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  1. That's awesome, did everyone make it through the Book of Rules test? Thanks for all the information man, much appreciated.
  2. I received my conditional offer of employment pending my background/medical for the October class. How's the book of rules class going? You guys finish yet?
  3. Anyone know if they are holding the October class?
  4. Hey man how's class going? I received a call 3 weeks ago asking me if I were still interested in the position and that if they have an October class that i'll receive a call in August to start the medical process, not sure if it's a good sign or not.
  5. I have been looking back and forth at the books the last couple of weeks. Alot of stuff to memorize but I feel like S&D was harder, possibly because the stuff I am reading actually makes sense to me now. Haven't received a call yet though from railroad.
  6. I had my interview with several others from the basics course yesterday, tried to find out more of a timeline but wasn't able to get much out of them regarding the next steps. Guess we wait and see.
  7. Negative, haven't heard from the railroad at all. Contemplating reaching out to them in the next day or so.
  8. Well that's not good news for me, didn't receive anything yet.
  9. Can someone tell me the total number of signals we needed to know? I have 48, but feel like I am missing some.
  10. I keep confusing my "a, on, the, from" etc. the rest of the definition I am fine with except the little parts, but I am also not moving on until I perfect the entire definition. 48/75 definitions, haven't started signals yet but I dont see them being an issue. Hope studying is coming along as well for everyone.
  11. Hey guys, was just curious how long it takes to get a call back after you pass an open house test and interview? Passed in April and waiting to start the next leg, but have not been able to get a hold of anyone at Long Island Railroad for more information. Just curious.
  12. Kudos, though I am totally jealous as I haven't received anything yet from the April 6th Open House yet. Good luck!
  13. Just a quick question for everyone that went through the process so far, typically (minus the people that got a S&D overview date already) how long did you wait after the interview/test till you heard from the Long Island Railroad? I was in the April 6th test date and was told that I passed both parts and would have an email within 3-4 weeks, I am at 6 weeks and have not heard anything yet. Contemplating contacting the person that originally sent me the email for the open house but do not want to ruffle any feathers.
  14. Anyone else from April 6th open house get contacted yet for S&D overview?
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