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  1. MTA Planning wont be able to fudge O/D/trunk line load level statistics anymore with tap out. 1 time Reduced Fare was reduced to a metrocard from a GO "bus" transfer. I've seen metros in europe with tap in+gates, but must keep fare media, even if paper QR "tokens" to the end of the ride. Making NYers do that without tapout will be hard. St George used to have 2 way turnstyles in 2000s, now its just 50/50 directional split turnstyles without a "ratchet" effect, I guess they didn't want to keep parts on hand for the unique 2 mag readers on each turnstyle that used to be at St George. Also booths would have to issue 1 time use fare cards for comped rides, no buzzed in anymore, if onboard checks+tapout.
  2. In Manhat I've swiped in on unlimited to avoid rain or cold or pedestrian crossings without ever boarding a train. 7/8 Penn station and GCT/Shuttle Platform/7 platform and TS/PABT are good complexes that can be used to avoid rain.
  3. An ops planning employee once told me "I am paid to write reports that my boss will never read. What you are asking is a political question".
  4. Dual Contracts showed Els can be modified without service disruption, Jamaica/Mytle Els. LIRR Atlantic Ave Viaduct was 99% replaced in late 2000s with new welded cast steel structure instead of the old rolled steel and rivetted structure from the 1st grade separation attempt. I think it was 6 months of weekend closures to replace the LIRR El.
  5. On another social media site, I seen large complaints about late trains skipping stops. The L is the only line I've seen in past couple years that uses that tactic. Under Jay Walder era, I remember QBL and 6 doing it every week, but speaking to NYCT ops folks, skipping stops was prohibited as a dispatching tool by management. With all these non-railfan complaints of skipping stops during rush hour, where is skipping stops normal in 2019? Or did I run into a pile of Williamsburg residents who never put down their phones and they were speaking about the L? In 2019, outside of the L skipping stops, the only lateness correction tool I've seen is a conductor shortening dwell well below the scheduled average at dead stations, override the AAS & shout "stand clear", 7-10 sec dwell, not 20 sec.
  6. Yes. Looking at the ceiling from 63/Lex platform upper level.
  7. Lex Express tracks are above, and in "the ceiling" at 63 lex upper level. It wouldn't be hardest thing to mine some more rock and build a hallway on the side of the Lex Express tracks (with a wall for noise) to its platform at 59.
  8. I somewhere read, probably unofficially, OMNY will allow "walk down the subway train between stations checking for fare evaders". Leaning over, pressing the bar, and going in isn't that useful if its gates+POP, not gates only.
  9. I cant tell from TTC's PDFs and contracts if TTC's/Thales "SCS" is PRR <200 Hz metronome pulse code (#1 purpose anti-collision, PSR secondary purpose) or no electricity, no relays, no track circuits, magnetic indusi transponders (no anti-collision function, only PSR). PDFs hint its unenergized baise with a wheel counter, maybe GPS, and PSR DB in a VOBC (ACSES over dark territory without ATC/ATP/cab signals). No radio link, no track loop link. TTC states "SCS" has "blue light" MOW function in its contract spec, but still, that would be an un-energized Balise clamped in the track bed temporarily by MOW in the simplest implementation.
  10. Extend every other or to bay ridge 95 and be done with it. Other choice is rerate all MOW trains to 30 mph or 40 mph from 20 mph so they can travel from CI to Concourse without slowing down service. Why are MOW trains stored 10 miles from their GO sites anyways? Something is wrong when it takes longer for a MOW train to go from its Yard to its GO site every night, than PABT to Philly by Highway.
  11. https://stevemunro.ca/2015/03/30/the-evolution-of-ttc-signaling-contracts/ Reading this article, and knowing TTC and NYCT share the exact same fixed block system and operating rules. The "SCS" overlay for TTC, NYCT never tried it, why? SCS would eliminate all grade timers with an "alerter". It sounds to me like TTC installed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punktförmige_Zugbeeinflussung for permanent speed restrictions/psuedo-cab signals but the transponders have no anti-collision function, only overspeed derailment or preventing suicidal notch 8 a train after an ST clears or notch 8 into bumper blocks after last GT clears.
  12. If there are questions about are R142As CBTC-ready? Answer is no. R142A has 1 operator screen, R188s have 2 screens. Consoles were completely replaced on R188s. But what I'm wondering, will Lex have the same Thales Seltrac as Flushing, or Thales equipment is blacklisted after Flushing Line and all future CBTC installs are Siemens? Did Mitsubishi ever create 3rd party CBTC equipment under the "I2S" contract?
  13. Unless you write with chalk the date, you wont notice the before/after difference of a station cleaning, 1, maximum 2 pushes with a broom of soapy suds, then the power washer guns to flush it away into the tracks. They dont concentrate and scrub on stains or nooks and crevices,.
  14. I have it on good authority that CAF was awarded the contract to refurbish the R38 fleet which is currently stored off the coast of NJ.
  15. QBL CBTC has only 1 work train and 1 work site per weekend. That work train has only 3, max 4 employees from Five Star on it. Easy to say all 11 miles of QBL is being resignaled by 1 person. That is why it will take years. Some weekends the CBTC train is parked all weekend at 71 ave and I never saw it leave. Five star never showed up.

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