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  1. Both of the articles state 700 of those jobs are in transit operations. Since they can't lay us off they just gonna stop hiring. But I'll post the line.. "As originally reported in the July financial plan and reiterated yesterday, there is going to be a reduction in 2,700 positions by the end of the year across the MTA, including 700 operational positions, which we believe will be achieved primarily through attrition."
  2. I don't want to post the memo since it seems to be an internal thing. But the article posted by someone else above pretty much sums it up.
  3. A memo was issued today that states that of the 2700 jobs proposed to be cut, 700 of those are operational, which will be cut by attrition. Likely means there won't be many classes for a while, sorry to say. I'm sharing this info because I know how hungry for information you guys must be. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news. Maybe things will change tho.
  4. Road practical done. I'm officially done with schoolcar after Tuesday. Got project straight talk on Monday and then making up a day of posting on Tuesday (I was sick).
  5. Passed our final yesterday. Road practical today. Just like that, 6 months are gone.
  6. It will come together. I had a hard time with the smees as well and now they are my favorite, even the r62s on the 3 line. They are actually extremely fun to operate once u learn to feel it. U will be fine.
  7. Sorry to hear someone failed, that sucks. We have our final and road practical next Friday. Road posting has been cool, but man midnights f**king suck.
  8. Passed our second signal exam and we start road ops tonight. Already got our posting papers as well. Can't believe 2 weeks from now I will be operating a train in passenger service.
  9. There's a rumor that this is the last open competitive test but nobody knows for sure.
  10. Oh I'm not sure about the particulars, just repeating what I have heard people say. I'm still very very new and don't know the details of the job aside from operating and signals lol. For example I have a date and time to pick vacation (Friday morning) yet I have no idea still how it works. I'm gonna just go to a pick location and ask because I know I'm not getting anything good anyway.
  11. I don't think anybody that is privy to that information would willingly post it in here but that's a good assumption to make. I have also heard it said that a lot of people who are planning to retire are waiting to see how the new contract looks. If it's worth their while to stick around for a little longer they might and if it isn't, then they'll put their papers in. So I would expect there to be new classes announced after the new contract, but that's just the detective in me making a guess.
  12. Just to give you guys some measure of hope. Everywhere I go I meet older guys saying they are retiring soon. One guy even said he's putting his papers in this week. The current pick ends this Saturday 11/16 and then the next one will start, and they will probably have a better idea of how many people they need at that point. So dont lose hope and keep waiting patiently and you will be here soon.
  13. Nice congrats. The learning don't stop man keep studying. Something I personally do, make copies of the schematics for whatever location u will be in during posting. Once u do the move a few times, look at the schematic and it'll make sense for you and sort of glue itself to your brain.
  14. beanz

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    Is there anyway I can change my username to beanz? If taken then daddyshark1019 will also do.
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