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  1. And what information did you have to provide in the email? How long does it take to restore your name to the list?
  2. And how do you restore yourself back on the list?
  3. Nobody really knows what's going on right now but 8094 expires February 2018
  4. Exactly. U know it dcas were running the show the tests would be given every 4 years and you wouldn't have a list going on for nearly a decade like 8094
  5. Yeah ever since transit took control of the exams from DCAS things have gone crazy. I still find it hard to believe that they are returning to 8094 which was given 9 years ago
  6. It's definitely not the best city job at all......I think if you were a conductor for a few years you would understand why...... RTO life is hard and grueling. Not for everyone
  7. So it's confirmed that they will be returning to 8094 once the promotional list is done?
  8. The promotional list might last longer than you think.....
  9. This is very interesting........definitely the first time the have ever done anything like that before. It seems very strange that they would return to 8094 after moving on to the promotional list. They should move on to 6601, not go back to 8094. 8084 was given in 2009!
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