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  1. Does the Q32 share a stop with those routes or it's by itself?
  2. This is an interesting GO. Coney Island bound is running via the from Atlantic to Stillwell. Running Express via 4 Av and West End. That's a bit of a huge deviation. The offered "nearby" stations or take the B68. I would've considered the B49 as well.
  3. Me too. I might have to go to Farmingdale for it 😉
  4. Let me guess. There's a Q99 in the works as well?
  5. 4990 would be the B99 to Columbus Circle. 4991 would be Flatbush Junction. Probably doesn't have any short turns codes
  6. The maps and the schedules are a downgrade from the LIB days.
  7. About the QT43 (nee Q85), I would have just ran it down 243 and have a branch to Green Acres. I highly doubt the QT42 (nee Q5) will handle it by itself. Kind of kill 2 birds with one stone since Brewer and Merrick would have access to Green Acres
  8. I'm just wondering who in St Albans/Addisleigh Park is trying to get to Beechhurst
  9. In addition to that, some folks have the mentality that because they're in Manhattan, there is no need to take a bus
  10. I was thinking of 878. Nassau Expressway
  11. It was like that when the PBL's existed. Same could go for not knowing about LIB and Bee line
  12. Let me put in my memories. This was like 2003 or 4. When I was in college, this guy asked me how does he get to Chelsea Piers. I told him take a train to 23 street and take the M23 bus. He told me he doesn't want to take the bus. So he's under the impression that there's a train at or near Chelsea Piers. Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I'm at downtown Orlando trying to get home. The lady asks me, how come there's no time displays for her route, I tell her it's not running at this time. She accuses me of lying
  13. For the M66 and 72, I had Lenox Hill-York Av. For the M96, Yorkville-1 Av
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