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  1. How long does it take approximately each way? I was gonna switch to the B but thought about that A at midnight and didn't wanna cry in my cab lmao
  2. I worked 1 RDO so far during my 8 months out, I hear people saying not to work one after your 1 year is up because if something happens when you're working your day off you'll be screwed, but honestly I rather make that extra money. Talking about extra money we got a 2% raise earlier this month, and we'll be getting another raise on your 1 year anniversary.
  3. Congrats bro, I know you'd make it! Have you worked the A train during the midnight 💀💀
  4. Glad bro, you're gonna ace that final with flying colors, I won't get to see in on the road since I'm in the A but good luck man! And cant believe you're still posting lol thought it was over by now.
  5. Yeah probably station agents mostly because of OMNY, and cleaners because they want to hire contract cleaners so I've heard.
  6. The MTA is dumb now they're gonna have to start paying more OT. https://nypost.com/2020/02/26/union-leaders-claim-mta-job-cuts-will-inflame-overtime-spending/
  7. Hey man hows everything going? Are you finally on the road yet?
  8. Next train operator test from what I've heard will only be promotional for employees only and no more open competitive. But who knows 🤷‍♀️
  9. Yeah I havent heard anything yet hopefully another class comes around my 1 year is coming around as c/r and want to change titles lol
  10. Half way there bro, the road and final are the easiest after posting!
  11. It's sad because he was actually doing a great job with the trains and shit, it's Cuomos fault more than likely. Cuomo wants to run the mta and ruin it by holding back money while Byford is helping by putting the money where its needed most
  12. Yeah it's been really quiet I know the June class is already on the road I'm so proud of them! I'm 7 months in as c/r and can't wait to put my name back on the list after my probabtion is over.
  13. Well they were at the low 1900s recently so hopefully a call this year
  14. Haven't heard about any as of yet, maybe the people who are currently in school car might have a better idea. What's your list number?
  15. Yeah you can always withhold medical information 🤐
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