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  1. R188 Discussion Thread

    ^@Dj Hammers, in the video, car 1961, at 4:20, is that the set with the RFW? or is it just the drivers door being opened?
  2. SOURCE: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/mta-worker-falls-death-clearing-garbage-tracks-article-1.3885503 My Condolences to the Family.
  3. Delays Posted: 03/20/2018 8:59AM Southbound and trains bypass 138 St-Grand Concourse because of a sick passenger at 138 St-Grand Concourse. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Service Change Posted: 03/20/2018 8:56AM Service has been restored in both directions between Bronx and Manhattan on the , and lines, bypassing 125 St, following the earlier suspension. Expect delays on , , , , and trains.
  4. NYC subway graffiti

    It seems to me that you have never been on a R-46. This isn't anything out of the ordinary. It also seems that you keep to ignore other members. You have been told more than once, that these types of posts could easily go under the "Random Thoughts Section". And also I think you answer your own question.. Because Quite Frankly its getting out of hand. Your unrelated posts probably wont end here, but at least I've said my Peace. Also, I'm not trying to moderate here in ANY way shape or form, I'm posting as a fed up member, who's tired of seeing these posts pop up all over the place, all the damn time.
  5. Service Change Posted: 03/16/2018 8:35AM Main St bound trains are running express from Queensboro Plaza to Mets-Willets Point. Hudson Yards bound express trains are running local from Mets-Willets Point to Queensboro Plaza. These service changes are because of an NYPD investigation at 82 St-Jackson Hts. As an alternative for service between Manhattan and Queens, take , , , and trains.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    ^right, my bad
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Proterra 0012 on the M50. First time I've seen it, not on the M42. Best pictures I could get of it was from across the street.
  8. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    5833 MJQ to MCH, shown in the picture, it was on the SBS-M15. still with Quill Decals, If this information already has not been mentioned. EDIT: 5840 and 5831 have also been transferred, and are currently en route. https://www.transsee.ca/routeveh?a=mta&r=M15%2B
  9. Black and White

    Enjoy (Y)
  10. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    R-46 train
  11. Best MABSTOA depot

    I knew a operator who went from MJQ To Kingsbridge. He didn't like Quill, but is fine with Kingsbridge.
  12. L train shutdown shuttle buses.

    I have a feeling this topic will be locked sometime in the near future, but before it does, speaking of reputation on here, This Kendell guy has a rep of -227, if they didnt get rid of downvoting, I think Vtrain would eventually pass -227 https://www.nyctransitforums.com/profile/9577-kendell/
  13. That's nice. Question, did they have it signed it up as a or ? Because if it was, you would have had a Cuomo'd R-160 train, and I Don't think that's happened yet...
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Random bus statement: They have already the chains on the wheels of the buses out of Quill. Saw a RTS on the M9 and two Next Gens on the M31 with them. On a side note, those two M31 Next Gens still had their Tuskegee decals. Wonder if they are ever going to change them. Not a big deal


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