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  1. Seems like Grand messed up a lot of routes.
  2. Machado or Harper don't deserve 300 mil...bad enough Stanton got it. Anyway, back to the thread, anyone miss 126 or Walnut lol
  3. First this vision zero thing, now you want buses to go 25% faster? Contradictory much, Mr Mayor?
  4. So, who was it that that wanted the to return to Stillwell? It's going there next weekend.
  5. I believe the B82 was split between UP and ENY at one point
  6. Well the B15 and 43 escaped, let's see if there's hope for the others lol
  7. Are there any routes that should have never left a certain depot? For example, I feel the B7 should have never left Flatbush or ENY. Then there's the Queens swap back in 2005 with the Q27/30/31.
  8. Imagine if the decided not to run the Q3 anymore, what will those Farmers patrons do? No wonder there has some discussion about sending the Q6 to T5 instead of the post office. Remember when it was just the Q10 that went to JFK? Pepperidge Farms remembers...If the Q9 went to JFK, the Q3 will probably suffer the same fate as the Q33
  9. For the Q27 changes, they're not specifying it's more than likely between Flushing and QCC. L Train Shutdown Bus Service Adjustments (Page 228-241) Proposed Bus Routes: L1: Grand Street to 14 Street (Weekdays Only) L2: Grand Street to SoHo (All Times) L3: Bedford Avenue to SoHo (Except Late Nights) L4: Bedford Avenue to 14 Street (Except Late Nights) L5: Non-stop between Utica Avenue to Flatlands Avenue & Remsen Avenue, then LTD stops via Rockaway Parkway to Seaview Avenue, rush hours only L14: 14 Street Crosstown to Grand Street Brooklyn, via Williamsburg Bridge, every 10 minutes during overnight hours only M14 SBS: 10th Avenue to Union Square, then one stop at 1st Avenue before heading to Stuyvesant Cove Ferry Terminal That L5 looks like a B42 on steroids lol
  10. So Seattle is getting an NHL franchise. I was hoping for the Nordiques to return so the conferences can be even again
  11. I don't mean to necropost, but isn't that affordable housing program supposed to get rid of NYCHA so to speak?

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