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  1. Hey, there. I really hope that you’re safe, sound, healthy and doing well. 👍🏻😊☺️ Btw, I have a question. Since the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system is activated on the Independent Subway Train System (IND) Queens Boulevard Line, which is on the (E)(F)<F> , (M) and (R) Lines, are the trains still being operated with the dead-man’s switch or does the train operator have to press a button in order for the trains to run automatically, just like how the (7),  <7> and the (L) Train does?

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      I am a rider, not staff, currently QBL is ATPM (cab signals) or bypass (trip cocks), operators choice, plus CBTC is turned off centrally because of water on tracks or radio problems or someone reported a track defect and politics (with ATO you can't fire the T/O for not watching for track defects).

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