve Queens Plaza. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: LGA or GA QT3- Jamaica-Williamsburg. The Q54 with no service east of Jamaica Center. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: FP. Maybe it keeps it short turns at Fresh Pond Rd QT4- Jackson Hts-Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 extended further east into Queens. What will replace the Downtown-Red Hook portion? Operates 24/7. Possible depots: LGA or GA QT5- Jamaica-Brookdale Hospital. I wonder who actually did this trip? Combination of the B15 and the Q8. Maybe keep the Euclid short turns? No service east of Sutphin. 24/7 service M-F. Possible depots: JFK or ENY QT6- Flushing-Ridgewood. The Q58 without the Corona Av portion. Seems like it loses LTD service. It actually stops at Flushing ! Operates 24/7. Possible depots: FP QT7- Cambria Hts-Spring Creek. Basically an extended Q89 (could have done this without a redesign). Operates 24/7. One of many routes to link SE Queens with SW Queens. Possible depots: JA, BP, JFK or SC. QT10-Rego Park-LGA Marine Terminal. Combo of the Q23 and 29. 24/7 service. Possible depot: LGA QT11- East Elmhurst-Fresh Meadows via Kew Gardens. Combo of the Q23 and the Q46. 24/7 service. Possible depots: LGA or CP QT12- Elmhurst-Queensboro CC. I would just call it a rerouted Q88. 24/7 service. Overnights, I would end it at Springfield and Horace Harding. Possible depots: JA or QV. QT13- Jamaica-Far Rockaway. A rerouted Q113 south of Mott Av. 24/7 service. Possible depot: BP QT14- Electchester-JFK Airport via Kew Gardens. Combo of the Q10 and 64. What happens to LTD service on Lefferts? Maybe add some short turns at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens. 24/7 service. Possible depots: BP or JFK. QT15- College Point-Queensboro CC via Flushing. A combination of the short turned Q65 and the short turned Q27. Possible short turns at Flushing. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: CP, CS or QV QT16- Jamaica-Whitestone. I would call it the Q34 with expanded service. Possible short trips to Flushing. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: CP or CS QT17- Flushing-Little Neck. A rerouted Q12. I wonder whats on Marathon for it to go down there instead of LNP? Operates 24/7. Possible depot: CS QT18- Springfield Gardens-Oakland Gardens via Jamaica. Combinations of the Q5 and 43. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: JA or QV QT19- Jamaica-Springfield Gardens. Basically the Q111 short turn to Farmers getting its own designation. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: BP QT20- Jamaica-JFK Airport (another route that could have been done without a redesign) A rerouted Q6 with no service east of Parsons. The post office gets the shaft, oh well. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: JFK QT22- Rockaway Park-Cedarhurst. No Q22 west of Rockaway Park, but extended east to Cedarhurst/Inwood via the Q114. Possible depot: FR QT24- Jamaica-Bushwick. The Q24 with no service east of Jamaica LIRR. Loses overnight service. Possible depot: ENY QT30- Flushing-Fresh Meadows. I would call it an extended Q26 with off peak and weekend service restored. LTD stops west of Utopia/46. Possible depot: CS QT31- Flushing-Queens Village. Basically a short turned Q27. LTD stops west of Utopia/46. Possible depots: CS or QV QT32- Kew Gardens-Lake Success. The Q46 with LTD stops west of 188. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: QV QT33- Jamaica-Queensboro CC. Basically the Q75 coming back from the dead. Another route that could have been made without a redesign. Possible depots: JA or QV QT34- Jamaica-Manhasset. I kinda wanna say a rerouted N26. May give NICE a reason to get rid of it after proposing to run it off peak. LTD stops west of 229. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: JA or QV QT35- Rockaway Park-Brooklyn College. It's the Q35 staying intact with an extension to Beach 108. LTD stops north of Kings Plaza. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: FR or FLA QT36- Jamaica-Lake Success. I would call it the Q43 extended eastward, but shortened westward (No service west of Merrick). LTD stops west of Springfield. This may beat out that N22 to N25 xfer. Possible depot: QV QT37- Kew Gardens-South Ozone Park. The Q37 without diversion to the Casino. Possible depot: JFK QT38- Jamaica-Belmont Park. Basically the Q2 with owl service discontinued. LTD stops west of 187. Possible depot; QV QT39- Jamaica-Cambria Hts. I would call it a rerouted Q83 bringing back vestiges of the old Q3A. LTD stops on Hillside. Possible depots: JA or QV QT40- Jamaica-Elmont. Basically an extended Q4. No stops on Merrick Blvd. Possible depot: JA QT41- Jamaica-Cambria Hts. A shortened Q84 ending at Springfield. LTD stops on Merrick. Possible depot: JA QT42- Jamaica-Green Acres. The Q5 staying intact. LTD stops west of Merrick. Possible depot: JA QT43- Jamaica-Rosedale. The Q85 going down Brewer instead of Merrick. I kind of see it going to Green Acres though. LTD stops on Brewer. possible depots: JA or BP QT44- Jamaica-Fordham. The Q44 SBS extended north, but cut back to Jamaica Center. Operates 24/7. Possible depots: CS or WF QT45- Jamaica-Rosedale. The Q111 with no service north of Jamaica Center. LTD stops on Brewer. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: BP QT46- Jamaica-South Ozone Park- An extended Q40. LTD stops on Sutphin. Possible depot: JFK QT47- Jamaica-South Ozone Park. An extended Q9 on both ends. LTD stops on Sutphin. Possible depot: JFK QT48- Flushing-Ft Totten. The Q16 via Willets Pt branch. Rush hours only. LTD stops on Union. Possible depot: CS QT49- Flushing-Ft Totten. Q16/28 combo. Rush hours only. LTD stops on Northern. Possible depot: CS QT50- LGA Marine Term-Pelham Bay Park. The Q50 with no service north of Pelham Bay but extended westward to LGA. Possible depots: ECH, CS or GH QT51- Flushing-Bay Terrace. A shortened Q13. Rush hours only. LTD stops on Northern. Possible depot: CS QT52- Elmhurst-Arverne. Still trying to wonder why we're getting rid of the Q53 SBS. Bringing in a summer variant isn't gonna make it any better. Operates 24/7. Possible depot: FR QT54- Jamaica-Williamsburg. Metropolitan needs 2 routes why? Same as the QT3 except no overnight service. Possible depot: FP QT55- Jamaica-Ridgewood. An extended Q55. One of the few I actually like. 24/7 service. Possible depot: FP QT56- Jamaica-Broadway Junction. The Q56 stays in tact. 24/7 service. Possible depot: ENY QT58- Flushing-Ridgewood. A rerouted Q58 with the Corona Av routing. Possible depot: CS or FP QT59- Rego Park-Williamsburg. The Q59 without overnight service. Possible depot: GA QT60- Jamaica-Hunters Point. The Q60 with no service to Manhattan and no service south of Archer Av. 24/7 service. Possible depots: JFK or LGA QT61- East Elmhurst-Columbus Circle. An extended Q47. Possible depots: LGA or MJQ QT62- Cedarhurst-Cypress Hills. An extended Q7. A through Rockaway Blvd route. 24/7 service. Possible depots: JFK or ENY QT63- Ravenswood-Rego Park. An extended Q104. A through Broadway route. Possible depot: LGA QT64- Jamaica-College Point. I would say its the Q30/31, 76 and 20 all having that one bad night in Vegas. At least there's a through Utopia route. 24/7 service. Possible depots: CS or CP QT65- Jamaica-Beechhurst. A modified Q65 extended over the Q42. Possible depot: CP or JA QT66- Flushing-Woodside. The Q66 with no service west of Woodside, just like the old days. 24/7 service. Possible depots: CP or LGA QT67- Ozone Park-Floral Park. The Q36/110/112 mash up. At least they didn't combine the Q83 with the Q112. Or combine the Q56 with the Q36/110. 24/7 service. Possible depots: BP, JFK or QV QT68- Jamaica Hospital-JFK Airport. An extended Q3, although I wouldn't end at Jamaica Hospital though. Maybe Sutphin/Hillside. 24/7 service. Possible depot: JA QT69- Hunters Point-Jackson Hts. An extended Q69. What's the deal down in Hunters Point now? Possible depot: LGA QT70- Woodside-LaGuardia. The Q70 stays in tact. Possible depot: LGA 24/7 service QT71- Bay Terrace-Springfield Gardens. My "favorite" route lol. No subway connections. Maybe a short turn at Queensboro CC. 24/7 service. Possible depots: CS, QV, JA or JFK QT72- Rego Park-East Elmhurst. Basically the Q72 during the Triboro days. Possible depot: LGA QT73- Flushing-Laurelton. Basically the Q12/13, 76, 77 and 84. 24/7 service. Possible depots: CS, QV or JA QT74-Elmhurst-Jackson Hts. A modified Q49. Possible depot: LGA QT75- Woodside-Midtown. Parts of the Q32, 39 and 104. Possible depots: CS or LGA QT76- Astoria-Williamsburg. Combo of the Q101 and the B62. Possible depots: LGA or GA QT77- Long Island City-Elmhurst- Combo of the Q38, 39 and 67. At least the Q38 gets broken up. Possible depot: LGA QT78- Middle Village-Roosevelt Island. Combo of the Q102, 66, 18 and 67. 24/7 service. Possible depot: LGA QT79- Hunters Point-Rikers Island. Q100/102 combo. Gives 31 St a through route. 24/7 service. Possible depot: LGA QT80- Astoria-Ridgewood. Q18/39 combo. Possible depot: LGA QT81- Astoria-Whitestone via Flushing. Combines elements of the Q14, 15 and 19. Possible depot: LGA or CP QT82- East Elmhurst-Glendale. Combines the Q23 and 29. Possible depot: LGA QT83- Elmhurst-Howard Beach. Basically the Q21 without the Lindenwood portion. Possible depot: JFK QT84- Flushing-Bayside via Whitetone. A Q20/25/76 combo. Possible depots: CS or CP QT85- Flushing-Ft Totten. Q16/28 combo. 24/7 service. Possible depot: CS QT86- Mitchell Gardens/Linden Hill-Glendale. A little homage to the Q74. Possible depot: CS QT87- Forest Hills-Little Neck. Combines the Q23, 64, 75/88 and 30. Possible depots: LGA, QV or CS QT88- Howard Beach-Hamilton Beach via Ozone Park. The Q11/21 combo. The shorter version. Possible depot: JFK I'll do the express ones later
  4. Gotta love the new QT71! Bay Terrace to Green Acres, no subway stations served!
  5. Me personally, I would just remove the T. They didn't do this in the Bronx redesign
  6. All it takes is a few extra seconds to read the sign to find out where the bus is going.
  7. Just looked at that screen shot. Excuse me while I retch
  8. Uh, no. Would be nice (no pun intended), but not happening. Imagine a C40LF going down Hempstead Tpke had the stuck around
  9. According to the website, it's on to the Brooklyn redesign
  10. Imagine this with the 63 St connector... I don't think the would have ever existed
  11. So we posted a new schedule and now it won't serve Bulova until what, we're dead? Typical shenanigans
  12. $4.5 billion for phase 2 of the Second Av Subway (96-125). More delays for the M15
  13. Well, since the M100 would no longer serve 125 east of Amsterdam, no one will bat an eye, the M104 loses service on 42 east of Times Square, everyone lost their minds. As far as those routes you mentioned, we may see this: M31- no service west of York Av. (Goes back to its early '90's routing) M57- no service on West End Av. Possible M12 extension? M14- the Lower East Side Abingdon Square branch may get its own designation and/or extended on either end
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