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  1. Yeah after my P/E for the conductor position they then emailed me like a week and half telling me to come in for the medical and then if you pass the medical you'll get sworn in the same day and then you'll get a fat blue rule book and then when to show up and what to wear for train operators you need a dark gray shirt and navy blue pants until you get your actual uniform sometime during union hall.
  2. I guess if that what happens when you sign the bottom of it. But got an email last month or whenever asking if I was still interested and I'm currently on a primary list and on an outstanding certification currently.
  3. Last P/E I got was for June 10th of last year when I was already sworn in as conductor, I signed the bottom of the paper and went through with conductor.
  4. That's weird I havent gotten anything and I'm 131X probably for track worker?
  5. Call DCAS at (212)669-1357 press number 2 then enter your social and then exam number and then when prompted press number 1 for detailed information on the exam.
  6. Does anybody have a clue to what primary list means, I tried searching Google with nothing showing up.
  7. Does this hold true for the train operator exam as well exam number 7604?
  8. Couldn't agree more that's what I feel like is going to happen this time around, a lot of people are going to come for the pre employment and not hear anything until next year or late this year for another pre employment.
  9. Couldn't agree more im in the Facebook group as well and so many people like you said are retiring don't worry people as soon as the end of this year there will be more retirements. I'm excited also because they're getting closer to my number I'm 131X like I've mentioned before and the last appointed was 1228. But as a reminder everyone everybody who goes in won't clear the medical along with other things which might make them not eligible and they'll hire more people and then there's the awful 1 and 3 rule that civil service exams use.
  10. They most likely will with a lot of retiring happening towards the end of this year and sadly our brothers and sisters who have passed away may they rest in peace.
  11. Did any of them mention anything about the crew office or anything like that? Just want to know what to look out for.
  12. I'm on the list for train operator list number 131X I'm currently a conductor atm, so I'm wondering when it comes to the train operator pre employment and medical if the crew office will give the days off I will need to attend both pre-employment and medical etc etc, since I didn't take the promotional exam and took the open competitive exam for train operator. I hope that makes sense.
  13. Yeah my brother or sister when I come into train operator I wonder how the crew office is going to give me that day off 🤔
  14. I agree a lot of people are retiring already I talked to a conductor who works the 7 line and he says he's retiring because of covid19. A lot of people down here passed away and a schoolcar TSS at Pelham said that there are going to be more classes because a lot of people who are retiring and because of the people who sadly passed away over here.
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