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  1. YX is a good time to get comfortable with the train because nobody is on top of u watching u and telling u what to do. You begin to develop your own feel for it. Also, you learn things about the service while u in stations doing switching, if u pay attention. Like at Euclid u learn that the TO and CR stay on the relay so when u in service u keep these things in mind. Small things but they are all things u learn in YX so i do think it's necessary. I do agree that the crew office doesn't do a good job of sending you to places so you can learn all over. In my case though i am not upset about that because they have been mostly keeping me uptown near home. As much as I want to see far Rockaway, I'm ok with relays at 168 instead lol.
  2. Thanks man..haven't had anything interesting to add, which is a good thing. One thing I'll say that maybe u haven't heard, they are considering cutting out the yx program to fast track the next few classes. Idk if it's a done deal or not yet, somebody from the may induction would know better. Personally i think yx is necessary but excessively long. 1 month is enough with increased road ops or road posting. But way above my pay grade, I'm just an observer. Either way it looks like my induction class might be the last yx for a while.
  3. Going good. We are YX right now. Our class is down to 3 of us from 5 unfortunately. We lost one to the final practical and another classmate resigned a couple of weeks ago. I think the other classes lost a couple of people as well so the whole induction is down to 16 from 20.
  4. Congrats...it'll be tough at first and you will be overwhelmed with information, but just study the book and it'll all start making sense for you in due time.
  5. Yea but u can't be out there making microwave TOs or u gonna have a bunch of incidents. I hope they don't fully cut it.
  6. The A pick has already been implemented a and the B pick finishes this week. They could still go at least through this pick without another group of YX students and decide what they want to do after this pick is over late in the year. Nonetheless, i spoke with another schoolcar tss today that said the yx cancellation isn't set in stone just yet. Its on the table but not fully decided.
  7. I agree with this view. I don't think it should be 2 months but it shouldn't be cut altogether. I'd do 1 month and add 2 weeks of road posting or road ops with a tss.
  8. I heard they've even gone so far as to ask retired TSSs and TOs to come back. True story.
  9. Everything u say is true but it doesn't hurt to ask that's all I'm saying.
  10. Idk i don't think it's false hope, i really feel like I heard that before. The least he/she can do is ask and find out. If they say no then it's no but I'm not intentionally giving him/her false hope.
  11. I could be wrong but I believe the reason they send u the list of rehab places is because if u complete it, they can retest you. This is what I've heard before but I could be wrong. I would call 180 Livingston and ask. Beg if u have to.
  12. You aren't gonna get disqualified for that, just placed on medical hold until u can prove u don't have sleep apnea. If u expect to be called soon u can be proactive and do a sleep study with your doctor. Come in with those test results and u won't be placed on hold as long as it's a legit test from a legit sleep study clinic.
  13. Some do some don't but be forewarned that if say for example u had back surgery and u hurt your back at work, it's entirely possible for the surgery u neglected to tell them about to come up in workers comp discussions. If u declined to notify and they find out it could go worse for u than if u just came clean. Maybe somebody has a different perspective but that's my 2 cents.
  14. Hiring in RTO: I’m pleased to report that hiring is picking up in our department. Recently, we’ve had new hire classes for Conductors and Train Operators, and promotions for Tower Operator, Dispatchers, and TSS. There’s more help on the way. •In late July, 30 T/Os will be hired. •In late August, 70 more T/Os will come on board. •There are Conductor classes tentatively scheduled for July, September, and November. •There is a Tower Operator class tentatively scheduled for July. These hirings are of course, much needed, and we look forward to growing our ranks. As a side note, for anyone on a promotional list: you will not be selected if you currently have an open DAN. If you are looking to move up, but have a DAN to straighten out, contact one of our Labor Relations reps at (646) 252-2925 / 2996 / 5549. NYCT Employment Services Center: (347) 643-8088 NYCT Human Resources: (347) 643-8217 / 8218 DCAS: (212) 669-1357 In Solidarity, Eric Loegel RTO VP

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