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  1. What line u on? Just finished posting the Delta and now on the Bravo rest of the week. Lima, Echo and Juliet next week on the midnights.
  2. I'm road posting now and in 2 days we been skipped ahead 3 out of 4 trips due to lack of crews. Shit is crazy i cant wait to come out n make some $$$$$.
  3. Just apply yourself and be highly motivated. You will be fine as long as u put the effort in.
  4. They cutting that down because of the shortages. YX has been cut down to 1 month and another month will be cut down from other parts as per a schoolcar tss i spoke to. They are trying to rush people out and fill these empty jobs.
  5. Seniority number i believe. Which is determined by either list number or order in which u were hired. Most likely number in which u were hired (sworn in and entered into system).
  6. Idk who u are talking about, but if i recall i was saying u don't have to be on the extra list to make extra money, which is true. Whether someone is extra or not doesn't change that fact. Lots of veterans with picked jobs kill it making overtime.
  7. Huh? It's meant as advice. And u don't have to be extra to make overtime so idk what u talking about. But like i said, it isn't an attack just advice.
  8. I mean you are kind of torturing yourself in my opinion. What's your list number again? Isn't it in the 4000s? It may take longer than u want to hear even with all the current hiring.
  9. Definitely a lot of people passing. A lot of other city agencies are also hiring which might be contributing. 2 buddies of mine just started with sanitation and another is in the process with state corrections.
  10. There's only 2 exams u have to get 100 on, and they are not as scary as it sounds. Think about it like this, they are so easy that if u DONT get a 100 on them, u have no business here.
  11. I don't know if any have been scheduled but i would certainly bet on it. Lots of holes to fill. Lots more retirements coming before the year is out.
  12. U can make that with any job...u can always work late clears and your days off, especially last year and this year.
  13. They are also gonna crack down on cab activity more than ever now. It's gonna affect all of us. I mean if we aren't doing nothing wrong we have nothing to fear but we are definitely going to be feeling the ripple effect of this. We go back to schoolcar for the 2nd signal exam this Thursday and i am sure we will be talked to about this.
  14. That was quick but expected
  15. Don't worry you'll see it on the nypost website sometime this week I'm sure
  16. You'll pass...it really isn't that hard if u put in the effort. The hardest part is getting to work on time.
  17. People are likely so mentally and physically exhausted they don't have time to post. Schoolcar in the summer is no joke. Walking around all these yards and trying to learn signals and all of that stuff leaves no time or energy for forums. My class is about to finish YX and go back to the school to learn cbtc and then start road ops and road posting. We are scheduled to come out on the road in the end of October.
  18. Nobody can say that for sure, but i can tell u B division is super short of train ops and conductors. I doubt they will just skip B division. Both are short, but B division is shorter i would say.
  19. It's a great job but it requires some sacrifice as far as all the traveling in the beginning. If you haven't been a Cr for long then u must be xx anyway. What would suck is what happened to a classmate who was a Cr in the A division and our whole induction got sent to the B. He went back because the traveling was just too much which i understand being a Bronx resident. Think about it long and hard but it really is a great job. Just be sure before u come cause it isn't the easiest.
  20. Actually i suggest being sure before taking the job. It's gonna be there but if he isn't sure, comes and takes a seat, and decides a month in he doesn't like it...then all he or she would be doing is taking a seat from someone else. A lot of conductors go back.
  21. So u hired bro...if u failed the medical u would have been told.
  22. Don't bother buying a few because u gonna get some issued to u as part of your uniform. Buy maybe 2 pairs of navy blue Dickies or anything similar. Actually, u can just buy red kap brand on Amazon which are cheap and are the assigned pants anyway(altho they just switched uniform companies so they might be using a different brand). Make sure they don't have cargo pockets, just regular work pants. But yeah i wouldn't buy too many, 2 at most.
  23. As long as he doesn't gain too much weight. If he gains enough, idk the number, he will have to submit a new reading.
  24. Nice I'm glad they took it, i knew that had to. Congrats and good luck.
  25. Bring it in and show it. I don't think they will make u do it again, but if they do, just have your doctor give u the same clearance letter again with a later date. I don't see how they can prove u didn't do it again. Not like u got apnea in the couple of weeks between that.

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