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  1. New Q31 and new Q65 was my proposal in 2019 at Queens boro hall open house and it official now. The existing bus map was made to keep POC like me out of NE Queens. Currently/historically there is NOT 1 bus from South Queens that crosses Northern Blvd between Main Street and Francis Lewis. And Q76 is 20 minute service at best, plus goes through "nowhere" more than the Q31. Q31 peaks at 15 minutes. Q76 is worse at 20 ish. New Q65 and new Q31 finally break the Northern Blvd barrier that isolates north Queens from "undesirables".
  2. Its the same antenna (and same protocol I bet) used for CBTC. Its probably used for attaching driver IDs to train fleet nums to train IDs (runs) for Bluetooth Beacon system. CBTC would require wiring in the signals/relay cabinets/interlockings on 4th ave, which I can't tell if that was ever done. With the old style of Itrac a dispatcher would log in the train ID and train fleet number into a desktop after getting the info by radio from the T/O. Often the dispatchers were lazy, or wanted to do some "statistics" optimization, and created "ghost trains" on the countdown clocks, and trains would arrive at origin+1 or origin+2 with no countdown clock info. itrac or MTA policy also allows writing the departure time, on paper by a dispatcher, and hours/days later entering it into itrac, with the original real origin departure time unknown. Post Byford/post Covid, I see trains leaving origin 1-2 mins early, never late. Pre Byford, ghost trains on count down clocks (counts down, nothing comes), or untracked trains were common. Don't see that in 2023 anymore.
  3. Non CBTC stations have had transponders for a decade plus, for automatic announcements/odometer calibration. Not sure if CBTC and automatic announcement transponders are visually identical or not. I think the legacy NTT transponders get replaced during CBTC on QBL and 8 ave with a different housing.
  4. Nope. Metro north has track transponders ONLY to power automatic PA/ETA arrivals, plus it uses GPS/odometer inputs for dead reconing from last transponder, LIRR/MNRR transpoders are cosmetic features, its not life critical, and not used as anti collision. NYCT does not use code in the trails. It uses wireless codes sent over the AIR. LIRR/MNRR life critical is only codes in the rail, no wireless, no train stops. NYCT CBTC is implemented as allowing a cbtc enabled train to ENTER (go through) a red legacy ATS/ABS signal (legacy track circuits), and allow 2 or more CBTC trains, in the same (much longer post CBTC) legacy signal block. If the signal block reaches 0 CBTC trains (unoccupied), the signal block reverts to 1904 mode automatically.
  5. 4 Ave near 95 street and 86 street has CBTC. It ends at 86 street and doesn't go any further north.
  6. A no clearance zone still has enough clearance to walk around a STOPPED train. Its just not safe to let a train pass a standing track worker. If the the tunnel was really "no clearance", the train body's suspension would swing, hit the wall or catwalk, and cause a derailment, and I dont see any daily! derailments happening and wrecked cars being towed to the yard with body damage.
  7. If enough distance between trains gathers, CBTC automatically turns off and reverts to bypass/legacy automatic block signals. For MOW trains, etc. But the track circuits are super long for CBTC. Often its interlocking to interlocking.
  8. Removing all seats from the 6/Westchester fleet would fix your 125/59/42nd capacity problem. At the height of PM rush hour, 1/3 or half of all seats on the 6 are empty, with people standing. High income privileged people simply refuse to SIT DOWN during rush hour. Taking out the seats on the R62 Westchester fleet like on the GS shuttle would fix dwell times.
  9. https://goodservice.io/stations/G08 check the OTP of northbound locals. Continental is pretty good at double ending nowadays so hobos don't the delay relay.
  10. The 7 in Steinway tube is suspended half of all weekends, ALL YEAR LONG, the 7 is SINGLE TRACKED under east river, EVERY WEEKDAY, ALL YEAR LONG. They are STILL ripping out the legacy IRT signals (scrap metal) to this day, 10 feet of copper wire trunk line and 10 feet of pnumatic air pipe per weekend.
  11. The stations will smell like a burning carpet from all the burning brake pads. Cars without traction already used friction braking completely instead of in the last 5 miles per hour before absolute zero speed. There's a unique squeal and smell to it.
  12. SIR cab signals will be on the left screen just like CBTC is. Also the contract requires that SIR R211s have mounts for trip cocks to be tested on the Rockaway flats.
  13. The N stops at 49th Street for access to Rockefeller center business district. Since the BMT 42nd Street station is located entirely south of 42/41 Street and dumps you into the cheap, shady, pre war, garment district office buildings.
  14. All threads on here are foam. Foamers vs neurotypicals (salary transit planners, engineers, and NGO advocates) never talk about headways. Foamers just care about unique stopping patterns that each runs once a day and you must look at the chalkboard in the stationmaster's office to know the train exist so you can get a photo of it. Actually screw the chalkboard, foamers only want parliamentary trains that no other foamers can take a photo of but them because they gave a $100 bill to the dispatcher to find out when that train runs. I know nobody from "Transit industrial complex" ever posts on this site because they would advocate for "hybrid solution" with "mixed running" and "curb regeneration" , aka street running on pantographs of nyc subway cars aka light rail. Add hydrogen or battery buzzwords too to claim "no wires zero CO2"
  15. WTF happened to the Bank of America tower passage? It was in the blue prints given in the EIS.
  16. Its has been DECADES since the last e-commerce site used "http:" or unencrypted websites. By 2015-2016, Snowden, and the encryption certificates that browsers use, becoming free for website owns, by 2016, 99% of websites are encrypted ("https:"). Public wifi by now is as safe as your home internet. There is no way to fake the URL bar anymore in 2021. Your browser will go red URL/unsecure website warning/etc. The MFL outlets were put in for maintenance only, the general public likes to either short circuit them, or stick chewing gum in them, or $0.50 cent phone chargers suck so much power initially when being plugged in for 1 millisecond they trip the breaker. The 120v outlet circuit might have ANOTHER semi-important load on it. Bathroom exhaust fan, or something. If the breaker trips, something OTHER than the outlet goes down. Someone (hopefully domiciled) could always try to hair dryer their shoes. Me knowing NYCT pax, beyond USB or 12v, NYCT will never have public 120v, Im not sure if there is a 120V bus on NTTs (48v and 600v only?). Bums with a space heater or hair dryer is too risky for NYCT. M8s/greyhound buses, those outlets are ONLY are on a outlet only circuit. If it trips, its not going to effect any other subsystem. SEPTA covered them for budget (broken outlet, this is "employee vandalism" since it is a "restricted space", and since we didn't find an employee to fire, his supervisor is fired, to prevent future "unfunded" vandalism repairs, get rid of the outlet) and technical reasons (it has a hardwired load). If SEPTA built it with an outlet at every seat, it would be budgeted as wear and tear. If its employees only, or semi hidden, there is no budget to fix it. I've seen bums use nails and a cut off extension cord to tap into the twist lock and euro pin station outlets, and run the extension cord to the wood bench over some pipes. I bought a twist lock adapter for laptop charging, its safer. At this point in 2021, if you DONT have unlimited data, or you want to download whole movies to watch offline, the transit wifi is useful. In 3G era the wifi was super important, 4G era, eghhh cell data is fast enough, even tho the subway will never have 5G or high capacity newer bands. Security isnt any reason to skip using TW wifi. Post Byford trains come at proper headways, the 15/30 seconds to log into TW wifi isnt worth it unless after 11pm.
  17. 95 Street Brooklyn 4th Avenue has full cbtc radios without any explanation but none of the rest of the line has them. The transponders were installed around the system not for CBTC but for automated announcements on NTT. I saw at some point all of the track mounted transponders get replaced with ones with a different plastic housing on Queens Boulevard line so probably they were not compatible😉 There is also a question if transponders without ceiling-mounted cbtc radios is the empty a secret attempt to do Toronto speed control system. No more grade timers on Legacy lines. Station time and all anti Collision signals still exist.
  18. new.mta.info uses https://github.com/opentripplanner/OpenTripPlanner but a 100% unique to MTA UI, the open source UI still works at http://otp-mta-prod.camsys-apps.com/ but nobody knows. I think only portland uses the open source UI. MTA paid brand new graphics designers instead. The count down data and origin to dest travel paths and time quotes are OTP logic. There is a long standing bug that transfer stations assume you exit to street when doing a transfer, instead of using cross passages, giving excessive minutes estimates. It only has 2D dimensional paths lol OTP is nice that all paths can receive a "grade" coefficient making walking slower, or outright prohibiting bikes/wheelchairs from a sidewalk/street and doing an alternate routing, but "grade" is not altitude, its a coefficient how much slow travel is on the path.
  19. It is on paper but it's meaningless. Thales built the 7 line CBTC, but lost the bid for Div B/QBL to Siemens. Because of MTA bidding nonsense, Thales and Mitsubishi sell Siemens equipment at a markup to MTA as grey area second source vendors. Thales also pays multi decade NYC based maybe Italian consultants as no bid contracts since those contractors need some laundering of funds or to make the illusion of fake marketplace. "Authorized supplier" is 1 company in list in the "invitation to bid" . Or "pre qualified consultants" . In any case thales, design wise, will hav e nothing to do with nyc Cbtc going forward IMO.
  20. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duty_to_rescue https://gothamist.com/news/nyc-transit-sued-over-subway-platform-rape never forget transit workers are not law enforcement, paramedics, or any form "rescue" , they will run the other way if facing any sort of "risk" or OSHA violation. Having actual emergency exits on a subway car, like FRA vehicles will go much further than a second staff member. Help underground is always 20 minutes away at minimum. Even precinct cops can't respond to 911 calls on transit property. TD cops must drive dozens of minutes for any call for service.
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