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  1. Does anyone knows if what plays bigger role - list# or time on the job for seniority. I'm #4 on a list, there are 30 people on the list total, 15 of them work as provisional. When it comes to seniority - will it be by the list# or by time on the job. Thanks
  2. Ohms law, math, tools on first and troubleshooting and following directions/mechanical skills on practical
  3. It was a practical interview for a V&D after all, which I passed and did a drug test on a 28th of November. The woman that took my papers said that MTA will contact me in a range from 3 days to 3 months. Does anyone knows how long does it usually take? Also, If I have a Car Inspector and Temm HVAC test passed I was wondring if thats possible to convert them somehow to V&D so I wont have to take the test? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply, but what kind of test can it be there? I passed the multiple choice on 9/16. I thought it will be 1 when and 1 practical.
  5. Hello, I'm new here and have a question. I got a call yesterday for an interview for TEMM Interview, based on a test #7713/#7716 which i took back in September. Lady told me to come to 4th floor(HR?!?!?),Bring my Drivers license and #2 pencil. Does anyone knows whats going to be on that interview? what to be ready for? I'm asking this because I had an Car Inspector Interview on 5th floor for provisional position which I failed because I wasn't ready for it, everyone said that it will be just a verbal, and it was technical. I passed the test afterwards, but could probably be working by now. Any response is appreciated.
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