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  1. Unless I'm missing something, is there really a reason to disrupt the morning rush?
  2. Once again the has gone up Second ave to 96th street. This Time during the AM rush. Would have been awesome if the had changed the roll-sign to a or
  3. some more from last time... And a small walk around...
  4. Enjoy it while it lasts, only going to be out till Friday...
  5. trains are going up SAS as of 4:00pm. What happened this time?
  6. Thanks to you both for the helpful information, I appreciate it.
  7. I was just wondering how under your profile you could change the name of your rank to something costimized. Ex. Mine is poster, and I have seen people who have theirs say Railfanner, or photographer. Where is this option in your profile settings? And one other question, so there aren’t 2 threads. Ive noticed that some members don’t even have a box for their location, when I went to my settings I can’t leave it out. Is there anyway to leave it out all together? Hope y’all get what I’m saying here, thanks.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/04/the-nyc-subway-was-a-rain-soaked-nightmare-this-morning.html anyone else have to deal with this yesterday?
  9. When you say “expanding outward” do you also mean expand into another state? Because a few months ago, there was a discussion about expanding the to Seacaucus NJ. I also vaguely Remeber a few years back how it was mentioned by other people to extend the to NJ. I feel we need to fix our system before we do any more expanding, anywhere, for that matter. I’m satisfied with the Phase 1 of SAS being completed, and I hope to see future projects be completed like this. But Just a few months ago, it took a chair, I kid you not, a chair, to delay service, and Just earlier this evening, there was a power outage on 8th ave between 42nd PABT and 59th Columbus circle. This also effected 6th ave, and QBL. Your right when you said the is suffering from funding, that’s also a contributing factor for not really expanding within the past 8 decades. Lets fix our system first, then add onto it, or else your going to make a bad situation, worse...
  10. ^interesting service change. But why run the via the when you could just leave the alone? And the and are switched CPW with the eing express and the being local.
  11. For the people who don't already know... And since there isn't a official Amtrak random thoughts thread... ^ a little souvenir of mine...
  12. So guys, we can finally stop the bashing the slowness of CPW Express because I was just on the fastest northbound train I’ve been on since the timers were installed. The only time we slowed down was after 96th street, coming up to 110th, probably because of decline. Also, I didn’t know they were re-doing the 110st southbound platform. It’s completely closed.
  13. Its not about being sluggish, its about Protocol, that's why it takes so long, hence adding to service delays.
  14. It’s actually a really good argument in this case. You seem to believe it’s so simple to “remove” a sick/I’ll passenger form a train. Not every situation is that simple. Not every situation, can someone simply walk off the train. What would you as a member of the EMT if that person was having a heart attack on the floor Of the train? You simply can’t lie them on the floor is the platform, and the train be on its way. As @Trainmaster5 said there are these protocols in place for a reason. And as a retired train operator, I believe him when he says they have good reason to have these types of procedures to deal with sick/ill personel.

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