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  1. Walk to Carle Place. Transfer at Jamaica to E then M/R.
  2. Perhaps during a mid life R188 style overhaul, reconfig to 5 car. A-A pairs are always a choice.
  3. 600/10 vs 480/8 stopping mistakes are why R46s were removed from the C.
  4. R46s tend to have same problem when in stations with door open. Door gravity slides closed 1.5 inches then door motor reyanks it open, it drifts closed, motor yanks it open again, until door officially closed and light off. Hearing it dift on a rolling SMEE is new to me.
  5. Afaik they r used for auto annoucement triggers atm 2 avoid odometer drama since r160s came out day 1 2009 or whenever. True?
  6. TBM a 4th track under the existing 3, 145 and fordham is already have room for 4. I cant remem if the D's bridges over cross streets on Concourse have room for a 4th track or not.
  7. Because of where the suspension is, if roof is narrower you can have a looser suspension because the train rocking more wont hit the tunnel walls/conduit/structure gauge.
  8. I took a look at the Piper UWB equipment on 7 line. Few or none of the nodes have a backhaul. Just 120v. They are radio data packet repeaters, not Access Points with their own fiber optic backhaul. I also suspect the next train UWB itself is a rolling radio repeater mesh node. So even though it is NOT AV, if there is a poor to low signal, a train will talk to another train that talks to a repeater node that talks to a backhauled node to a zone controller for CBTC packets. On QBL there are radio nodes ever 600-1000 feet. Almost as bad automatic block track circuits in sheer equipment count, And each legacy radio node must backhaul. Piper equipment just requires 120v, and almost no backhaul cables since it is a mesh network, not a hub spoke wifi system.
  9. Power shutoff for GOs always has seemed more precise than 12-9 power shut offs IME. I'll ask, when it is a GO do workers open knife switches or manual switchgear in a closet somewhere? But a 12-9 requires immediate REMOTE power shutoff that uses motorized switch gear controlled by "telephone lines" from RCC and there are far fewer of those, and they shut off the whole substation, not any particular track or 3rd rail "circuit"? Or does FDNY/NYPD have far stricter rules for power shutoff than MOW, all tracks, 2 miles or 2 stations in each direction from incident location?
  10. So in that youtube video with UWB radios, did I see a forward in-cab camera? FRA style. Kind of interesting NYCT would adopt forward cameras for post suicide litigation. What is NYS law anyways for NYCT liability payout to family if someone gets killed under the train? All suicides get payout or only if you are pushed under the train (murder)?
  11. Transpocamp and transitcenter advocacy events are closest to a transit social event. They are public transit events not foamer events. There is a difference. I always find both enjoyable. NYTM events years ago used to be very "social" but i find them very kid orientanted or transit irrelavent since Cuomo took over and told NYTM to stop being political.
  12. Next gen probably chargers Dual mode Locos will be primary electric in third rail territory instead of primary diesel as with the P32s.
  13. CBTC AWS installation. All 1930s signals must be replaced for CBTC's AWS backup block signals. Whatever signals arent upgraded will have their blocks combined & heads & trips removed.
  14. How low did PM shoulder E/F frequency have to be for G to not delay E/F by relaying infront of both express tracks?
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