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  1. For the same reason why there's a gap between 72 and 55. Possibly why the 6 and 8 Avenue lines don't have a 28 St station
  2. That's a lot better and possibly cheaper than sending the Q64 to Oakland Gardens. That area was just not seeking Jamaica access
  3. Not necessary. There's the M11 and the M12. Possibly the M104. I highly doubt West End Av needs a bus north of 72
  4. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    I like this. Similar to their local/LTD counterparts. I thought the plan was to get rid of the double borough designation. I think the can without going over 100. But then again. there's the Midtown, downtown, via 3/Madison/6 Avs and such I think the local, LTD and SBS routes could be integrated relatively easy. For the Bx23, just switch to 323x. For the B100, change to 500x (will not overlap with the Queens routes in my plan), I had the B103 use 8, the Queens ex-PBL's use 50 or 5 in front of their codes. For the Q100-104 and 110-114 they used 6. (Will not overlap with Staten Island codes). The express buses would be a big problem.
  5. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    Damn , you just find new ways to contradict yourselves. Especially with these routes being renumbered
  6. Uh...no "nice try" My statement wasn't erroneous and I wasn't talking about the routes either.
  7. I guess by this logic, the Bx1 and 2 should be on the main road of the Concourse
  8. The QM3 has what, 2 trips in each direction?
  9. Uh...no "nice try" What works for the Bx12, doesn't work for the Q60.
  10. Maybe send the Q46 to Little Neck and eliminate the Q36 from there
  11. Is this Queens Boulevard or Pelham Parkway? This is an epic fail
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    and are switching trunk lines, this time in Brooklyn only
  13. Especially with all these affordable housing units being built. I guess Amsterdam will have to reactivated
  14. Question is, where would they relocate Mannhattanville if that option were available


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