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  1. You're going to have to take another one that PE expired in August.
  2. Yeah I heard about the ATD exam but I wonder if we can apply for it yet, like must we pass probation or w.e
  3. Do it then I wanna see everybody on this forum down here!!! Super conductors unite lmao
  4. 1) Made an error it was 231 days after school car. After that the pay is 36 an hour. 2) I'm not too sure I'm on the T/O forum as well and haven't seen 5 years, I could be wrong though. 3) I've taken the 2017 T/O exam so what Ms. Vargas and everybody else has told me was to wait after I do my probation so I have conductor to fall back on. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions! 😁
  5. Nah you need 261 road days until top pay.
  6. You're gonna pass everything with flying colors, we're all going to be super conductors LOL!!!
  7. I would say go with your hearts desire to be honest. I went for conductor and took the train operator exam as well, I'm going to do my year as a conductor and then shoot on over to train operator. Just because I can't see myself waiting 5 years for top pay as a conductor.
  8. Good luck the crew office is having fun with us new people
  9. That fast wtf?!?Congrats though really proud of you!!! That seemed to happen to fast, how long have I've been working here for 😭 time seems to be moving too fast.
  10. If you fail the yard practical you're allowed to take it again. If you fail the road practical then it's over for you. You get two chances for the yard practical and only one chance for the road practical.
  11. I'm always wondering if I've ever seen any of you guys while I'm down here working I'm always smiling at the conductor across from me hoping it's one of you LOL
  12. 40 hours or more, there's always OT at this job.
  13. Also to everybody coming in you'll be in the mercy of the crew office (the people who give you your schedule). They'll constantly change your shifts and your RDOs without caring at all. They'll throw you on midnights and afternoons or have you on board waiting for a job. You'll be in their hands until you get to pick a job. So get ready to have no personal life what so ever, you'll be waking up and going to sleep thinking of this job and dreaming about this job. It'll be your second wife or husband.
  14. Yeah 5 years till top pay is bugging me, I've already taken the train operator exam back in 2017 which I am going to do once I finish my probation.
  15. Or when they play musical cars I shut them down like whoops and turn then key to run and then they're all like 🤷‍♂️

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