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  1. Highest number I personally know was low 190s. Believe if you call DCAS they can tell you what was the last number called.
  2. One bad note is May 3rd is a bit late to start. may 1st is calendar year for vacation and since you won’t complete a year before the 1st you’ll be stuck worker longer for vacations. 4 years for 4 weeks vacation instead of 3 years 16 years for 5 weeks vacation instead of 15 years
  3. Read a few things and can’t quote it all. pass let’s you ride train/bus for free you can add the option to also have LIRR or metro north free on it. orientation is 3 week and ojt is 3 weeks. For night tour. sun/mon days off mean you are off Saturday night and Sunday night. fri/sat days off mean you are off Thursday night and Friday night they told you to bring your glasses because you will have to take a vision test, (I’m assuming you only took drug test). You will take ekg, vision, hearing, small physical (touch your toes etc.) and another piss test for sugar levels and such. You will than sit down with someone and go over your resume one last time to make a final copy for the mta and sign a bunch of other papers and be sworn in. realistically a second class can start 3 weeks after May 3rd and probably will.
  4. 2.50% in May. Starting pay last contract was $23.1716. Since than we’ve gotten a 2% and a 2.25% raise. Not to sure what it will be come May When you do get hired it will be 3 weeks of training at the school in Brooklyn, 2125 W 13th st. You’ll pick temp job position in test list seniority order. They will be system wide positions, but assuming there might be heavy on the day time spots due to all the retirements. You’ll than do 3 weeks training in the one of the yards mostly digging out and replacing ties. You’ll pick which yard you go to via seniority order too. Don’t be surprised if you get stuck traveling to a yard no where near you lol.
  5. Heard they were approved to have 100 new employees hired by June via the union.
  6. Spoke to one of the union reps 2 weeks ago and he said no pick in sight for us still. here’s part of the email I got to finish my hiring process. The first two things need to be original or they could send you home that day. Suggest start looking for them sooner rather than later.
  7. Also congrats to whoever gets called. I remember things took about a month to get hired. From what I remember they called me and told me to come in for a drug test with 2 days notice, so start getting clean now. After the drug test was done I got an email about two weeks later telling me come back in with my papers. I started work 14 days after that appointment.
  8. I believe due to the length of track in the system we need 1900 employees, last seniority draft had us at 1787 but there have been retires since than. I’d assume they are looking for about 100 employees, with covid precautions I don’t expect big classes like last time maybe 20 new hires at a time. I got hired with just a permit too, don’t worry about it.
  9. No license is needed but you for some reason they are picky about the fines and points, I guess because you can pick a drivers spot. When I got hired I remember guys were were allowed to leave and run down the block to pay off their fines and such and come back to finish the hiring process. Pay off your parking tickets now.
  10. Track is the red headed step child of the MTA, they don’t care they are short workers if work is still getting done. lol No word on anything about hiring, no pick in sight for us, track is just frozen for the time being.
  11. For me personally yes, I didn’t expect to get called. I probably only got called due to the sap program. But it was an immediate $7 pay raise for me so it was a no brainer to jump on.
  12. i was in the 2600s on the last test list and it took 5 years to call me.
  13. Bi weekly on thursdays. 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. New hires will mostly be nights so 10pm to 6am or 11pm to 7am Think there is suppose to be 1700 worker minimum, 2 workers per mile of track. Last seniority draft had us at 1900 on the dot, much more have since retired, went foreman or 3rd rail since than. no word on any classes as of now, they are still hiring for other departments like bus operators but don’t think we’ll see any hiring off of this list for some time.
  14. MTA is reopening offices on july 6th.

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