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  1. MTA is reopening offices on july 6th.
  2. that I wouldn't know, you would have to get in touch with DCAS i think. Can try searching the old trackworker thread for numbers to livingston street to call and ask too.
  3. Last pick they were begging for class b people, letting them pick out of turn to fill up the driver positions. Every night the track gangs need power tools delivered to their job sites. Quarters only have hand tools, the power tools and other supplies for night come and go via truck. I was on the job for 5 months and kids from my class were getting driver spots. Don't need anything, MTA doesn't recognize outside stuff. Yes in order to become a full rate you have to be a dual rate or have been a dual rate within the last year. All dual rate spots are open at the pick. If you happen to pick a dual rate welder they just send you to a 3 day training course at the school and give you a letter to get your welding PPE and thats it, you are free to help on welding jobs now. Track inspector has prerequisite that you have to have a year on the job already before you an pick a dual rate. That dual rate has a class for it which you can fail out of and lose the title.
  4. Something like 2700 jobs cut but that’s all of MTA and includes lirr and stuff. Lots of redundant office spots that will take up a bunch of that. One article showed the RIF plan and it stated we are currently in a hiring freeze, so who knows with the MTA.
  5. By law they are suppose to have about 2500 trackworkers due to the mileage of track in the system. But I don’t think they ever keep that number up. We’ll see come the pick how many jobs are budgeted. Think last pick had about 2100 jobs to choice from, so I suspect at least 200 hopefully being hired this year.
  6. There is a new seniority list draft going around. Looks like we are down about 400 and are at 1900 total trackworkers.
  7. Starting is $23.17 (this changes March 5th due to new contract, not sure what new starting will be) 40 hours a week with biweekly pay. OT is really scarce at the moment due to the whole LIRR scandal. Reach top pay at start of sixth year, you have to complete five. payrate as of last contract is 23.17 - 24.82 - 26.48 - 28.13 - 29.79 - 33.10 again this will change March 5 with new contract as top pay will be increasing by $3 and change. take home is up to you really, depends on how much you put into your 401,457, if you even decide to have em, insurance options. Was about 1200 biweekly take home when I first started, I only had 401 at time I’ve since switch to both 401/457. If OT if comes back like it did before you can make money, I remember when I first started there was months long stretch with OT every weekend. 8 extra shifts a check. Now you can’t really get 1 extra shift a check in maintenance nights. capital workers are budgeted differently and aren’t really effected by this OT shortage.
  8. Took 5 years to call me on the last test with a list number of 26xx. Real no way of knowing how long, I don’t even know if the Subway Action Plan is still in effect, they could go back to the total number of track employees before it was signed. The SAP forced the MTA to hire more track employees and bump there total number up, they may not want to keep this new total up.
  9. You don’t need a license I got on with just my learners permit, just make sure you have a non expired license/permit/id. There is positions you’ll be locked out of those without a cdl. And as stated no outstanding tickets.
  10. Same thing just want to know where you been past 10 years, of it was all in school that’s fine. There really is no prerequisites for this title. I don’t think it will be a problem, it may only cause you to be locked out of truck driver position. Btw not to get your hopes up but it took longer than two years to reach the 2000s for the last test. also the lowest score to be hired from that test was 92.
  11. Even though no license is needed they will pause your hiring process if you have unpaid tickets on your license. I’ve seen people when I was hiring told to take care of it and come back, sometime they were able to run down the block pay em off and come back an hour later to continue, but just have em taken care of first. they want to know your employment for the last 10 years, you have to submit a resume when they first send you a hiring packet than bring one in the day of your hiring to see if they match, I had gaps in mine due to unemployment and off the books jobs and it didn’t matter. they do background checks and you must bring in paperwork for your depositions/arrests. There are people with arrest records here, as long as your honest and don’t try to hide your arrests/record or lie to them you’re pretty much okay to go.
  12. No set dates for picks in track, other departments have mandatory picks. Our foreman are mandated to pick once a year via contract. Track doesnt have any specifics and picks come at random it seems, with that said there is gossip now of us picking in March, foreman have already picked this year. general pick is a multiple day event where everyone picks a title via seniority order. Just about all jobs/reporting locations/sub departments/etc... are opening for picking. You can pick day spots, night spots, cleaning, maintenance, construction spots, special titles for a little extra money etc... Really no estimate with this time called stuff. Depends on a lot, They usually hired around 20 at time from what i was told but when I got hired they bumped it up to 50 at a time every 3 weeks but no telling what level of influx they will keep.
  13. Congrats on everyone that passed, I'm 2 years on now from the 3600 test. I was in the mid 2000s on that list. There has been some movement since i've been hired. a lot of retirees, promotions to foreman on going and a now promotion to third rail test was just given. The going gossip is about a 300 drop to seniority come next pick for us, how quickly the MTA looks to update our seniority list and let us pick is unknown. How quickly they attempt to fill in those now 300 or so vacancies is unknown as well. We're suppose to get our contract raises and retro in March&April, don't think we'll have a pick until after those are here. No trackworkers were making 150/200 those were mostly LIRR people making bank. I can try to answer any questions you might have if it helps.
  14. If you think you were skipped you have to call them. I never got my second letter to come down for a drug test it just never showed up. I saw on here someone after me got called in and I called up. They let me come down two days later with my original drug test paper and I got hired from that.
  15. No license is required but record matters. They check and make you pay all outstanding tickets and/or wait for points to come off which in some cases could postpone your employment by a year or two.
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