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  1. Any updates on the hiring process? Have the august classes started? what's the highest number they've hired so far?
  2. I'm in the 1800s, I was called in for pre employment back in june.
  3. Are you starting schoolcar in july or august?
  4. another update, I also received two emails from transit, one with the pre employment application and another with instructions on where to go, what time, and what to bring etc.
  5. update: I'm in the 1800s and just received a call to come in for pre employment next week thursday.
  6. when your filling out the pre employment documents, does it require the exact date like 5/17/19? or is it only the month and year like 5/19? I don't remember all the exact days I started working all my jobs unfortunately. although I guess I could get a printout from social security like Seven said.
  7. I have a few questions if someone doesn't mind answering. What is the dress code and grooming standards at MTA? Is there a specific uniform you have to wear that's given to you or can we buy our own clothes? Is there a hair length requirement like no longer than shoulder height or does it have to be cut? Does facial hair have to be shaved?
  8. question for any conductors visiting this board, Do you have to cut your facial hair for this job (i heard track workers can't have facial hair) and is there a head hair requirement, would it need to be cut or braided?
  9. I took the opa in October and just got the results today so that makes 6 months.
  10. I just got my notice of result for the opa and i passed!!! my list number is 18xx
  11. does anyone know if you need your driver's license before you take the oral exam? also what's the work life balance like for a conductor working for mta?
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