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  1. With me living at 179 street GTFS/Beacon/ITRAC vs dispatcher bell has some fraud going on. Bell rings, sometimes trains leave 45 sec to 2 mins before GTFS scheduled departure with 1-2 mins left on the clock. Sometimes the SB F is held with hold lights at 75th avenue or Union since it got to the merge "too fast". Travel time from Origin to 2nd station would be very unstable since trains leave earlier than scheduled for OTP.
  2. Private RTSes were 2x2 always. NYCT RTSes were 2x1.
  3. TRB's ideal design is BART/DC Metro 21st century layout. Traverse on the end for bums to nod off on dope, cattle in the middle with no seats. MTA would prefer no seats at all, see 42 Shuttle. Traverse only came back in 70s and 80s because ridership was so low, capacity wasn't needed, and load guidelines weren't created yet which say to cut trains until SRO (at 10pm) or 20 minute headways are reached.
  4. True. R160 HVAC sounds like a diesel loco. MTA mustve put a spec on the loudness of them for R179. Heated seats and the softer suspension are the other improvements. R179s are a ground up design by Bombardier. R160s are simply R143s with a FIND display, different shade of wallpaper inside, and diff end doors. All other engineering and parts and hardware is the same. The R179 is a virgin design.
  5. If trackbed was filled in so 63 broadway trains could reach local track at 57/7, R via 63 would fix N/W capacity/congestion problems for once, along with a switch south of Astoria Blvd to allow center track relaying. 63rd tunnel, Rutgers, and Montague are the only not maxed out East River tunnels.
  6. Rattan from the transit museum in a rose.
  7. MBTA and MTA are in talks to do a fleet swap between the Red Line and Crosstown as CRRC cars are delivered to Boston as a budget move for Fast Forward. R68s will goto Q and W, R46 reefed, and R179s to Franklin Shuttle and H train.
  8. Competence. BIE (this case was MOW equip on ROW). T/O sits in cab until RTO radios "train at B4-XXX identify yourself", only then triage/track occupancy protocol happens. OT baby.
  9. South Culver Express was the original CBTC test area before it was installed on the L train. South Culver later became the multi vendor (siemens vs thales) VOBC/Wayside interoperability certification area, but I believe that contract was a bust and there has never been interoperability so except for 7, rest of NYCT will be Siemens CBTC. So the ONLY reason South Culver is getting CBTC, leaving a gap with old signals from Jay to Church, is since it was the CBTC test grounds. Not for capacity, not for "old signals", not for reliability. It would simply be changing boards in wayside equipment from pre-spec hardware revisions to current spec.
  10. Why not lengthen Broad, Fulton, Chambers and Canal to 10 cars (or 11 or 12 hehehe), reopen canal east platform, install switches south of chambers for Montague service to goto Chambers east platform. Then continue and terminate at Canal (NQ, very long walk, R/W) for Broadway access. No switching conflict with J. And puts the 4 tracks to use. This setup I drew is more for emergency service changes that knock out Broadway or Manhattan Bridge rather than a permanent Nassau R. Anything from Dekalb can be drained through Montague to terminate at Canal. Sort of like 96/2 is the universal drain of 6th and broadway service during emergencies.
  11. bulk88's Nassau R deinterline trackmap View File bulk88's Nassau R deinterline trackmap Submitter bulk88 Submitted 04/05/2019 Category Member Created Maps  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    bulk88's Nassau R deinterline trackmap
  13. MTA Planning wont be able to fudge O/D/trunk line load level statistics anymore with tap out. 1 time Reduced Fare was reduced to a metrocard from a GO "bus" transfer. I've seen metros in europe with tap in+gates, but must keep fare media, even if paper QR "tokens" to the end of the ride. Making NYers do that without tapout will be hard. St George used to have 2 way turnstyles in 2000s, now its just 50/50 directional split turnstyles without a "ratchet" effect, I guess they didn't want to keep parts on hand for the unique 2 mag readers on each turnstyle that used to be at St George. Also booths would have to issue 1 time use fare cards for comped rides, no buzzed in anymore, if onboard checks+tapout.
  14. In Manhat I've swiped in on unlimited to avoid rain or cold or pedestrian crossings without ever boarding a train. 7/8 Penn station and GCT/Shuttle Platform/7 platform and TS/PABT are good complexes that can be used to avoid rain.
  15. An ops planning employee once told me "I am paid to write reports that my boss will never read. What you are asking is a political question".

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