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  1. Yeah just in my dream job doing either conductor or t/o I was just asking because both exams are close to my list number.
  2. So I need people's opinion if you don't mind... should I give up on waiting for t/o to call me and just stick with conductor or should I give up on conductor and try going for t/o when ever they reach my list number which might be by the fall of this year? I'm having a hard time deciding which to go to.
  3. I guess I'm in for a real treat when my list number is reached for the t/o position... that's scary because you cant mess up once on the signals test imagine 1 wrong by accident
  4. The most scariest part for me are the test that you need 80 or above on are you'll be terminated
  5. Dont worry we'll see each other down in the tubes with the pizza rats remember all of us are going to be coworkers!!
  6. Arent you in the 1500s you should be good if they hire 200 people no?
  7. Yeah the last number hired was 1320 so it's in 40 people in June and July then they'll be up to list number 1400 by August I'm assuming. Which is when my PE will expire which means I'll be back again since the drug test expires every 3 months.
  8. That's why some people sometimes come after 730 I've seen people walking in around 8 or 830ish because they dont see the point in coming in early if you're just going to be there all day anyways
  9. So apparently there's 3 classes for T/O which are in June, July, and August. So let's hope conductor follows suit!! Each class is going to hold 60 in June, 60 in July, and 65 in August.
  10. Woah you're lucky I got there by 7am also and we had to wait on a line outside of the building and I didnt leave until 5pm, because the drug lab was on hold for like 2 hours.
  11. Yeah same here my first and only PE was back in November, ever since then I haven't received another letter in the mail.
  12. Yeah my list number is in the very low 1300s and I cant wait to be called as well looks like you and I have a while until then 😭 lol
  13. They only ask for the month and year only
  14. I highly doubt it would disqualify you, my best bet would be to call 180 tomorrow and see what they say but when you do your first PE or second PE make sure you take pictures of all the pages you did so that way it matches always.

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