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  1. Not all of them. One should be enough at the minimum
  2. Q43LTD

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Maybe they'll shoot for the fall, who knows
  3. Q43LTD

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Funny. It said Spring 2018
  4. Q43LTD

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Anybody rode the Q47 to/from Bulova Center?
  5. I'd rather keep the blue background for the SBS routes.
  6. Q43LTD

    Q77 extension to 147th Ave

    Last time I was there was 2010, the only thing worth a damn there is Children's Place and Old Navy. Bay Harbor is crap too
  7. Keep this up. This is giving me ideas for when I revamp my sign code list. For the B38, I would add via DeKalb and via Lafayette. Maybe add some for the B48
  8. That's too much vias for the Q41. The Q9 saying via Lincoln is a throwback to the PBL days
  9. The changes for the Q6 are nice, but they could have added expanded LTD hours
  10. Since when did the Q9, 21 and 41 get updated signs? In addition, I would add via Sutter for the B14, via Remsen for the B17 and maybe via Metropolitan for the Q54
  11. Q43LTD

    Q77 extension to 147th Ave

    Five Towns been dead since Pathmark (now Stop and Shop) left. Only the Source and Broadway are worse
  12. Q43LTD

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    So basically, Lefrak City was like Rochdale 2.0 in a sense
  13. Not to mention, out of date. No mentions of the M12, 55 or Q114. I've been coming up with a tentative sign list redone from scratch
  14. Q43LTD

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The Q102 having a short turn at 30 Av station? That's news to me. I always the Q102 had a rare short turn at Queens Plaza


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