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  1. Here are the ridership stats from 2008. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the MTAB routes Bronx Bx12 Bx1/2 Bx19 Bx36 Bx41 Bx40/42 Bx9 Bx15 Bx6 Bx22 Brooklyn B46 B6 B44 B35 B41 B82 B8 B15 B38 B12 Manhattan M15 M14 M101 M86 M104 M4 M79 M102 M100 M23 Queens Q58 Q44 Q27 Q46 Q17 Q43 Q20 Q32 Q5 Q85 Staten Island S53 S79 S48/98 S46/96 S44/94 S78 S74/84 S62/92 S76/86 S51/81
  2. I'm trying to do a 10 year comparison for the bus ridership, but I'm having trouble finding the MTAB routes for 2008
  3. I don't like the title of this thread. You should know better
  4. As far as I know, no. The Far Rockaway bus never had a short turn sign to Mott Av. It was always the Q111 with those short trips.
  5. Top 10 by borough/express: Bronx Bx12 Bx1/2 Bx36 Bx19 Bx9 Bx6 Bx15 Bx40/42 Bx41 Bx35 Brooklyn B46 B6 B44 B35 B82 B41 B8 B1 B38 B15 Manhattan M15 M14 M101 M86 M60 M4 M34 M100 M23 M96 Queens Q58 Q44 Q27 Q10 Q52/53 Q46 Q25 Q23 Q17 Staten Island S79 S53 S48/98 S46/96 S44/94 S78 S74/84 S40/90 S61/91 S76/86 Express X17 X1 X27/37 X28/38 BxM7 SIM1 BxM9 QM5 / QM35 X10 QM2 / QM32
  6. Only if Nassau gets out of their cheap ways.
  7. Let the Q77 should be extended to 147 discussions begin for the umpteenth time
  8. I like the Q113/114 timetable finally being more distinct in Far Rockaway. So the Q114 reroute is temporary
  9. Now on to the Bronx Expresses: BxM2-No longer uses the Deegan to get to Manhattan, will use Inwood and RIverside Dr to get to West Midtown. Ehhh... Wasn't there a former member that suggested this route not run on Sundays? BxM4-No longer serves the Concourse, extended to Wakefield. "It duplicates the subway" Uh, only 161 and Kingsbridge are ADA accessible on the BxM5-Kind of sort of replaces the BxM11. (Something tells me that YON will get this route, not ECH), Only goes as far as 233 and uses Bronxwood. Only Pelham Pkwy, Gun Hill and 233 are ADA accessible on the BxM6-No longer runs off-peak and weekends, replaced by BxM10. Brings back the NYBS days. Guess it makes sense since Parkchester isn't ADA accessible. BxM8-WIll stay on the Bruckner instead using Crosby and Westchester BxM10-Will serve Parkchester off peak and weekends BxM11-Eliminated BxM17-New service from Co-Op City to Downtown. Gotta outdo Riverdale somehow, right? BxM18-Added stops Something tells me the Brooklyn and Queens express may suffer the same fate
  10. I would have to give this Bronx redesign draft a D. I see missed opportunities with the Bx10, 20 and 46. The will definitely have to go back to the drawing board with Co-Op City.
  11. Here are my thoughts Bx4A-No service west of Longwood. Could just give it another designation Bx5-Since the Bx6 SBS will be tentatively extended east to Castle Hill, I see those short turns being eliminated. So they didn't consider giving it weekday service to Bay Plaza Bx8-Truncated to Layton and Dean, replaced by an extended Bx24 Bx11-Extended eastward to Parkchester (first time access) to replace the Bx36 on 174 St Bx15-No service to Manhattan, LTD service discontinued. There goes the last remnants of the Bx55 LTD Bx18-Becomes Bx23 west. Replaces the Bx11 in High Bridge Bx23-Enhanced service Bx24-Extended south to Locust Pt. Wonder what they'll do with overnight service Bx26-No service east of Asch Loop Bx28-Ends at Bay Plaza. I guess no overnight service serving all of Co-Op City. I suppose those Tracey Towers residents are ok with the Bx1 and 2. No service on Moshulu and Paul. I'm surprised LTD service was not proposed. No service west of Norwood overnights retained? Bx29-No service north of Pelham Bay, but will get overnight service. I guess it's a good trade off Bx30-Ends at Dreiser Loop with the BxM7. Becomes the Boston Rd route. (No connections to the ). Domino effect. 60/61/62 become closed door on Boston Rd. We can forget putting it on 222 St Bx34-No longer serves Bainbridge and Valentine south of 204. I wonder how it turn around at Fordham Plaza Bx35-Extended up West Farms Rd to replace the Bx11 Bx36-Now serves Tremont Av. Keeps LTD service. I like it Bx38-Eliminated Bx40-Diverts off Tremont to 180 to replace the Bx36. Another route not proposed for LTD service? Would no longer serve Ft Schulyer Bx42-No service west of Westchester Sq Bx46-I'm like everyone everyone else. This route was left alone?! M100-No service on 125 St M125-New route from The Hub to Manhattanville. I wonder what depot will have this route Q50-I'm iffy about no service north of Pelham Bay discontinued
  12. Where would all those routes go?
  13. Irick should have been put in his papers. 1986 is what, 33 years ago?

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