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  1. They'll probably start calling more peeps in 2020
  2. Yeah this thread died faster than the speed of light idk what happened
  3. I hate being on board especially if you're on board at Grand Central.
  4. They kicked you off the road because of bad evaluations? Tf?
  5. Yeah this also happened in the other conductor class this guy came from station agent and was in school car for conductor and quit and went back to station agent. Losing your seniority isn't for everybody, when I go from c/r to t/o in a year I'll lose my seniority but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take. The crew office will screw you over big time with no regard to where you stand. Even though most of them were conductors and train operators before they went to assigning your schedule.
  6. Would that be anywhere on the train that you apply 2?
  7. Oh so you must pump all the hand breaks in the number 1 cab on smee?
  8. Always wondered what the hell the shoe paddle was for I thought it was for unruly passengers LOL
  9. Lmao oh my ass just thought you'd say I hear air hissing imma close the angels and pass LOL
  10. Sounds complicated af but since its drilled into your head it should be easily remembered no? Especially since you hear the air escaping from the train. I'm not speaking from experience since I'm only a c/r until my 1 year probation is up then I'm jumping to t/o.
  11. Isnt the brake pipe rupture test when you're in the yard listening for air escaping the train and you gotta close the angel or w.e and see if the train goes BIE?
  12. Which practical road or the yx?

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