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  1. It may not because a lot of things come into play people fail the drug test, and others fail medical, fail the midterms during school car, and etc. But as of right now just play the waiting game.
  2. Just feed them pizza and they'll be happy.
  3. Just watch out for the rats the size of cats 🤐
  4. How can they tell if you have sleep apnea by your heart reading?
  5. And I would safely assume they do this after your probation period
  6. What about the rest of the lettered lines?
  7. Lol that seems like the most easiest just press a button. So these trains are basically automatic kinda?
  8. Thanks good way to CMA when I eventually get into school car
  9. What should be said instead of drive just curious
  10. Random question but how hard is it to drive a train don't you just push a lever?
  11. But when do train operator promos happen? And will they pop up on the MTA exams or will they only show when we work for the MTA already?
  12. The last exam before 6601 was 8094, the exam for 8094 was given back on December 6th, 2008.
  13. Oh so if I leave conductor for T/O and I end up failing or not liking it then I'll lose conductor? Unless probation is over?

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