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  1. Since they're mostly CNG, I would say no. Same for Spring Creek
  2. Thanks for that. I've ridden to the ends of routes numerous times, and this has never happened to me. S78, BL-60, you name it. Bad enough she was running late. She didn't apologize to me, she was quick to get me off the bus because of her mistake. I'm not gonna get a warning or write up... A little off topic. It did happen to me once in 2006 when I rode the to 179. I was supposed to get off at Parsons, I dozed off at Roosevelt. Thankfully I never ended up at a train yard or Baisley depot or Jamaica
  3. Exactly. Maybe I should tell her that the next time I see her, but I think she's filling in for the week.
  4. I just have a dumb question. If I get off at the last stop of a route, is it necessary for me to ring the bell? I had this driver blame me for not ringing the bell as she drove by the last stop assuming no one was left on the bus
  5. Next year, it'll be a decade since the gave LIB the boot
  6. Can't believe it's been 15 years since the takeover of the former private lines
  7. The M2 runs local north of 110. If I remember correctly, the 2 had locals ending at 110 while the limiteds went to the Village
  8. The M30 went up Madison to get 72. It was basically a short turned M31
  9. The Q19 going to Manhattan will suffer the same fate as the M35 going to Astoria.
  10. Nice pics! I can't wait to get back to New York
  11. Can this be locked? No neighborhood is too big for any route.
  12. I just saw the new time tables. What the hell did I just look at? And there's still no transfers on the map
  13. It originally said Cobble Hill
  14. The confused reaction is just as close I could get to the wow reaction on Facebook
  15. That's gotta be worse than the B63 saying Brooklyn Bridge Park

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