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  1. Uh, no. Would be nice (no pun intended), but not happening. Imagine a C40LF going down Hempstead Tpke had the stuck around
  2. According to the website, it's on to the Brooklyn redesign
  3. Imagine this with the 63 St connector... I don't think the would have ever existed
  4. So we posted a new schedule and now it won't serve Bulova until what, we're dead? Typical shenanigans
  5. $4.5 billion for phase 2 of the Second Av Subway (96-125). More delays for the M15
  6. Well, since the M100 would no longer serve 125 east of Amsterdam, no one will bat an eye, the M104 loses service on 42 east of Times Square, everyone lost their minds. As far as those routes you mentioned, we may see this: M31- no service west of York Av. (Goes back to its early '90's routing) M57- no service on West End Av. Possible M12 extension? M14- the Lower East Side Abingdon Square branch may get its own designation and/or extended on either end
  7. I have this funny feeling that the crosstowns in Manhattan will be left alone and the north-south routes will be tinkered with in the redesign.
  8. Not really. The Q34 is more like a supplement to the Q25. I'm on the fence about splitting the Q27, since the southern half may not connect to a subway. I hope the Queens redesign comes out descent. So for the longest time, the finally realized that a bus route can't have both coverage and frequency.
  9. Anybody like the "new" weekend service pattern? Metropolitan Av to 145 St
  10. Here are the ridership stats from 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the MTAB routes Bronx Bx12 Bx1/2 Bx19 Bx36 Bx41 Bx40/42 Bx9 Bx15 Bx6 Bx22 Brooklyn B46 B6 B44 B35 B41 B82 B8 B15 B38 B12 Manhattan M15 M14 M101 M86 M104 M4 M79 M102 M100 M23 Queens Q58 Q44 Q27 Q46 Q17 Q43 Q20 Q32 Q5 Q85 Staten Island S53 S79 S48/98 S46/96 S44/94 S78 S74/84 S62/92 S76/86 S51/81
  11. I'm trying to do a 10 year comparison for the bus ridership, but I'm having trouble finding the MTAB routes for 2008
  12. I don't like the title of this thread. You should know better
  13. As far as I know, no. The Far Rockaway bus never had a short turn sign to Mott Av. It was always the Q111 with those short trips.
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