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  1. PMs is definitely the shittiest tour as far as social life. I was on AMs when I came out and just got switched like a month ago. It's been rough. Midnights I'd have trouble at first but I'm sure I could adjust. If I was midnights I could still go home and sleep and then take my kid to the park or something. With PMs I cant do anything on days I work because my kid is getting online schooling and services in the morning and by the time she's done and eats lunch, boom I gotta get ready to report. Then I get home after she's in bed. I put in a g2 requesting a change a couple of weeks ago but so far nothing has happened. I mean I get it, this is what it is, but man I'm just glad I'm at least in the A division and didn't get stuck in the B. If I was getting out at 2am at stillwell and then reporting at coney island the next day I would have even less time to see my family.
  2. Might end up being more than 57 vacancies but even still, that's a big number. Classes are now 5 or smaller. They are out road posting and doing road ops now here in the A division. Don't worry guys, I am sure before this year is out there will be some hiring. So many people have retired that everywhere u go u see flyers announcing their retirement and in a Facebook group somebody is saying goodbye every other day.
  3. There's been more classes than that. I was ta79 in july along with ta80. They are up to ta86. Ta84, 85 and 86 got stuck doing yx for 3 months because of covid. They just went out doing road ops or road posting now idk which.
  4. I'm almost certain you will stay in your tier. One of the guys I posted with worked with nyc health and hospitals and I believe he said he kept his tier. You can always call nycers and confirm.
  5. Yea I think more people took this test than the 2009 test, but people under 3000 shouldn't freak out. I think they will reach the 3000s before the list expires.
  6. You guys need to be more hopeful. My boy has been an operator for 6 years and he scored like a 83 on the 2009 exam. They extended it and he got lucky so u never know. His list number was very high.
  7. Some of us got lucky when we came out and got AMs, but they just switched most of us to PMs this week. All but one of us is on PMs now.
  8. I overheard a couple of schoolcar TSS last week say that they are starting to analyze ways to start classes again while staying safe. So maybe they are hoping to start a few as soon as this thing comes down to a manageable level.
  9. Did you get AMs yet? Cause somebody at the crew office noticed this discrepancy and my whole class just got changed to PMs😄😄
  10. Everybody has a different experience I guess. I was worried about everything u said here but honestly my tour hasn't changed once and my days off have pretty much been the same. I don't feel like it's affected my life outside of work much except for having to be up so early (I'm on AMs). Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones so far but I can't really complain about the crew office. I live in the Bronx and since I came out I've only been sent out to Brooklyn 2 times. Most of the time I've been sent to van cortland and Woodlawn which are the closest to where I live.
  11. Yea it was in the A. I did hear about that memo but I also heard that while it's being investigated the trainer gets put in the platform while the student just goes back to Schoolcar, so that seems unfair to some people. When I posted there were days I waited hours for someone to take mercy and accept a student and some of my classmates had to leave without being posted after 8 hours of waiting. I love teaching so I would do it someday but I'm not gonna do it until I'm comfortable as hell out there. Sidenote I refresh my mind about things at certain locations by pretending I already have a student in the cab and talking like I'm teaching them. Keeps my mind fresh about things like points of no return or places where we can be turned around.
  12. Not worth the hassle to me. I know I was a student myself and we have to pay it back but I was the student in a situation u may have heard of where the trainer actually overran a home signal. It wasn't my fault but im sure he feels it is since he was distracted talking to me when it happened. Also posted with a guy who was very new and I was his first student. Dude was soo scared the whole time he barely let me operate. They should think about taking it easier on trainers if the student makes a mistake so guys aren't so afraid to take students but even with that being said, it will be a long while before I'm letting somebody else operate that 77 ton behemoth while I backseat drive. Too nerve-racking.
  13. Yea they got Schoolcar TSSs out on the road now. Let's just all keep hoping this goes away soon and you will see an influx of new blood soon after. Looking forward to having a bunch of ya behind me on the seniority list 😜
  14. I hope you guys that haven't been called are counting your blessings. 41 and counting dead. I just went back to work today after 2 weeks of self quarintine. My great grandma tested positive before she died and I took my grandmother to see her. Luckily I didn't get sick, but I'm anxious everyday. I'm a big guy and I have a special needs daughter and I am terrified of getting myself or her sick. This sucks. I just want to move trains and make money, not risk my life.
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