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  1. my list no is 47x going in for pre employment on the 29th. my question is it say starting pay is 34.125 does anybody know whats the top pay? and what does provisional mean? one year probation?
  2. is it ur birth month they usually send people to zerega once a year during ur birth month. Does anyone know where the last class picks for the depot was??
  3. Any opening in Casey now? I been waiting forever for the transfer.
  4. I was in ur exact situation. Go down to 1 center st and put ur name back on the list they will mail u another letter to start processing all over again. Just bring the letter u don't have to fill out anything else because they still has ur paperwork. U will need to take the drug test over but the medical last 90 days so it depends on when they will call u
  5. this is the latest from the class of 10/31/16 there r 64 students 4 of which just transfer to TA from mta bus or OA. 20 passed on day 7 and 12 passed on day 9 tomorrow is day 10 for the 28 that's left. good luck hope everyone make it.
  6. me too see u there. Usually as soon as 1-2 weeks if everything when percfect and they will give u a start day.
  7. Yep when I called they told me that approx late oct or early nov they will start class again. Does anybody know if I have to take the medical over if I was on medical hold and going through processing again? Or just the drug test and interview.
  8. Just got myself reinstated from medical hold, hope I will make it for the oct 3 class.
  9. Just got myself reinstated from medical hold, hope I will make it for the oct 3 class.
  10. i was on medical hold i went in to Livingston to clear it. then i call back the next business day. i got connected to a nice lady who does the hiring for 4600 that's when she told me that i need to go down to 1 center st to put my self back on the list. r u sure ur back on the list 161newyork? i would double check by calling Livingston a month seems long after u got reinstated since they still hiring.
  11. did you went to 1 center st rm 2150 to get ur self reinstated to the list?
  12. Anyone knows when the October class starts?
  13. thxs but u sure it's 130/90 I was told u have to be under 140/90?
  14. Hi I have a question about "under control". What do they mean by under control? Is it that ur blood pressure drop blow 140/90 or does it has to be 120/80 blow? And matintain the level for long period of time?
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